NY State of Mind?

Yesterday, Barack Obama spoke in the parking lot for the Philadelphia Eagles. Tonight the 1-5 NY Giants come to the stadium to play the 1-4-1 Eagles. Talk about “From the sublime to the ridiculous.”

Some people may have thought the debate was a waste of time because they really didn’t find out anything new about Trump and Biden. On the other hand, in NY area, at least sports fans who turned in to Debate didn’t have to watch tonight’s latest NY Giants meltdown.

One of the lines of the night after the debate from Jake Tapper – “Trump behaved like a regular person, might, theoretically.”

Of course, how long until NY Times “both sides” the debate because Donald interrupted less. Can’t we just give him a cookie? Or two scoops?

As Lindsey Graham moved Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination out of committee without a quorum I don’t want to hear one word in 2021 from GOP about any rules a Blue Senate might break.

One of Texas Senator John Cornyn’s ads attacked combat veteran and Purple Heart medal winner MJ Hegar for swearing on the campaign trail.

Her response on Twitter. “Here’s another ad for you, John! You’re a sell-out, and Texans see through your bullshit. We’re mad as hell that you tried to gut our health care. It’s a damn shame you’ve spent so long in DC you forgot what regular Texans sound like.”

I am really beginning to like MJ Hegar.

Also Remember, no matter what state you live in, electing Jaime Harrison means never having to look at Lindsey Graham on C-Span again.

Lindsey Graham this morning on Judge Barrett.. “She will take her job on without agenda.” Uh, if that were true the GOP Senate wouldn’t have been in such a rush to ram her nomination through. Period.

Trump “I know more about wind than you do.” If wind is hot air..

Amongst many interesting comments Trump made tonight “I think we’re going to win the House.” – Maybe he meant he might win all the votes from the White House. But not sure about Melania.

Bloomberg reports Idaho is now the best U.S. economy under Trump. Idaho has 4 electoral votes. Just saying.

Donald Trump gave his unqualified daughter (& husband) security clearances. Then gave high paying jobs to children (+ spouses & girlfriends) with taxpayer & donor $$. Now Donald’s trying to make his campaign about what money Joe Biden’s son may have made off his dad’s name?

Since Donald Trump is still so obsessed w/ crowd sizes & ratings perhaps we could remind him inauguration day is all about the new President. But if Donald gives retirement speech & leaves early after Nov 3. might be best ratings ever. And DC might throw the biggest parade ever.

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