Against the odds….

I know stopping Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation is a long shot. But what odds could you have gotten with the best in AL Rays up three games to 0 on the below .500 Astros on ALCS getting to game seven?

RBG wouldn’t give up.

Neither should we.

As SF Giants fan, was disappointed when Will Smith turned down an offer from Giants to sign with the Braves. A little less disappointed when Smith in relief melted down against the Dodgers Friday night.

University of Florida already had their football game tomorrow against LSU canceled, now SEC has postponed Oct 24 game against Missouri, as per ESPN Gators had “at least 21 players & coaches test positive for COVID-19.” I missed Governor Ron De Santis tweet taking credit.

SEC commissioner today said conference schools could be penalized up to $1 million for not following COVID-19 in-game protocols – $1 million. A drop in the bucket of the football budget. Although for academic departments that would be real money.

Looks like Joe Biden fans did to NBC ratings last night what Saints fans did to Super Bowl ratings after New Orleans got shafted in 2019.

Trump attacks Biden for mixing up “two Crime Bills,” saying Joe “didn’t have a clue.” Meanwhile Donald can’t remember COVID test, claims he doesn’t know who Q-Anon is & retweets satirical site “Babylon Bee” as fact…. Trump couldn’t BUY a clue, especially being $400 in debt.

GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who is reportedly considering a 2024 Presidential run, said he “voted for Ronald Reagan” because he couldn’t support Trump or Biden. So Hogan thinks Americans would choose him as President because he can make the really tough choices?

In Florida, Trump unveiled plan to distribute vaccine to nursing homes, telling seniors “The light at the end of the tunnel is near.” Except there IS no COVID-19 vaccine & US cases are rising. So the light at the end of the tunnel is the light from an oncoming train.

But on a more optimistic note, Trump at a rally today, on what could happen if he loses to Biden – “Maybe I’ll have to leave the country. I don’t know.”

One word – promise?

Open note to media which clearly has become addicted to the Trump daily train wrecks. Perhaps someone could come up with a “Keeping up with the Trumps” reality show starting in 2021? Assuming it could be aired from prison.

The NY Post story that Biden got upset about is the equivalent of “Rudy Giuliani told me you were beating your wife, when did you stop?

Joe Biden once this week pronounced Harris’s name Camel-a instead of Comma-La. Meanwhile GOP Sen. David Perdue says “Kah-ma-la, or Kah-mah-la, or Kamala-mala-mala — I don’t know, whatever.” Fox News headline. “GOP senator, Biden both botch name – guess who media slams?”

You might see headlines California GOP removed illegal ballot drop boxes. Well, GOP says they have removed boxes labeled “official” but will continue to use dozens of other boxes without labels. On Trump claims of voter fraud, once again Freud NAILS projection. #BidenCoalition

Ivanka Trump went to a Graeter’s Ice Cream in Ohio, “where she waited in line…behind at least 2 other people” to order “cookies’n cream” cone She waited about 1% as long as some people do to vote. Oh yeah, and she didn’t even think to order one of Graeter’s amazing flavored chocolate chip ice creams? Not sure which is worse.

As these hate rallies get more deranged, how long until Trump calls for the impeachment of President Hillary Clinton?

“Getting rid of Obamacare is why they’re rushing to get this nominee through the Supreme Court.” Joe Biden is right. And it would be bad enough if GOP had a lesser plan to replace it. Trump and the GOP have NO plan.

Lastly, I’m not voting for Joe Biden because he’s an expert on everything. I’m voting for Joe Biden because he’ll LISTEN to the experts on everything.

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