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Altitude Attitude

August 7, 2020


If MLB season ends up being shut down, couldn’t it have been before SF Giants had to go to Coors Field?

If you claim you’re Never Trump and you’re not voting for Joe Biden then you don’t understand what Never means.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tested positive for COVID-19 before he was scheduled to meet Donald Trump on the tarmac today in Cleveland.  A later test today, however, came back negative.  Glad he’s okay, but thinking no one would blame DeWine if he faked a positive result to get out of meeting Trump.


Trump fundraising email. “If Sleepy Joe Biden is elected, he would not only undo the entire MAGA agenda that President Trump has implemented.” Promise?!! #WeCanSleepAtNightJoe

“Thighland?” It’s enough to make you really really hope someone asks Donald Trump about GOP Governor Charlie Baker and his state of Massachusetts.

Really amazed that as much as Trump professes to hate China that he didn’t refer to Thighwan.

In his next speech will Trump mention In-Toe-Nesia?



If Donald Trump hadn’t already lost much of the 18-34 demographic, apparently by banning Tik Tok in 45 days,  his executive order going after their parent company Tencent also apparently put much of the gaming industry on the same list.

I know there’s saving democracy and all that but ok Team Joe, . how long to get the ad up? “Vote for Joe Biden and you can still play “League of Legends” and “Fortnite.”


PSA for anyone with gun owning friends and family members.  The NY Attorney General’s decision to to seek the NRA’s dissolution had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with corruption and fraud.

If we had a Blue Senate they would not be going home for the weekend without a coronavirus stimulus deal. Of course, if we had a Blue Senate they would have passed a good bill over a week ago.


Must admit some part of me hopes Joe Biden picks for his running mate a woman none of these know-it-all pundits has in the top four-five…. just to ruin their credibility next time.

Best behavior?

August 5, 2020

Eight UCLA football players tested positive for COVID-19 in early July have now completed quarantine.

Just keep thinking how every year before the very biggest bowls some young men do something stupid and get themselves suspended before the game. So of course no reason to think any of these student-athletes will be reckless in 2020.

SF Giants were ahead 4-2 going into the 7th today at Coors Field So why did it feel when they hung on to win 4-3 that it was a  miracle comeback win?


Lebron James after Trump said said he stops watching when athletes kneel “I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership, him viewing the game.” There are times it is very hard to root against King James.


Alabama Sen. Candidate and former college football coach  Tommy Tuberville-$600 a week is “way too much. We’re having people just sit out not working because they’re (paid) more sitting around.”

After 5-7 record coaching at Auburn in 2008, school told him to resign & paid Tuberville $5 MILLION not to work in 2009.

At least  EIGHT Democratic fundraising polls today, asking who I think should be VP…. This is beginning to feel like a political version of “The Bachelor”


After Louie Gohmert tested positive last week, Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis says he has been wearing a mask & told others in GOP “Don’t be stupid & become the news story of the day.” Now Davis has COVID-19.
So which Republican was stupid and made Davis the story of the day.
Former Deputy Ambassador to the UK Lewis Lukens on Maddow confirms NY Times story about Trump asking British government to move British Open to his Turnberry resort.
Hope Lukens stays away from windows.

After listening to Lewis Lukens tonight on Maddow talk about owner Woody Johnson, Jets  fans have to long for the days when their team was only an embarrassment ON the field.

Andrea Mitchell to Nancy Pelosi “Joe Biden is not going to Milwaukee. How much does this damage the campaign?” Is Andrea trying to become the new Chuck Todd?

The same President who wants to spend $1.75 BILLION to renovate FBI building so his hotel doesn’t face competition, expects us to believe he wants to do his nomination acceptance speech from White House to save money?

If Trump wants to give his nomination acceptance speech somewhere Secret Service is comfortable and experienced guarding him, why doesn’t he give the speech from one of his golf courses?

Serious snark this time.  Watch & listen to Trump carefully at “Covid” briefings. Today he twice referred to “His wife,” in talking about Kanye West, before finally saying “Kim, Kim Kardashian.”
And in talking about Beirut he three times referred to “that country,” NEVER “Lebanon.”
Donald is struggling to remember words.



August 5, 2020
How life on the East Coast has changed for baseball fans.
They used to go to bed at night and then wake up and first look at the West Coast scores.
Now they wake up and first look to see which other teams might have had players test positive.

Even in a regular year I sometimes think should just forfeit all games at Coors Field against Rockies & save wear and tear on players. So far seeming even more true in a pandemic.

There was a delay  today caused by a drone flying overhead at Target Field. Anyone checked to see if Houston Astros are scheduled to play the Minnesota Twins soon?

Apparently two weeks into filming “The Bachelorette” Clare Crawley informed producers she had fallen in love and wanted to quit the show. How much am I nostalgic for when that would have been the biggest story of the day on social media.

Florida reports fewer than 5,000 coronavirus cases Monday. Uh, Florida testing centers were closed since last Thursday due to the hurricane. Suppressing COVID-19 numbers like they’re votes….

Anderson Cooper on Trump today. “Have you ever heard someone whine as much as this man?’ Anderson has a 3 month old son, he is an expert on crying babies.

Juan Williams on Fox News said there is no difference in absentee ballots and mail in ballots. And he’s being absolutely roasted for it online by MAGAs & other trolls. And we still wonder how some Americans could be stupid as to still support Trump.

There are 53 GOP Senators. And not ONE of them after that AXIOS interview can come forward and say that the Emperor is naked except for a red hat?

Trump saying Tuesday that Florida is so well run is in itself reason for 25th Amendment.

Listening to Trump stumble over words makes me wonder if one reason he still touts hydroxychloroquine is that he learned how to pronounce it.

As Trump claims he will work on evictions can some reporter please find out how many tenants Jared Kushner and other Donald cronies are evicting?

It appears as if Jerry Sheridan by several hundred votes has won the Maricopa County Sheriff GOP Primary.

I know nothing about Sheridan.

But the fact Joe Arpaio made it close?
What’s next, David Duke running in Louisiana on a MAGA ticket.

Person Woman Man Camera TV” isn’t enough to pass a cognitive test. But “It is what it is” is enough to fail a decency test.

Money pitch

August 4, 2020

TOPPS often does special 24 hour only runs of commemorative baseball cards.  A card of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s opening day first pitch sold 51,512 copies, a new record.

Now cards are selling on EBay for over $100 each. Don’t tell Donald Trump, this will really make him jealous.

Raiders are going to play all games this year without fans in the stands.  Well,  considering the recent upstick in cases in Las Vegas,  wonder what happens if they decide they need a safer place to play, like the SF Bay Area?

Thinking the NY Yankees  are going to be really upset when MLB season is shut down.

Reports now that some of St. Louis Cardinals went to a casino before COVID-19 outbreak.  Jeez, Pete Rose only bet on baseball games, he wasn’t betting his life.

If Trump’s approval rating is so great why is he worried about the election?

Since Trump didn’t want to send ventilators and PPE to blue states, what makes anyone think he’d send blue states a COVID-19 vaccine?

Reminder….Florida COVID-19 testing centers have been shut down since last THURSDAY due to the hurricane. They reopen mostly tomorrow. So that small drop in cases Trump was praising his mini-me Governor Ron DeSantis for on Monday….

Wonder if Ivanka told her father to bring an upside down Bible to that Axios interview?

Jonathan Swan is Australian. So when is Trump going to try to have him deported? #AxiosOnHBO

Trump literally tonight said cases were going down in Florida. COVID-19 testing in Florida has been largely shut down for FIVE Days with Isaias. Cases in the White House would go down if they stopped testing too.

So wait, if you don’t test you don’t have a problem, why did Donald Trump submit to a cognitive test?

Trump is still upset that John Lewis didn’t come to his inauguration.
Can someone ask Donald if he will come to Joe Biden’s inauguration?
RIP John Hume, 83 who helped craft the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland, which made him co-recipient of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize. Joe Biden gave him a lovely tribute on Twitter. Think Trump would have had any idea who Hume wa
“SHUT YOUR MOUTH” is trending on Twitter and we’re all so used to Trump’s hateful misogyny I’m sure I’m not the only one who figured he had said that to a woman reporter.

Spurred on.

August 3, 2020

Full statement at the bottom of this post, but a reporter asked San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich if Marco Belinelli was playing against the Grizzlies. His response… “I’ll answer that in a minute, but first I want to make a little statement here.”



Thanks to Gregg Popovich for his inspiring pregame words. And thanks, I guess,  to the Spurs for blowing multiple double digit leads to win with two free throws with a second left.  Made for a few minutes of getting worked up about something other than politics. 

At one point today, the NY Mets worried fans by issuing a  statement saying they had been unable to contact Yoenis Cespedes, “or ascertain his whereabouts.”  When he didn’t show up for game, Mets sent security to his room which was empty.  His agent apparently told team mid-game Cespedes was opting out of season due to COVID worries..

This whole episode is SO Mets.



What time Monday will Trump claim it was “Fake News” that he was going to release a health plan?


This wasn’t an offhand casual comment that could be misinterpreted. Trump on July 19 with Chris Wallace. “We’re signing a health-care plan within two weeks, a full and complete health-care plan.” So once again the question – evil, or dementia?


Trump reportedly wants Microsoft to buy TikTok in the US within 45 days, Seriously? Does anyone think in September that Trump will remember what he said 45 days ago?

A Michigan state senator who’s been attacking Gretchen Whitmer since March over her efforts to keep state safe has himself now tested positive for COVID-19. 

Mean b*tch karma is patient. And it appears she’s a fan of “That woman from Michigan.”

Mnuchin complains about people getting a six hundred dollar a week unemployment payment. Per Forbes, Mnuchin and his wife own at least six HOMES.

For all those saying GOP will use lies about Benghazi and four Americans killed there about Susan Rice if she’s Biden’s running mate – thinking those lies will have a lot less traction since current VP is complicit in the death of over 150,000 Americans.


“Do I think every single one of these women have ambition, yes. You wouldn’t want a VP who doesn’t have ambition. We need MORE women w/ ambition running for office.”

Amy Klobuchar, asked on MSNBC about women on Biden’s VP list.  (And yes, still think she should have still been his choice.)
And finally, here’s the whole Pop statement below.
or here

It’s not my buck.

August 2, 2020

Commissioner Rob Manfred on MLB season: “The players need to be better, but I am not a quitter in general and there is no reason to quit now.” With this sort of acceptance of responsibility when is Manfred announcing he is a Republican running for office?

I’m so old I remember the days that positive tests meant PEDs.

Clippers were up over 40 points on Pelicans late in third quarter. Since we’re in weird pandemic bubble trying to reduce risk anyway, why not institute a temporary NBA mercy rule?

The Maryland county where Barron Trump attends school has ordered private schools to stay closed until October. So when is Donald going to issue an executive order for his son’s school to reopen?

Does Donald Trump realize that if teenagers don’t have Tik Tok they will have more time to volunteer for election related activities and GOTV?

PSA: In many states, you only need to be 16 to be a poll worker. In many other states you can be 17. Just in case anyone knows any teenagers who want to make it easier to elect a President who isn’t triggered by social media.

GOP is barring media barred from their convention and Trump will apparently thank delegates in a private closed-to-press event. Considering how low Donald goes in public, just how nasty will be when he thinks no one is watching?

From the late, great, Shirley Chisholm in remark to Congress  “Truth is that in the political world I have been far oftener discriminated against because I am a woman than because I am black. Prejudice against blacks is becoming unacceptable… Prejudice against women is still acceptable.”


Not my first rodeo. Or primary. But to me, you don’t need to have given your heart to Democratic candidate to call yourself a Democrat. It’s when your heart feels broken & you still give yourself to chosen candidates you can REALLY call yourself a Democrat.

Win and go home?

August 1, 2020

As major league baseball season hangs by a thread, don’t look now, but SF Giants are back at .500.  Of course, they would have been at .500 had the season been canceled.

San Antonio Spurs, under Gregg Popovich, (who might be the most “woke” coach in sports) have been in playoffs 22 years straight, longest active streak in any major US sports league.  And the streak will probably come to an end this year.  This doesn’t matter during pandemic when our democracy is at stake. But OK, irrationally glad they won.

Rockets 153,  Mavericks 149.   In Overtime.  But actually the score was tied 139-139 after Regulation.  So did both teams leave their defense outside the NBA bubble?


Dana Milbank in Washington Post says Susan Rice should not be Joe Biden’s running mate and then VP because last year Rice concurred on a podcast about Lindsey Graham “He’s been a piece of s—t. I said it. I said it, finally, dammit. He’s a piece of s—.” She smiled at the camera.”

Actually makes me like Rice more

Florida has closed ALL their COVID-19 testing sites until Tuesday because of the approach of Hurricane Isaias. But Trump still did fundraising trip Friday in Tampa. Wonder who convinced Donald he had to cancel Doral fundraiser in Miami Saturday.

Maybe Jim Jordan thinks COVID-19 is like sexual assault of college athletes. If he just ignores it, the problem will go away? 

If Tik Tok kids hadn’t duped Trump’s campaign with all those fake ticket orders, how many more people might have died as a result from Tulsa rally?

Can the Pulitzer Prize committee come up with a special category for Sarah Cooper?

All the insults from all the comics on social media, and the first one who triggers Trump enough to try to ban an entire social network service is Sarah Cooper. Women get sh*t done!

Trump says he’s going to ban TikTok by executive order. So congratulations Sarah Cooper, as far as making Donald take action you are officially more powerful in the US than Vladimir Putin.

Darn, Sarah Cooper was born in Jamaica. Otherwise since she triggers Trump enough to ban an entire social networking service over her, I’d encourage Joe Biden to add Sarah to his VP short list.

Can’t wait to see Donald Trump’s reaction when he realizes that even a temporary ban on Tik Tok doesn’t mean canceling Sarah Cooper.

Trump says “We beat Obama 4 years ago.”

Uh, a PERSON who can’t remember he ran against a WOMAN not a MAN with debates on CAMERA shown on TV has failed a cognitive test.