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Striking out.

August 30, 2020

Auburn canceled football practices last week, this week they have 16 players out due to COVID-19. Former Auburn coach & current Alabama Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville is against a statewide mask mandate. Masking up earlier might have saved football.

Think you had an unproductive day? How about Jake Arrieta pitching for the Phillies. After a scoreless 1st and getting leadoff batter out in 2nd, Arrieta allowed seven straight batters to reach, all of who scored, before he was pulled from the game.

Sunday it was the As vs Astros called off. I miss the days when you’d hear about a positive test with baseball and you’d just hope it wasn’t one of your team’s players caught using PEDs.

Not a fan of superhero movies so thought I’d only seen Chadwick Boseman in “42.” My son points out he also was in one of my favorite (underrated IMHO) little sports movies – “Draft Day.”  – (as Vontae Mack)

Open PSA to all Americans 18 and over, especially you youngsters. If Chadwick Boseman could have made all those movies including Black Panther while being treated for cancer, you all can drag your asses to the polls this November. Thank you.



Some in the GOP who are so far refusing to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse for walking around with an AR-15 seem to have no problem condemning Jacob Blake for maybe having a knife in his car.


So DNI wants us to believe we are more at risk from Democrats leaking information about Russian interference in our elections, than we are from Russia actually interfering in our elections….


Amy Klobuchar response on Biden being called “Trojan horse for far left”:  Bernie Sanders “words were heartfelt,” but John Kasich also supported Biden.

“Too law & order, not being enough law & order, they’re just going to throw anything.”

Can’t wait until we can just call Joe “President.”


Isn’t it it amazing how the man who rushed to White House bunker over the prospect of unarmed protesters within hearing distance seems fixated on the fake story of Joe Biden being stuck in his own basement?

Has the “Law and Order” President directly condemned a single WHITE man who has killed a black man, or woman? I’ll wait….

Let us be very clear. If a group of Black Men took up arms and called themselves Patriot Prayer, GOP and Trump would be calling them thugs and worse.

Donald Trump he will ignore pleas from Wisc Gov. Tony Evers not to come to Kenosha. saying he “looks forward to visiting on Tues & helping this great city heal & rebuild.” 1. Anyone think trump could find Kenosha on a map? 2. Think Donald will pay Kenosha back for security costs?
Mark Meadows says “nobody cares” about the Hatch Act. So can we bookmark this quote for the first time GOP goes nonlinear because someone in Biden administration so much as praises Joe during a speech?


Rooting interest?

August 29, 2020

So would some of the Americans who claim they are STILL not interested in the US Presidential election pay more attention if there were somehow an easy way to bet on it?


Rand Paul is now referring to DC protesters who were yelling at him as a “bloodthirsty mob.” Seriously? I’ve seen louder more unhappy people screaming at most pre-2020 Giants-Dodgers games.

Some on right outraged over attendees at Trump’s illegal White House speech being verbally harassed on way back to hotels. I’ve clearly missed their same outrage over women going to Planned Parenthood clinics needing escorts to protect them from angry anti-abortion activists.

Today it was just Pete Carroll speaking out. How many more NFL coaches and players wil it take for Trump to attack football too?

For all the “both sides’, pretty damn sure there are no Trump supporters who ever went to bed on a Saturday night worrying about about the morning “WTF will Obama tweet?”

Donald Trump referred to people who yelled at Rand Paul as his wife as “thugs.” Wanna bet that one person Donald NEVER refers to as a “thug” is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Asked about Kyle Rittenhouse Trump replies “That’s under investigation right now, and they’ll be reporting to me in the next 24-48 hours and we’ll have a comment about it.” Translation. By then I’m hoping you all will have moved on to my next outrage.

Amazing how Trump can’t decide about a statement on Kyle Rittenhouse until he gets a report in 24-48 hours, but if there’s an immigrant or Black person involved in a killing Donald will tweet about it in 24-48 minutes.


South Dakota COVID-19 cases still way up this week after Sturgis. How long until New Hampshire cases spike after Trump’s maskless rally? Along with DC/MD/WA cases after his WH speech. I like Presidents who don’t try to kill their supporters to get re-elected.

So what happened to that “well-regulated” part of the militia?

Random reminder, at Jonestown, some were forced, especially the children. But the majority of cult members voluntarily drank the Kool-Aid

The times, they keep on a changin’

August 29, 2020

Okay, who had normally conservative MLB players making an effort to compete with newly woke NASCAR on 2020’s insanity bingo card.

The University of Alabama has now tallied more than 1,000 infections on its three campuses. Good thing football is not a contact sport.

As NBA plans to resume playoffs, while turning arenas into polling places, for starter I  just love everything about this headline “LeBron, CP3 advised by Obama during stalemate.”


A man who’s probably never been to a football tailgate, or even a conference game, is whining on Twitter about missing Big Ten football? Sure it has nothing to do w/ several Big Ten teams playing in Midwest swing states.

(PS If Hillary were President there’d be college football this fall.)

Trump now claiming “The Dems don’t want football back, for political reasons, but are trying to blame me and the Republicans.” Nope, we just want to take the nuclear football away from Donald, PERMANENTLY.

“Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually,” a senior Trump House official told CNN‘s Jim Acosta about the mask-less hate rally on the White House lawn yesterday night. If so, why keep testing Trump and Pence?

I miss Presidents who pardoned people for reasons other than a photo-op.

Superhero moves are not my thing, while I loved “42”, I never saw Black Panther. Still so very sad. But if you really want to honor  Chadwick Bozeman? VOTE! And get your colonoscopy – or at least FIT or gFOBT test.

So after Trump gets done visiting Texas and Louisiana, think he’ll head to California?
Actually, we should probably be glad Donald isn’t coming, he’d probably throw paper towels on our fires for kindling.


Trump today “If Biden wins, which I honestly can’t believe would happen, I will have lost to a low IQ individual.” Donald says this to several hundred unmasked people packed tightly together in New Hampshire. #WhyThereIsNoSatire

You know what’s truly sleepy or low-IQ? Forgetting to buy your own domain name.


Posted last night about Amy Klobuchar’s “Get off our lawn.” tweet
As of tonight, that tweet has 319.700 likes. More than any tweet Trump tweeted about his speech.


Game on, or not.

August 27, 2020

Good for SF Giants and Dodgers in not playing last night to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake. But since it was a West Coast night game, have to wonder how many people on the East Coast noticed.

Mike Yazstremski on  SF Giants  not playing last night “Ultimately it came down to us siding with support…. when players are so affected and mourning, it’s a sign of support… The world is a lot bigger place than the baseball field.” If you weren’t already a Yaz fan.

Donald Trump used Jackie Robinson in a video today.  Jackie Robinson if he were alive would have denounced Trump today.

Nancy Pelosi says Joe Biden shouldn’t debate Donald Trump: “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him.” Nancy Pelosi raised five children. The woman understands reverse psychology.

White House says they’re compiling “very large” dossier on Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold and others who it said are a “disgrace to journalism & the American people.” Makes Nixon’s enemies list feel so quaint.

Kamala Harris on COVID-19 “It’s not like this in the rest of the world. All we needed was a competent President. Yep. Competency is bipartisan. This is why so many Republicans have endorsed Biden.

-So all these GOP folks saying Kyle Rittenhouse was just there to “defend property.” They’d be okay if a Black kid from Chicago had shown up in Kenosha with an AR-15 to do the same thing?


Kayleigh McEnany: “When I started working for President Trump, my husband & I became pregnant with our first child.. . He would routinely ask me how my baby was doing.

Uh, Kayleigh’s baby was born Nov 2019, she took job as Trump’s Press Secretary  April 2020.


Rudy Giuliani speaking tonight at RNC. Who else misses the days when all Rudy’s sentences had “a noun, a verb, and 9-11?’

So many Pinocchios. Wonder how many were inspired by Putin. Tonight’s Trump speech should be titled – “When you wish upon a czar.”

Trump claims “I’ve done more for Black voters than Biden has in 47 years.” So why should Blacks be so ungrateful as also to think they can move to the suburbs?

Wait, Joe Biden is so powerful he’s going to hurt God and destroy America. But he’s also “so weak.” This is SO confusing.

Amazed Trump didn’t bail  out both Officer Chauvin  and Kyle Rittenhouse to attend his speech?

Rick Santorum says on CNN  that “the President did a great job…” Santorum showing again why he lost re-election by 18 points….

Once again, Trump did NOT institute a travel ban from China. Or from Europe. Don’t believe me? Ask ANY travel agent. Heck, travelers can still get in from China and Europe.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Did I mention Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama?

It is completely childish and petty to say that on top of everything else, the Trumps cannot find someone competent enough to dye Ivanka’s hair and cover her dark roots. So I won’t say it.

Ivanka Trump “My father has strong convictions.” Joe Biden’s AG, along with the NY AG, will make sure Ivanka’s father has MANY convictions.

As much as Trump family members and sycophants tried to paint Donald as a caring person, your reminder, he said absolutely nothing about yet another day with over 1,000 REPORTED COVID-19 deaths.

This tweet, about an hour into Donald’s 70 minute rant, reminds me why I have come to love Amy Klobuchar.

Get off our lawn.

Stop, in the name of love.

August 26, 2020

SF Giants were the first MLB team to have “Until There’s a Cure Day” for AIDS.  Today, they were one of six teams to decide not to play tonight. Even with a seven-game winning streak. Well played gentlemen, well played.



Joint statement from SF Giants and LA Dodgers on their postponed game “Throughout our country’s history, sport has been a powerful vehicle towards change. The Dodgers and Giants proudly join our players in the shared goal for a more equitable and just society.”

As the Milwaukee Bucks start a sports boycott over Jason Blake shooting, can someone please get a microphone in front of Gregg Popovich?

Why do I have a feeling that Donald Trump will be quicker to condemn the NBA than the murders in Kenosha?

CDC just changed guidelines to say people don’t need to be tested if they’ve been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19, or if they have mild symptoms. Since Trump models not wearing a mask, will he also now lead on this policy and stop being tested?

Since Trump has pressured CDC into recommending that asymptomatic people not be tested for COVID-19, will Donald next tell Americans not to get colonoscopies and mammograms?


If you needed another reason to hate Notre Dame football. Lou Holtz speaking tonight at RNC.    “Can you imagine what would have happened to us if President Trump had not shown up in 2016?”

Well, for starters, 177,000 people might still be alive.

Lou Holtz also calls Joe Biden a “Catholic in Name Only.” My grandfather raised me to hate Notre Dame football. I really wish now I had taken time to thank him.

As Governor Kristi Noem opens Trump 2020 circus for the evening… your reminder, COVID-19 in South Dakota increased +35% last week. And that’s just the people who got tested.

Press Secretary Barbie talking about the great medical care she got at the same time her boss wants to deny it to millions of Americans. Very on brand.

Principled Republican Leaders Across the Land.” Mike Pence may at least have won the “Oxymoron of the Year” award.

“This election is about whether America remains America.” Okay, Mike Pence got one thing right.

Pence has hit the GOP trifecta tonight with his speech – boring, lying and longwinded.

Principled Republican Leaders Across the Land.” Mike Pence may at least have won the “Oxymoron of the Year” award.

CNN reports that WH official says they are trying to connect Trump with Jacob Blake’s family. Am I allowed to say on Twitter that I hope Blake’s family tells Donald to commit an anatomically impossible act?

So MAGAs believe police had to shoot Jacob Blake because he may have had a knife.

But MAGAs also believer police rightly didn’t touch a 17 year old white kid who was walking around with an AR-15?

Per Wisconsin AG, the Kenosha Police Department does not wear body cameras. Well, why not? Joe Biden’s AG should make them mandatory. Period.

Democratic politicians from Gavin Newsom to Amy Klobuchar to AOC have tweeted out late-night warnings and thoughts to Louisiana and Texas tonight. You know who hasn’t said a word tonight about #HurricaneLaura on Twitter? The so-called President of the United States.

Oops out of order

August 26, 2020

From Aug 23, didn’t post correctly. Some random stuff that still might be relevant from last weekend.


If the season ended today, SF Giants would be a playoff team. Please do not adjust your set.

#ForeverGiant – Now can SF Giantspence add Hunter Pence to their coaching staff.

CDC is no longer recommending travelers returning from a trip outside the country or state self-quarantine for 14 days upon return. Meanwhile, however, Americans are still banned from most countries, and many of us can’t travel interstate.

So much winning.

Chief of Staff  Mark Meadows: “The president is not only well-prepared, but reads so much it causes me to have to read many times well into night to catch up w/ him.” But Meadows & Trump on QAnon. “We don’t even know what it is…I had to look it up on Google.”

2 words on both. Yeah. Right.


The GOP will not have a 2020 platform. Perhaps because they know even if they make their platform exactly what Trump says, next week he’ll deny saying half of it.

Actually, if Donald Trump really wants credit for being a medical genius he COULD cure millions of Americans of depression and severe anxiety instantly: By resigning.


Gonna keep saying this. If Trump REALLY thought he were leading in the polls he’d be sending postage-paid ballots to every registered voter in this country…. probably in envelopes with his picture on the outside.

Walking off.

August 26, 2020


“Donovan Solano sends everybody home”- Duane Kuiper.  Well, at least 100 SF Giants staffers.

My cutout is staying put!

But I had forgotten how much fun baseball can be.  (10-8 walkoff win in 11th inning.)

Yes, I know the LA Dodgers are objectively a better team than the SF Giants in 2020.
But three Dodgers relievers blew save attempts in Tuesday night’s 10-8 walk-off Giants win.
No punchline, I just liked writing that.

Congrats to Lucas Giolito. But should no-hitting the 7-18 Pirates have an asterisk?

Trump tweeted today  “Beautiful Maine Lobsters will now move tariff-free to Europe!” Too bad actual American citizens are banned from Europe.

Trump using MLK’s picture in his RNC video Tuesday. When we all know if MLK Jr were alive today Donald would call him a violent Antifa activist

Gonna keep tweeting this out on RNC –  as most speeches take place in the Mellon auditorium.


The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

This. Is. Not. Normal. 

In four days of DNC we learned that while their politics may differ, most Democratic leaders & elected officials, really LIKE Joe Biden.

Has a single person at RNC, including his wife, indicated that they like Donald Trump?

Tiffany Trump says a child’s zip code should not determine their future. But heaven help us if low income families want to move into a better zip code.

During photo op naturalization ceremony, five new US citizens swear oath “that I absolutely & entirely, renounce & abjure allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate state or sovereignty”…

Wish Acting DHS Secretary Wolf would ask Donald Trump to swear the same oath.

As a Trump supporter at RNC equates birth control pills to abortion, Rachel Maddow points out “This is technically not an accurate description.” Which is PG TV version of “It’s complete BS.”

When you fast-forward through Florida AG Jeannette Nunez’s angry speech with the sound off and she looks a lot like a junior version of Kimberly Guilfoyle.

So Trump uses Pam Bondi to speak up about alleged corruption with Hunter Biden benefiting from his father’s position. The night after Don Jr’s keynote and before Tiffany and Eric speak. RIP Satire.

Right after Pam Bondi attacks the Bidens for nepotism, Americans hear from Eric Trump  – whose title is  “President of Trump Winery.”

Pam Bondi described Trump as someone who “can’t be bought.” Well of course not now. Donald is already the Kremlin’s franchise player.


Peter Navarro said “Melania Trump is the Jackie Kennedy of her time” – So did that mean  Melania tried to plagiarize tonight from Jackie’s speeches too?

Got to love how the wife of a man who cheated on her with a porn star AND a Playboy bunny while she was home with their baby son says America should reelect her husband because of his “honesty.”

Reminder: While Melania Trump, the immigrant wife of a President, tried to show empathy tonight, Alejandra Juarez, the immigrant wife of a Marine veteran (& mother of two girls who are US citizens,) remains separated from HER husband after being deported in 2018 to Mexico.




Finally, as Trump blows his racist dog whistles & rants about law and order…. I’m not a conspiracy theorist & believe most police are good – but when you watch those cops in Kenosha, and rewatch Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, almost wonder, were those cops TRYING to incite racial violence?

Speed and demons

August 25, 2020

Usain Bolt celebrated his 34th birthday with a mask-free party in Jamaica last week. Today he announced he has tested positive for coronavirus

Puts a whole new meaning on “You can run but you cannot hide”

Eric Trump tweeted “Herschel Walker hit it out of the park tonight!! #RNC2020” Eric doesn’t even know what SPORT Walker played. Can’t imagine why they call him the dumb one.



Since Nikki Haley brought up Charleston Church Shooting, might be a good time to remind people that when the young white killer of nine people was arrested the next day, not only did police not shoot him, but they bought him food from Burger King.


Washington Post reports Republican convention videos on “America” used stock footage from Thailand. Maybe Trump thought it was okay because they weren’t from “Thigh-land?”

On the first day of  RNC convention, Trump flew Air Force One at taxpayer expense for a hate speech in Charlotte, then returned to White House to have two groups of Americans praise him lavishly on TV. This is NOT normal.

In Kimberly Guilfoyle scream speech, she described herself as a first-generation American, because her mother is from Puerto Rico. Who wants to tell her?

Tim Scott said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will turn America into a socialist Utopia. Just guessing, along with everything else, that Tim Scott has NEVER read or probably even heard of, Sir Thomas More.

When DNC did their roll call, Minnesota was represented by Amy Klobuchar and St. Paul mayor Melvin Baker. When RNC did their roll call, Minnesota was represented by the My Pillow guy. Enough said.

Katie Porter being the  final schedule questioner for Louis DeJoy today was  like having a box of chocolates and saving your favorite to eat last.


Remember when George H.W. Bush didn’t know the price of milk? Katie Porter has just ascertained that USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy doesn’t know the price of mailing a postcard. Or a Priority Mail envelope.


Rep Katie Porter to Louis DeJoy “Do you own ANY financial interest in Amazon?” “I do not.” This will age well.

So you know it’s 2020 when the story of Jerry Falwell watching his wife and the pool boy have sex was only a blip on the morning’s batshit craziness.

No team work?

August 22, 2020

Vanderbilt is latest school to suspend football activities after members of the team tested positive for COVID-19. This could be particularly bad news for SEC, without nonconference teams and if Vanderbilt doesn’t play, who will teams like Alabama and LSU use for cupcakes?

SF Giants announcers shocked that manager Gabe Kapler gave Tyler Anderson an opportunity for a complete game. Giants fans who watched bullpen blow three ninth inning leads in four days a little less shocked.

You know you’re getting used to the new normal when you order a sample-sized new lipstick from Ebay just for Zoom calls.


So where’s the list of all the prominent Democrats who are speaking at the RNC?

Reports that some attendees of Robert Trump’s funeral at White House tried to eat dinner at Fig and Olive in DC and one of them punched a server when restaurant wouldn’t seat them due to COVID-19 rules. What?! Donald didn’t feed his family with fast food hamburgers?

So will President Biden graciously invite Mary Trump and her aunt Maryanne to his inaugural?

Of twelve headline speakers the RNC is promoting for next week, SIX of them are Trumps. I don’t ever want to hear GOP complain about the Clintons or Kennedys again.

Karen Pence will appear Wednesday night to speak as well as her husband at RNC. Wonder if Mother will accompany Mike Pence to the VP debate so he won’t be alone with Kamala Harris?

Trump falsely accused Dems of taking the phase “Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance during their convention.  Guessing now Joe Biden at some point just needs to open a Press Conference with – “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

Still wouldn’t have voted for him, but at times like this I really miss John McCain.

26 Republicans,  more than Nancy Pelosi had expected, voted with Democrats to pass the House Post Office relief bill 257-150.   26 Republicans remembered that voters, particularly older voters, LOVE the mail. Not just medications. Don’t get in the way of Grandmas sending birthday cards.
Melania destroyed the Rose Garden. But don’t let that distract you from Donald’s evil lie that FDA is delaying COVID-19 vaccine & therapeutics – thus killing Americans- for political reasons: “Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd.”
Dr. Jill Biden can repair the damage to the Rose Garden faster than Joe Biden will be able to repair the damage our country.

Costs and benefits

August 22, 2020

So will MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred now really take COVID-19 seriously as it’s forced the postponement of the Yankees-Mets Subway-Serie$$$$$?

While I know it will be a bummer for NBA teams being eliminated from the playoffs this weekend,  at least there’s a nice consolation prize – being able to get out of Florida in August.

Question of the week from Scott Ostler of the SF Chronicle. “If you wear a mask below your nose, do you wear your bra or jock around your knees?.

The only thing I trust Louis DeJoy to prioritize with the US Post Office is that change of address form Amy Klobuchar said Donald Trump would need to file in January.

Joe Biden is a nice man. Do you think anyone has ever said the words “Donald Trump is a nice man?”


A progressive Dem. delegate was quoted in SF Chronicle as saying if Kasich had spoken at an in-person convention he’d have been booed. WHY? I’m a Biden Klobuchar moderate & I would never boo AOC or Bernie or Tulsi. Democrats should be better than that.

Florida passed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths this week, second only to Louisiana for highest percentage of deaths per population. Even w/ every indication state is undercounting deaths.  Helluva job, Ronny (DeSantis) 

Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.

If and when Donald Trump ends up in prison can they please give him a job in the mail room?


Robert Trump died & will be buried in New York.
Trump administration official told CNN costs for service at White House (& presumably nontrivial casket transportation costs) “will be privately paid for by the President.”
Two words. Yeah. Right.
Just realized, his brother Robert’s funeral would have given Donald Trump an actual real photo-op opportunity in a real church. And yet Donald insisted the ceremony be held at the White House. Was he afraid a church might have had ramps?
This week we have seen more warm-hearted public displays of emotion from former Democratic President candidates toward Joe Biden, the man who defeated them, than we have from Donald Trump towards his dead brother.
Trump’s message last week -“Biden can’t put two sentences together” might need work.
Arizona Senator Martha McSally telling supporters to fast & skip a MEAL for her campaign? Amazed she didn’t say you can make it up on cake.

Bubbles and beyond…

August 20, 2020

NHL is playing postseason in a “border bubble”.  For safety all games are in Toronto or Edmonton, and players must remain in limited areas in those cities.  The US was ruled out as too dangerous.

Even though,as we approach the end of round one, there are only two Canadian teams left. From Montreal and Vancouver.

Wonder if we could play American college football in Canada.



Hard really to care about NBA playoffs this year.  Yes, partly it’s the Spurs not being in it. But maybe it’s that basketball isn’t meant to be about “The Boys of Summer.” The schedule now shows NBA finals could end Oct 13.    About a week before the 2020-21 preseason was scheduled to start.




So Mitch McConnell is avoiding the RNC. Is he afraid he might be asked to call a vote on something?

Another day, another arrest of one of Donald Trump’s henchmen. So will GOP open RNC Convention with “Will the defendant please rise?


Oh please oh please can someone ask Trump what he thinks of Biden quoting Kierkegaard?


A Navy Seal who claims he killed Bin Laden has been banned from Delta Airlines for refusing to wear a mask. How long until Trump invites him to fly Air Force One? (and/or speak at RNC.)

As Trump launches again into threats of not helping California with fires because they “didn’t listen to us,” let me make one simple non-snarky statement. President Joe Biden will help ALL Americans when they face natural disasters. Even those who didn’t vote for him.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells a cute story about Biden and the Amtrak Magazine, and points out that “Joe reads everything.” Unsaid, but including, intelligence briefings. 


So yeah, it was a great speech. But how do we really know Joe Biden is sharp enough to be President? I mean, we didn’t hear once “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV…

Trump actually tweeted “To get into Democrat National Convention, you must have ID card with a picture…Yet the Democrats refuse to do this when it come to your very important VOTE! Gee, I wonder WHY???”


I got into the DNC with just my TV remote…. So do I need that to vote too?

Juan Williams on Fox News just said it was a “terrific speech.” How long until Trump demands Fox fire Juan Williams


But even Fox News overall headline “Biden vows to deliver America from ‘darkness’ in nomination acceptance; Trump rips rival as all talk.” Uh, last week Trump on Fox claimed “Joe Biden couldn’t put two sentences together.”

As Trump gives his RNC acceptance speech from White House, Pence will speak from Fort McHenry national monument, and other speeches will take place at federal properties around DC. I’m so old that I remember when we had a Hatch Act.

Jill Biden, on upcoming GOP attacks – “We knew this going to happen. We’ve been through the worst thing there that could ever happen to us” – the loss of a child – so we can handle it.

It would be the karmic event of the century if Donald Trump is eventually convicted of mail fraud.

Hanging on.

August 19, 2020
Shocking. SF Giants manage to hang onto another big 9th inning lead.

Even more shocking, if they’d just hung onto 5 run and 3 run 9th inning leads last weekend the Giants would be in line for the playoffs.

(Assuming baseball MAKES it to the playoffs.)

And if you needed a break from politics – just found out former Met and now SF Giants

player Wilbur Flores uses “I’ll be there for You,” the theme from “Friends” as his walkup music. He loves the show and used it to learn English.

US Postmaster General Louis Lejoy saying he will stop dismantling postal equipment feels like an NFL team saying they will stop throwing the ball with a four touchdown lead in the fourth quarter.

Notre Dame has completely suspended in-person classes until at least September 2 after 154 new COVID-19 cases in last two days. Fighting Irish football team won’t practice TODAY and possibly not tomorrow.

Between Gabby Giffords, Estella and Barack Obama, are we going to have a nationwide Kleenex shortage tomorrow?

I have no idea who’s writing Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, but got to be tempting for Joe to say “Thank you fellow Democrats.   Person, Woman, Man, Camera. TV.”  Then drink a glass of water and run offstage down a ramp.

Trump talks about COVID-19 surge in New Zealand…. New Zealand had SIX new cases. And they are implementing new restrictions because of them.

When told QAnon views Donald Trump as secretly saving the world from a Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.. Trump replies. “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” I am NOT making this up.

Fox News Headline: “Obama tears into successor in withering convention speech, as Trump live-tweets rebuttal.” Uh, two ranting all-caps tweets is not exactly a “live tweet rebuttal.”

Trump was so upset tonight he couldn’t figure out how to turn off his caps lock key. In the spirit of bipartisan unity, hey Donald, it’s to the left of the “A.”


Interesting that Trump attacks Kamala Harris tonight on Twitter by saying “BUT DIDN’T SHE CALL HIM A RACIST??? DIDN’T SHE SAY HE WAS INCOMPETENT???” Uh, Does Donald remember what Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham etc said about him?

Trump tweets an attack on Goodyear Tires. Well, it’s okay, the company only has 66,000 employees, with about 60% of them based in….Ohio.

A bit of trivia…. how many AMERICAN companies are in the top 10 tire manufacturers? ONE – Goodyear, which is third. Of the top two, Bridgestone is Japanese. Michelin is French. So is Trump suggesting we make Japan OR France Great Again?

Asked today ““Is the president saying that if he doesn’t win this election that he will not accept the results?” Press Secretary Barbie responds. “The president has always said he’ll see what happens.” This. Is. Not. Normal.

The only game in town.

August 19, 2020

Keep seeing clips of Barack Obama’s 2004 DNC Keynote Speech and two thoughts come to mind: 1. One of the best speeches I remember seeing ever. 2. He looks so YOUNG.

When I was a child, thought the speeches were boring. But the roll call nomination was the most fun part of the convention. Loved the virtual tour of our country tonight. They can keep that part!

Except CNN selling commercial space to Trump campaign during DNC state roll call nominating Joe Biden  is a bad look. Period. Do better.

Lebron James showed up for Game 1 of the playoffs with a modified MAGA Hat  “Make America Great Again, with “Great Again” crossed out and instead “Arrest the Cops who Killed Breonna Taylor.”

Worst thing with this kind of behavior from Lebron. Makes him hard to root against.

Meanwhile, SF Giants took a 7 run lead to the 9th inning today, and actually won by six.  But I’m sure I’m not the only SF Giants fan who started thinking “So what is the biggest ninth inning lost EVER?”

After countless mail sorters have been dismantled along w/s mail boxes taken away, USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says changes now will be “suspended” until after election. Isn’t this like Godfather deciding he’s suddenly become a proponent of rescuing thoroughbred horses?

Trump’s Susan B. Anthony pardon is the most cringeworthy and ineffectual idea for a photo-op.    I can only assume the idea was Ivanka’s.

Somewhere the ghost of Susan B. Anthony is thinking “I don’t need your stinkin’ pardon.”

Whatever Trump says about Susan B Anthony if modern-day suffragettes were marching in Lafayette Square he’d tear gas them for a photo op.

Shakespeare said “As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods: They kill us for their sport.
So any way to tell the gods they’ve had enough sport for 2020?
A number of fires tonight in California after several days of unseasonably hot weather.
ICYMI with Miles Taylor – Trump “told FEMA to cut off money to California. He told us to stop giving money to people whose houses had burned down from wildfire because he was so rageful people in state didn’t support him.” 
I’m sure Donald would never try this in an election year….especially as California is going to be such a battleground in this election.  Oh wait, never mind. We’re sadly probably on our own.

Trump tweeted tonight  “Senate Intelligence Panel found absolutely no evidence of collusion. There was no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government to influence 2016, affirming the findings of other investigations.”

He said it was from the Daily Caller. But did  Vlad dictate this tweet to him just before bedtime?

Old times.

August 18, 2020

NBA started the playoffs today, and the San Antonio Spurs weren’t part of it.

Last time the Spurs weren’t in the playoffs, we had a Clinton in the White House.

I could live with that.

After over 130 students testing positive, along with 5 staffers, the University of North Carolina abruptly stops ALL in-person classes

This might be a bad omen for college football, if ACC players were actually expected to attend classes…

Meanwhile, I suppose as a SF Giants fan and a Democrat I should thank the Giants for not making me feel torn this week focusing on the Democratic convention instead of baseball.  …  (At least tonight they only blew a ONE run lead in the ninth inning.)



Politico claims “”Amy Klobuchar wins the award for corniest joke of the #DemConvention so far. “You know, the president may hate the post office.  But he’s still going to have to send them a change-of-address card come January.””

Actually, I approve that joke.

But you know how Midwestern nice Amy Klobuchar is when she delivered that “change of address” joke about Donald Trump without even suggesting the new address might be Moscow or a federal prison.

They could do that lovely national anthem with all the kids instead of anthems at sporting events. Show the kids and who cares what athletes are doing? #DNC2020

(if you didn’t see it, google it.)

Trump may really regret pulling GOP convention out of Florida next week. It would have given Donald a great chance to blame 1000s of under counted COVID-19 deaths on heatstroke. Or just excitement from seeing him.

WTF. Trump wants his brother Robert to have a White House funeral Friday afternoon. Friday, of course, because a weekend funeral would interfere with Donald’s golf game.

I would never vote for John Kasich. But I respect him as a human being. I miss respecting Republicans as human beings. And you can’t want a big tent and then say you have to restrict it only to people you like. Period.


It’s not just Christmas. Annual retail sales of paper greeting cards are still $7.5 billion. Most households, buy an average of 30 individual cards as a year & (shocking) most buyers are female. Not like delivering cards on time matters.


Smallest of mercies

August 17, 2020

SF Giants lost five run lead in the ninth Friday night and lost, then lost a three run lead in the ninth Saturday night and lost.

Sunday,  Giants figured one way to avoid that heartbreak for their fans by giving up nine runs in the 5th inning.

Now it’s the Reds.  Again, makes you nostalgic for the days when a player testing positive just meant PEDs.


As some college athletes, led by Ohio State QB Justin Fields, petition to play football this year, remember “rational part of teen’s brain isn’t fully developed, won’t be until age 25.  Adult & teen brains work differently. Adults think w/ prefrontal cortex-brain’s rational part.”

Although to be fair, a lot of adult brains don’t seem to be working that rationally these days either.




If all these various miracle cures for COVID-19 touted by Trump and his cult of “experts” work why didn’t they give them to Herman Cain?

So in memory of his brother Robert today, do you think Donald Trump observed a moment of silence on the golf course?

A Fox News Host compared a Trump boat parade to the Spanish Armada. How long until OANN tries to top them by comparing the Sturgis bike rally to Custer leading troops to Little Big Horn?

So how many Republicans will turn in to DNC Monday night to watch Michelle Obama give the first draft of Melania Trump’s RNC convention speech?


Forget video of Melania her hand away from Donald on Air Force One steps and remember this instead:   Joe Biden talking last week about Jill Biden “I adore her. It’s gonna sound so stupid, I was saying to her other day, when she comes down the steps & I look at her.. my heart still skips a beat.”


Not sure, but wonder if this vote by mail issue has given Democrats an issue that REALLY upsets white voters. Including many rural voters and seniors. Not so sure that Trump didn’t blow it on this one. (Not so much voting by mail, but medications, checks, shopping, cards.)

And it’s late August, how long until we start expecting those Christmas catalogs?

But in 2000 maddening how many elected Democrats ran away from Bill Clinton in 2000 over Bill’s being stupid enough to have affair with intern. While in 2020, most elected in  GOP still won’t run away from Trump being stupid enough to get 170,000 people killed, AND ignoring Russian bounties on US troops.


Deja vu all over again.

August 16, 2020
SF Giants reporters on Friday had to dig back to 1929 for the last time Giants lost after blowing a five run lead in the 9th inning.
At least they didn’t have to dig far Saturday night to find when SF last lost a three run lead in the 9th inning.


If analytics were the most important part of baseball then Astros wouldn’t have needed to cheat to win.

St. Louis Cardinals President pins the team’s COVID-19 outbreak on close quarters and eating together.    Well it’s a good thing there aren’t any overcrowded classrooms and students don’t eat lunch at schools….

Oh please. Now Kevin McCarthy is accusing Oakland born Kamala Harris of being from San Francisco. And McCarthy is from California. Which means he’s probably seen a few Giants-As or 49ers-Raiders games and knows how much SF and Oakland people love being equated with each other.

Just thinking for most of us if we called our brother “our best friend” we’d be at their bedside when they died, not on the golf course or gratuitously attacking a political opponent.


Expecting that Joe Biden will  express more human sympathy over the death of Robert Trump than Robert’s brother ever will.

So did Robert Trump die of COVID-19? And if so would they tell us

Well, at least he didn’t say “I like brothers who don’t die.”

Is there anyone’s death who would cause Donald Trump to cancel his golf game?

If Biden weren’t accepting his nomination at close to 11pm Thursday night, Trump would try to schedule his brother’s funeral to coincide Come to think of it, I bet Donald thought about it.

Did not know this but a twitter friend told me former Ohio Governor John Kasich’s dad was a MAIL CARRIER. So yeah, surely Kasich can find time to defend USPS in his Monday night DNC convention speech.

Trump plans to give a speech in Biden’s home town just before Joe Biden makes his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention. Just before Trump gives his acceptance speech, Biden campaign should simply replay the Axios interview. And perhaps “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

Don’t forget Donald Trump is a master of distraction. The USPS  is returning the mail boxes. They aren’t returning the mail sorters.


Trump says USPS can’t handle an election done largely by mail. Number of Americans who voted TOTAL in 2016 election: About 138 million. Number of paper Christmas cards sent in the US each year – About 2 BILLION!

Pass it on.

Stumbling to the weekend.

August 15, 2020

SF Giants, for first time since 1929, lost a game when they had a five run or greater lead in 9th inning.

I miss having Giants pitchers who could hold a five run lead in the 9th.

I miss times when that blown game would be in the top ten list of things today I cared about.


Former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich says quite simply that the birther allegations against Kamala Harris are “absurd.” Hey, GOP,  see how easy it is?


Can we stop talking about “Stanford’s” Dr Scott Atlas? Atlas has a medical background in neuroradiology/MRI, and hasn’t been at Stanford Med Center since 2012. He’s NEVER been an infectious disease specialist, or even an internist.  Atlas is a fellow at Hoover, a conservative think tank on Stanford campus, and Scott is a regular GOP ‘expert’ speaking against Obamacare.  But he tells Donald what he wants to hear.

If Trump says he has to give his RNC acceptance speech at White House to save taxpayer $$$ then WTF is he doing spending another weekend at his Bedminster club when Donald can golf perfectly well at his club near DC?

As Californian for decades I’m used to Pelosi being attacked as “San Francisco Liberal,” even though Nancy honed political skills growing up in Baltimore. Now Biden’s VP pick hails from Oakland, just across bridge from SF, & GOP attacks her as un-American? Stupid. But on brand.

Mike Pence today in an Iowa speech. “The Choice in This Election is Whether America Remains America.” When he’s right, he’s right. Vote for Joe Biden. 

Our  democracy depends on it.


Sad thing, if President Hillary Clinton were in charge, we’d probably be living a semi-normal life as they are in Europe. And GOP would probably be attacking her during re-election campaign by saying she caused too much pain during a serious shutdown over COVID-19 “hoax.”

Is it possible that President Biden could appoint TWO US Attorney Generals – just to clean up all Trump administration crimes? Because the job is looking like it could be bigger for any one mere mortal, even a woman.

Let us play?

August 13, 2020

NCAA president Mark Emmert says schools will cancel championship games in 22 fall sports, because not enough teams are participating. The only fall sport saved? FBS football. Because hey, the plan always was a championship ACC team vs an SEC team, or two SEC teams, anyway.


Indians’ pitcher Zach Plesak says he’s tired of being portrayed as a bad person for leaving his team hotel, to go out with friends.   Plesak said he & teammate Clevinger were within CDC guidelines when they broke curfew and were never with “more than eight people the entire night.” So Zach’s defense is he wasn’t a villain, he was just stupid?


On a can of soup. Servings by container – “About 2.” Calories per serving, 110. Calories per container, 250. Last I remember, even in elementary school “about” is not a math concept.  (Also 2 x 110 is NOT 250.)

AMC is going to open 100 theaters on Aug. 20, and to attract customers, all tickets that day will be 15 cents. A small popcorn and soda, however, will be $25.


24th Amendment prohibits both Congress & states from conditioning right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. Where are some good lawyers who can use this to argue that forcing Americans to pay for ballot postage in pandemic IS a tax?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just adjourned the Senate until September without a deal in large part because he claims he didn’t want the Democrats giving Americans $600 not to work.

Can some reporters head to Kentucky or wherever to get daily pictures of Mitch McConnell, who is worth over $22 million, for the next month enjoying his taxpayer funded vacation?

Wonder how many of these Democrats on Twitter who are just furious that one or another of their favorites isn’t scheduled to speak next week plan on actually watching the virtual convention?


Trump says now he’s going to give his RNC nomination acceptance speech from the White House lawn, because it’s going to be “hot” at Gettysburg in late August. Uh, Donald wanted to give his speech outdoors on the same day, in Florida?!!!


The President of the United States at 1am just retweeted insults about Biden and Harris  that most 12 yr olds would consider childish, from supporter with no profile picture & less than 1000 followers after being on Twitter 8 years. But tell me again how we should be worried about Joe Biden’s cognitive skills?

So if Trump eliminates the Post Office how are people going to be able to send cards to say “Merry Christmas” again?

What’s next, Trump’s going to stop all federal funding for roads because people might drive to polling places?

Murica’s team.

August 13, 2020

Owner Jerry Jones says Dallas Cowboys intend to play all their home games with fans in attendance. New slogan “People are dying to watch the Cowboys.”


Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says Big Ten & Pac 12 not playing football won’t “damage” meaning that comes w/ CFB national championship. Well, not like the two conferences are ever likely to get more than 1 team in the playoffs anyway.

Jerry Jones also says the Cowboys won’t reveal their anthem policy but “We’re going to show grace.”

This might be the first time the words “Jones” and “grace” get used in the same sentence.

A baby boy born on an Alaska Airlines flight was named “Sky.” I shudder to think what the poor kid would have been named if he was born on a Spirit Airlines flight.

NY friend pointed out to me- while those on West Coast might watch Rachel Maddow and even Lawrence O’Donnell with a glass of wine before dinner, they’re closer to late-night on the East Coast. Especially for those who have to get up early for work.  Bringing up the question, how are you all calm enough to sleep after those shows?

So a GOP talking point about Kamala Harris is that she apparently has one distant ancestor that was a slaveowner. Guessing Republicans haven’t read much history. May I suggest starting with the story of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings?

Can one of Joe Biden’s first Executive Orders be to make the Postmaster General an office requiring Senate confirmation?

Amy Klobuchar coined a nickname for Trump henchman and current postmaster general Louis DeJoy   – #NoJoy.    I think it should stick.

So in same hour Trump says he will not back $25 billion request from Democrats for Post Office. Then says ‘The Democrats are sabotaging Post Office because they’re not approving the $25 billion that was requested.’

Forget #25thAmendmentNow

More like 25th Amendment yesterday.

So the latest GOP attack is comparing Kamala Harris to Marge Simpson? Uh, right about now Marge Simpson could beat Trump in landslide. Heck, Bart Simpson could beat Trump in a landslide.


Sigh. Been tweeting enough about Trump now I’m getting Twitter ads for the “Walk to End Alzheimers.”

I suppose it would have been childish if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had entered their first joint event by walking up a ramp together and then both drinking a glass of water with one hand.

Watching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris speak and then watching some of Trump’s speech is like going from high-speed internet back to the days of 1990s dial-up.


August 12, 2020

Nebraska coach Scott Frost, not happy with Big Ten deciding to cancel football, says the school is “prepared to look at any and all options,” including playing outside Big Ten. As an anonymous friend used to say “That N on their caps stands for Knowledge.”


(and of course one option – going to class?)

Not that it matters in grand scheme of things but thinking right about now NBA would love to figure out a way for some Western Conference bubble team playing good basketball to take the place of the 0-5 Orlando Magic.


Tampa Bay Lightning won NHL playoff  game tonight against Columbus Blue Jackets in six hours and five overtimes.

In non-hockey terms, that’s almost as long as most Sunday night baseball Yankees-Red Sox games.

Guess no one told Trump that for many women “nasty” is the highest compliment he can pay.


If Trump is really worried about voting by mail, part of Klobuchar-Wyden NDEBA act is money for EARLY voting. Why not agree to that? More days for people to vote in person reduces time in lines & health risks? It’s not like Donald doesn’t want people to vote at all, right?


The US has the best testing in the world, if you are a professional athlete or work in the Trump White House. The rest of us are  screwed.

So what time this Friday night might Trump fire Mike Pence?

Will say, if Joe Biden did pick his VP over the weekend then he has already proved he can run a much more leak-proof team than Donald Trump ever could.

While Trump focused on insulting the Biden-Harris ticket: “Coronavirus-related deaths in the United States topped 1,300 on Tuesday, with Florida and Georgia recording their highest single-day death tolls since the start of the pandemic….”


Here’s suggestion for any Democrat and/or progressive not thrilled w Biden Harris 2020.

 Get involved in state & local elections. Heck, consider someday RUNNING in state & local elections. But right now in Nov. it’s not Democrats at stake, it’s our democracy at stake. #TeamJoe


Sarah Palin actually offered congratulations to Kamala Harris for being chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate. Give Donald Trump credit. Who’d a thunk anyone could make Palin look like a statesman, or rather, stateswoman, by comparison?