Hanging on.

Shocking. SF Giants manage to hang onto another big 9th inning lead.

Even more shocking, if they’d just hung onto 5 run and 3 run 9th inning leads last weekend the Giants would be in line for the playoffs.

(Assuming baseball MAKES it to the playoffs.)

And if you needed a break from politics – just found out former Met and now SF Giants

player Wilbur Flores uses “I’ll be there for You,” the theme from “Friends” as his walkup music. He loves the show and used it to learn English.

US Postmaster General Louis Lejoy saying he will stop dismantling postal equipment feels like an NFL team saying they will stop throwing the ball with a four touchdown lead in the fourth quarter.

Notre Dame has completely suspended in-person classes until at least September 2 after 154 new COVID-19 cases in last two days. Fighting Irish football team won’t practice TODAY and possibly not tomorrow.

Between Gabby Giffords, Estella and Barack Obama, are we going to have a nationwide Kleenex shortage tomorrow?

I have no idea who’s writing Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, but got to be tempting for Joe to say “Thank you fellow Democrats.   Person, Woman, Man, Camera. TV.”  Then drink a glass of water and run offstage down a ramp.

Trump talks about COVID-19 surge in New Zealand…. New Zealand had SIX new cases. And they are implementing new restrictions because of them.

When told QAnon views Donald Trump as secretly saving the world from a Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.. Trump replies. “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” I am NOT making this up.

Fox News Headline: “Obama tears into successor in withering convention speech, as Trump live-tweets rebuttal.” Uh, two ranting all-caps tweets is not exactly a “live tweet rebuttal.”

Trump was so upset tonight he couldn’t figure out how to turn off his caps lock key. In the spirit of bipartisan unity, hey Donald, it’s to the left of the “A.”


Interesting that Trump attacks Kamala Harris tonight on Twitter by saying “BUT DIDN’T SHE CALL HIM A RACIST??? DIDN’T SHE SAY HE WAS INCOMPETENT???” Uh, Does Donald remember what Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham etc said about him?

Trump tweets an attack on Goodyear Tires. Well, it’s okay, the company only has 66,000 employees, with about 60% of them based in….Ohio.

A bit of trivia…. how many AMERICAN companies are in the top 10 tire manufacturers? ONE – Goodyear, which is third. Of the top two, Bridgestone is Japanese. Michelin is French. So is Trump suggesting we make Japan OR France Great Again?

Asked today ““Is the president saying that if he doesn’t win this election that he will not accept the results?” Press Secretary Barbie responds. “The president has always said he’ll see what happens.” This. Is. Not. Normal.

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2 Comments on “Hanging on.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Not saying I’m worried about what might happen this fall, but the USPS just delivered a batch of Larry King’s Children’s Letters To God.

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