Walking off.


“Donovan Solano sends everybody home”- Duane Kuiper.  Well, at least 100 SF Giants staffers.

My cutout is staying put!

But I had forgotten how much fun baseball can be.  (10-8 walkoff win in 11th inning.)

Yes, I know the LA Dodgers are objectively a better team than the SF Giants in 2020.
But three Dodgers relievers blew save attempts in Tuesday night’s 10-8 walk-off Giants win.
No punchline, I just liked writing that.

Congrats to Lucas Giolito. But should no-hitting the 7-18 Pirates have an asterisk?

Trump tweeted today  “Beautiful Maine Lobsters will now move tariff-free to Europe!” Too bad actual American citizens are banned from Europe.

Trump using MLK’s picture in his RNC video Tuesday. When we all know if MLK Jr were alive today Donald would call him a violent Antifa activist

Gonna keep tweeting this out on RNC –  as most speeches take place in the Mellon auditorium.


The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

The Mellon Auditorium is a federal government building.

This. Is. Not. Normal. 

In four days of DNC we learned that while their politics may differ, most Democratic leaders & elected officials, really LIKE Joe Biden.

Has a single person at RNC, including his wife, indicated that they like Donald Trump?

Tiffany Trump says a child’s zip code should not determine their future. But heaven help us if low income families want to move into a better zip code.

During photo op naturalization ceremony, five new US citizens swear oath “that I absolutely & entirely, renounce & abjure allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate state or sovereignty”…

Wish Acting DHS Secretary Wolf would ask Donald Trump to swear the same oath.

As a Trump supporter at RNC equates birth control pills to abortion, Rachel Maddow points out “This is technically not an accurate description.” Which is PG TV version of “It’s complete BS.”

When you fast-forward through Florida AG Jeannette Nunez’s angry speech with the sound off and she looks a lot like a junior version of Kimberly Guilfoyle.

So Trump uses Pam Bondi to speak up about alleged corruption with Hunter Biden benefiting from his father’s position. The night after Don Jr’s keynote and before Tiffany and Eric speak. RIP Satire.

Right after Pam Bondi attacks the Bidens for nepotism, Americans hear from Eric Trump  – whose title is  “President of Trump Winery.”

Pam Bondi described Trump as someone who “can’t be bought.” Well of course not now. Donald is already the Kremlin’s franchise player.


Peter Navarro said “Melania Trump is the Jackie Kennedy of her time” – So did that mean  Melania tried to plagiarize tonight from Jackie’s speeches too?

Got to love how the wife of a man who cheated on her with a porn star AND a Playboy bunny while she was home with their baby son says America should reelect her husband because of his “honesty.”

Reminder: While Melania Trump, the immigrant wife of a President, tried to show empathy tonight, Alejandra Juarez, the immigrant wife of a Marine veteran (& mother of two girls who are US citizens,) remains separated from HER husband after being deported in 2018 to Mexico.




Finally, as Trump blows his racist dog whistles & rants about law and order…. I’m not a conspiracy theorist & believe most police are good – but when you watch those cops in Kenosha, and rewatch Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, almost wonder, were those cops TRYING to incite racial violence?

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