Oops out of order

From Aug 23, didn’t post correctly. Some random stuff that still might be relevant from last weekend.


If the season ended today, SF Giants would be a playoff team. Please do not adjust your set.

#ForeverGiant – Now can SF Giantspence add Hunter Pence to their coaching staff.

CDC is no longer recommending travelers returning from a trip outside the country or state self-quarantine for 14 days upon return. Meanwhile, however, Americans are still banned from most countries, and many of us can’t travel interstate.

So much winning.

Chief of Staff  Mark Meadows: “The president is not only well-prepared, but reads so much it causes me to have to read many times well into night to catch up w/ him.” But Meadows & Trump on QAnon. “We don’t even know what it is…I had to look it up on Google.”

2 words on both. Yeah. Right.


The GOP will not have a 2020 platform. Perhaps because they know even if they make their platform exactly what Trump says, next week he’ll deny saying half of it.

Actually, if Donald Trump really wants credit for being a medical genius he COULD cure millions of Americans of depression and severe anxiety instantly: By resigning.


Gonna keep saying this. If Trump REALLY thought he were leading in the polls he’d be sending postage-paid ballots to every registered voter in this country…. probably in envelopes with his picture on the outside.

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