Stop, in the name of love.

SF Giants were the first MLB team to have “Until There’s a Cure Day” for AIDS.  Today, they were one of six teams to decide not to play tonight. Even with a seven-game winning streak. Well played gentlemen, well played.



Joint statement from SF Giants and LA Dodgers on their postponed game “Throughout our country’s history, sport has been a powerful vehicle towards change. The Dodgers and Giants proudly join our players in the shared goal for a more equitable and just society.”

As the Milwaukee Bucks start a sports boycott over Jason Blake shooting, can someone please get a microphone in front of Gregg Popovich?

Why do I have a feeling that Donald Trump will be quicker to condemn the NBA than the murders in Kenosha?

CDC just changed guidelines to say people don’t need to be tested if they’ve been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19, or if they have mild symptoms. Since Trump models not wearing a mask, will he also now lead on this policy and stop being tested?

Since Trump has pressured CDC into recommending that asymptomatic people not be tested for COVID-19, will Donald next tell Americans not to get colonoscopies and mammograms?


If you needed another reason to hate Notre Dame football. Lou Holtz speaking tonight at RNC.    “Can you imagine what would have happened to us if President Trump had not shown up in 2016?”

Well, for starters, 177,000 people might still be alive.

Lou Holtz also calls Joe Biden a “Catholic in Name Only.” My grandfather raised me to hate Notre Dame football. I really wish now I had taken time to thank him.

As Governor Kristi Noem opens Trump 2020 circus for the evening… your reminder, COVID-19 in South Dakota increased +35% last week. And that’s just the people who got tested.

Press Secretary Barbie talking about the great medical care she got at the same time her boss wants to deny it to millions of Americans. Very on brand.

Principled Republican Leaders Across the Land.” Mike Pence may at least have won the “Oxymoron of the Year” award.

“This election is about whether America remains America.” Okay, Mike Pence got one thing right.

Pence has hit the GOP trifecta tonight with his speech – boring, lying and longwinded.

Principled Republican Leaders Across the Land.” Mike Pence may at least have won the “Oxymoron of the Year” award.

CNN reports that WH official says they are trying to connect Trump with Jacob Blake’s family. Am I allowed to say on Twitter that I hope Blake’s family tells Donald to commit an anatomically impossible act?

So MAGAs believe police had to shoot Jacob Blake because he may have had a knife.

But MAGAs also believer police rightly didn’t touch a 17 year old white kid who was walking around with an AR-15?

Per Wisconsin AG, the Kenosha Police Department does not wear body cameras. Well, why not? Joe Biden’s AG should make them mandatory. Period.

Democratic politicians from Gavin Newsom to Amy Klobuchar to AOC have tweeted out late-night warnings and thoughts to Louisiana and Texas tonight. You know who hasn’t said a word tonight about #HurricaneLaura on Twitter? The so-called President of the United States.

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