Game on, or not.

Good for SF Giants and Dodgers in not playing last night to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake. But since it was a West Coast night game, have to wonder how many people on the East Coast noticed.

Mike Yazstremski on  SF Giants  not playing last night “Ultimately it came down to us siding with support…. when players are so affected and mourning, it’s a sign of support… The world is a lot bigger place than the baseball field.” If you weren’t already a Yaz fan.

Donald Trump used Jackie Robinson in a video today.  Jackie Robinson if he were alive would have denounced Trump today.

Nancy Pelosi says Joe Biden shouldn’t debate Donald Trump: “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him.” Nancy Pelosi raised five children. The woman understands reverse psychology.

White House says they’re compiling “very large” dossier on Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold and others who it said are a “disgrace to journalism & the American people.” Makes Nixon’s enemies list feel so quaint.

Kamala Harris on COVID-19 “It’s not like this in the rest of the world. All we needed was a competent President. Yep. Competency is bipartisan. This is why so many Republicans have endorsed Biden.

-So all these GOP folks saying Kyle Rittenhouse was just there to “defend property.” They’d be okay if a Black kid from Chicago had shown up in Kenosha with an AR-15 to do the same thing?


Kayleigh McEnany: “When I started working for President Trump, my husband & I became pregnant with our first child.. . He would routinely ask me how my baby was doing.

Uh, Kayleigh’s baby was born Nov 2019, she took job as Trump’s Press Secretary  April 2020.


Rudy Giuliani speaking tonight at RNC. Who else misses the days when all Rudy’s sentences had “a noun, a verb, and 9-11?’

So many Pinocchios. Wonder how many were inspired by Putin. Tonight’s Trump speech should be titled – “When you wish upon a czar.”

Trump claims “I’ve done more for Black voters than Biden has in 47 years.” So why should Blacks be so ungrateful as also to think they can move to the suburbs?

Wait, Joe Biden is so powerful he’s going to hurt God and destroy America. But he’s also “so weak.” This is SO confusing.

Amazed Trump didn’t bail  out both Officer Chauvin  and Kyle Rittenhouse to attend his speech?

Rick Santorum says on CNN  that “the President did a great job…” Santorum showing again why he lost re-election by 18 points….

Once again, Trump did NOT institute a travel ban from China. Or from Europe. Don’t believe me? Ask ANY travel agent. Heck, travelers can still get in from China and Europe.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama.

Did I mention Veterans Choice Act was signed by Obama?

It is completely childish and petty to say that on top of everything else, the Trumps cannot find someone competent enough to dye Ivanka’s hair and cover her dark roots. So I won’t say it.

Ivanka Trump “My father has strong convictions.” Joe Biden’s AG, along with the NY AG, will make sure Ivanka’s father has MANY convictions.

As much as Trump family members and sycophants tried to paint Donald as a caring person, your reminder, he said absolutely nothing about yet another day with over 1,000 REPORTED COVID-19 deaths.

This tweet, about an hour into Donald’s 70 minute rant, reminds me why I have come to love Amy Klobuchar.

Get off our lawn.
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