The times, they keep on a changin’

Okay, who had normally conservative MLB players making an effort to compete with newly woke NASCAR on 2020’s insanity bingo card.

The University of Alabama has now tallied more than 1,000 infections on its three campuses. Good thing football is not a contact sport.

As NBA plans to resume playoffs, while turning arenas into polling places, for starter I  just love everything about this headline “LeBron, CP3 advised by Obama during stalemate.”


A man who’s probably never been to a football tailgate, or even a conference game, is whining on Twitter about missing Big Ten football? Sure it has nothing to do w/ several Big Ten teams playing in Midwest swing states.

(PS If Hillary were President there’d be college football this fall.)

Trump now claiming “The Dems don’t want football back, for political reasons, but are trying to blame me and the Republicans.” Nope, we just want to take the nuclear football away from Donald, PERMANENTLY.

“Everybody is going to catch this thing eventually,” a senior Trump House official told CNN‘s Jim Acosta about the mask-less hate rally on the White House lawn yesterday night. If so, why keep testing Trump and Pence?

I miss Presidents who pardoned people for reasons other than a photo-op.

Superhero moves are not my thing, while I loved “42”, I never saw Black Panther. Still so very sad. But if you really want to honor  Chadwick Bozeman? VOTE! And get your colonoscopy – or at least FIT or gFOBT test.

So after Trump gets done visiting Texas and Louisiana, think he’ll head to California?
Actually, we should probably be glad Donald isn’t coming, he’d probably throw paper towels on our fires for kindling.


Trump today “If Biden wins, which I honestly can’t believe would happen, I will have lost to a low IQ individual.” Donald says this to several hundred unmasked people packed tightly together in New Hampshire. #WhyThereIsNoSatire

You know what’s truly sleepy or low-IQ? Forgetting to buy your own domain name.


Posted last night about Amy Klobuchar’s “Get off our lawn.” tweet
As of tonight, that tweet has 319.700 likes. More than any tweet Trump tweeted about his speech.


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