Rooting interest?

So would some of the Americans who claim they are STILL not interested in the US Presidential election pay more attention if there were somehow an easy way to bet on it?


Rand Paul is now referring to DC protesters who were yelling at him as a “bloodthirsty mob.” Seriously? I’ve seen louder more unhappy people screaming at most pre-2020 Giants-Dodgers games.

Some on right outraged over attendees at Trump’s illegal White House speech being verbally harassed on way back to hotels. I’ve clearly missed their same outrage over women going to Planned Parenthood clinics needing escorts to protect them from angry anti-abortion activists.

Today it was just Pete Carroll speaking out. How many more NFL coaches and players wil it take for Trump to attack football too?

For all the “both sides’, pretty damn sure there are no Trump supporters who ever went to bed on a Saturday night worrying about about the morning “WTF will Obama tweet?”

Donald Trump referred to people who yelled at Rand Paul as his wife as “thugs.” Wanna bet that one person Donald NEVER refers to as a “thug” is Kyle Rittenhouse?

Asked about Kyle Rittenhouse Trump replies “That’s under investigation right now, and they’ll be reporting to me in the next 24-48 hours and we’ll have a comment about it.” Translation. By then I’m hoping you all will have moved on to my next outrage.

Amazing how Trump can’t decide about a statement on Kyle Rittenhouse until he gets a report in 24-48 hours, but if there’s an immigrant or Black person involved in a killing Donald will tweet about it in 24-48 minutes.


South Dakota COVID-19 cases still way up this week after Sturgis. How long until New Hampshire cases spike after Trump’s maskless rally? Along with DC/MD/WA cases after his WH speech. I like Presidents who don’t try to kill their supporters to get re-elected.

So what happened to that “well-regulated” part of the militia?

Random reminder, at Jonestown, some were forced, especially the children. But the majority of cult members voluntarily drank the Kool-Aid

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