Striking out.

Auburn canceled football practices last week, this week they have 16 players out due to COVID-19. Former Auburn coach & current Alabama Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville is against a statewide mask mandate. Masking up earlier might have saved football.

Think you had an unproductive day? How about Jake Arrieta pitching for the Phillies. After a scoreless 1st and getting leadoff batter out in 2nd, Arrieta allowed seven straight batters to reach, all of who scored, before he was pulled from the game.

Sunday it was the As vs Astros called off. I miss the days when you’d hear about a positive test with baseball and you’d just hope it wasn’t one of your team’s players caught using PEDs.

Not a fan of superhero movies so thought I’d only seen Chadwick Boseman in “42.” My son points out he also was in one of my favorite (underrated IMHO) little sports movies – “Draft Day.”  – (as Vontae Mack)

Open PSA to all Americans 18 and over, especially you youngsters. If Chadwick Boseman could have made all those movies including Black Panther while being treated for cancer, you all can drag your asses to the polls this November. Thank you.



Some in the GOP who are so far refusing to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse for walking around with an AR-15 seem to have no problem condemning Jacob Blake for maybe having a knife in his car.


So DNI wants us to believe we are more at risk from Democrats leaking information about Russian interference in our elections, than we are from Russia actually interfering in our elections….


Amy Klobuchar response on Biden being called “Trojan horse for far left”:  Bernie Sanders “words were heartfelt,” but John Kasich also supported Biden.

“Too law & order, not being enough law & order, they’re just going to throw anything.”

Can’t wait until we can just call Joe “President.”


Isn’t it it amazing how the man who rushed to White House bunker over the prospect of unarmed protesters within hearing distance seems fixated on the fake story of Joe Biden being stuck in his own basement?

Has the “Law and Order” President directly condemned a single WHITE man who has killed a black man, or woman? I’ll wait….

Let us be very clear. If a group of Black Men took up arms and called themselves Patriot Prayer, GOP and Trump would be calling them thugs and worse.

Donald Trump he will ignore pleas from Wisc Gov. Tony Evers not to come to Kenosha. saying he “looks forward to visiting on Tues & helping this great city heal & rebuild.” 1. Anyone think trump could find Kenosha on a map? 2. Think Donald will pay Kenosha back for security costs?
Mark Meadows says “nobody cares” about the Hatch Act. So can we bookmark this quote for the first time GOP goes nonlinear because someone in Biden administration so much as praises Joe during a speech?


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