Traveling on?

Sometimes at the trade deadline teams hesitate to deal because they don’t want to upset clubhouse “chemistry.”  Have to wonder, with MLB players in semi-bubbles much of the time, especially on the road,  did many teams decide to exercise caution at the trade deadline because they were worried about new players ACTUALLY changing the chemistry


Chris Paul is President of the NBA Players Associate and has been a leader in the league’s social justice efforts. Last week he got every member of the Oklahoma City Thunder registered to vote. Wow. Imagine if CP3 were also good at basketball….


The only way Trump could be any more unwelcome in Wisconsin tomorrow would be if he shows up in a Minnesota Vikings jersey.

Perhaps a small point, but Steve Scalise represents a gerrymandered district around New Orleans. Where former Saints star  Steve Gleason is deservedly a hero. So it’s particularly reprehensible to twist the words of a man with ALS.


Remember when the most irritating parts of the Coronavirus press briefing were Mike Pence’s obsequiousness and Dr. Birx’s scarves? Good times.

If Donald Trump really believes in this “herd immunity” for COVID-19 his advisor Scott Atlas is pushing why doesn’t he stop regular White House testing?


Since Trump is a walking advertisement for Freud’s theory of projection, which people in “dark shadows” are controlling Donald?

When Joe Biden was a freshman senator, I was in high school. He put his foot in his mouth then & sometimes he still does. But Trump defends murderers and compares deadly chokeholds to missing golf putts. I’ll happily vote for the decent guy who makes gaffes.

If someone wearing a MAGA hat shoots and kills someone in the middle of 5th Avenue guessing Donald Trump wouldn’t condemn him.

Some protesters may have yelled mean things at Rand Paul in DC and Trump wants them prosecuted. But when one of his supporters kills two people with an AR-15, Donald talks about how the gunman was “very violently attacked.”


Losing track of how many books have come out about the criminality of the Trump White House. So why couldn’t one of these authors have gone public with information, say, during impeachment proceedings? Asking for a country.

Just thinking that if someone REALLY wanted to make a lot of money they could have aspired to be the one who took down the Trump Presidency, and THEN written a book about it.

Donald Trump now fixated on Cory Booker, and using him to try to scare Americans into what Joe Biden supposedly wants to do with the suburbs.

Let’s see, Cory Booker, Stanford graduate, Rhodes scholar, Yale Law Graduate, all-around nice guy who once saved woman from burning building.  Maybe he tells too many dad jokes. But guessing most Americans would sure as heck rather have Cory as neighbor than one of the Trumps.

Don’t forget, Russian propaganda doesn’t have to be overtly pro-Trump. A 3rd party vote or not voting IS voting for Trump. So this for example from pro-Syria/Russia  MintpressNews   “For progressives, choice between far-Right neo-fascist & middle of road uninspiring centrist career politician isn’t easy…”

Biden says Trump is “subservient” to Putin. When someone tells Donald what subservient means he’s going to be p*ssed.

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