Into thin air.

SF Giants totals tonight – 23 runs on 27 hits That might be more runs than they scored last YEAR at Coors Field. Now watch them get shut out tomorrow….

At one point tonight, SF Giants had a 20 run lead.  Giants fans who have suffered through a few bullpen meltdowns this year might have asked “Did they win?”


Iowa State is planning to allow up to 25,000 fans to attend football games this fall.  While Iowa has become one of the biggest COVID-19 hotspots in the country.   So what’s  their slogan going to be “Iowans are dying to see Cyclones football?”

For all those who want to make some sort of larger statement about the Democratic party out of Ed Markey defeating Joe Kennedy III tonight maybe the lesson is just – don’t primary a decent Senator or House member doing a good job.

Pence says “I don’t recall” being on standby to assume Presidential powers when Trump went to Walter Reed last year. So should we give the Vice President one of those cognitive tests too?

Trump rants about “Radical Left Democrats….All of these problems are  Democrats’ cities.”

Anyone remember Joe Biden claiming all those people are dying from COVID-19 Red States because of “Radical Right Republicans?” Because Joe wouldn’t do that.

(Even if it might be true.)

Tuesday morning, Trump just denied he had a series of mini-strokes. Even though the mainstream media had never said any such thing.

Anyone else read mysteries and know that point where the suspect denies something about the victim that the police hadn’t released publicly and only the murderer would know?


Tuesday night Maddow pointed out that about $40 million of funds donated to Trump’s inaugural committee are still unaccounted for…. I’m sure we’ll eventually hear a full explanation of what happened from Donald. Although with his tax returns and his “beautiful healthcare plan.”

Jared Kushner is bragging about being on the first official flight from Israel to the UAE. Meanwhile, Americans would just like to be able to travel to Europe.

Uh oh. If today Trump attacked people who are walking the streets with cans of soup in their possession, what’s he going to say tomorrow to women who are walking around with GLASS BOTTLES full of wine?

Watching all the reaction from millions of American who would just LOVE if Cory moved into their neighborhood, I think Donald Trump may have just made Cory Booker the favorite to be Joe Biden’s pick for HUD Secretary.


I would take the GOP outrage over Nancy Pelosi’s blow dry more seriously if I thought Melania, Ivanka, Kayleigh, Kellyanne, Kimberly, Lara or any of the women in Trump and his family’s orbit did their own hair.

Reminder, despite Trump’s multiple photo op visits to Louisiana, Texas and Kenosha, he still hasn’t said word one on California wildfires. Or Russian bounties on US troops.


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