Old times.

NBA started the playoffs today, and the San Antonio Spurs weren’t part of it.

Last time the Spurs weren’t in the playoffs, we had a Clinton in the White House.

I could live with that.

After over 130 students testing positive, along with 5 staffers, the University of North Carolina abruptly stops ALL in-person classes

This might be a bad omen for college football, if ACC players were actually expected to attend classes…

Meanwhile, I suppose as a SF Giants fan and a Democrat I should thank the Giants for not making me feel torn this week focusing on the Democratic convention instead of baseball.  …  (At least tonight they only blew a ONE run lead in the ninth inning.)



Politico claims “”Amy Klobuchar wins the award for corniest joke of the #DemConvention so far. “You know, the president may hate the post office.  But he’s still going to have to send them a change-of-address card come January.””

Actually, I approve that joke.

But you know how Midwestern nice Amy Klobuchar is when she delivered that “change of address” joke about Donald Trump without even suggesting the new address might be Moscow or a federal prison.

They could do that lovely national anthem with all the kids instead of anthems at sporting events. Show the kids and who cares what athletes are doing? #DNC2020

(if you didn’t see it, google it.)

Trump may really regret pulling GOP convention out of Florida next week. It would have given Donald a great chance to blame 1000s of under counted COVID-19 deaths on heatstroke. Or just excitement from seeing him.

WTF. Trump wants his brother Robert to have a White House funeral Friday afternoon. Friday, of course, because a weekend funeral would interfere with Donald’s golf game.

I would never vote for John Kasich. But I respect him as a human being. I miss respecting Republicans as human beings. And you can’t want a big tent and then say you have to restrict it only to people you like. Period.


It’s not just Christmas. Annual retail sales of paper greeting cards are still $7.5 billion. Most households, buy an average of 30 individual cards as a year & (shocking) most buyers are female. Not like delivering cards on time matters.


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