Smallest of mercies

SF Giants lost five run lead in the ninth Friday night and lost, then lost a three run lead in the ninth Saturday night and lost.

Sunday,  Giants figured one way to avoid that heartbreak for their fans by giving up nine runs in the 5th inning.

Now it’s the Reds.  Again, makes you nostalgic for the days when a player testing positive just meant PEDs.


As some college athletes, led by Ohio State QB Justin Fields, petition to play football this year, remember “rational part of teen’s brain isn’t fully developed, won’t be until age 25.  Adult & teen brains work differently. Adults think w/ prefrontal cortex-brain’s rational part.”

Although to be fair, a lot of adult brains don’t seem to be working that rationally these days either.




If all these various miracle cures for COVID-19 touted by Trump and his cult of “experts” work why didn’t they give them to Herman Cain?

So in memory of his brother Robert today, do you think Donald Trump observed a moment of silence on the golf course?

A Fox News Host compared a Trump boat parade to the Spanish Armada. How long until OANN tries to top them by comparing the Sturgis bike rally to Custer leading troops to Little Big Horn?

So how many Republicans will turn in to DNC Monday night to watch Michelle Obama give the first draft of Melania Trump’s RNC convention speech?


Forget video of Melania her hand away from Donald on Air Force One steps and remember this instead:   Joe Biden talking last week about Jill Biden “I adore her. It’s gonna sound so stupid, I was saying to her other day, when she comes down the steps & I look at her.. my heart still skips a beat.”


Not sure, but wonder if this vote by mail issue has given Democrats an issue that REALLY upsets white voters. Including many rural voters and seniors. Not so sure that Trump didn’t blow it on this one. (Not so much voting by mail, but medications, checks, shopping, cards.)

And it’s late August, how long until we start expecting those Christmas catalogs?

But in 2000 maddening how many elected Democrats ran away from Bill Clinton in 2000 over Bill’s being stupid enough to have affair with intern. While in 2020, most elected in  GOP still won’t run away from Trump being stupid enough to get 170,000 people killed, AND ignoring Russian bounties on US troops.


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