Stumbling to the weekend.

SF Giants, for first time since 1929, lost a game when they had a five run or greater lead in 9th inning.

I miss having Giants pitchers who could hold a five run lead in the 9th.

I miss times when that blown game would be in the top ten list of things today I cared about.


Former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich says quite simply that the birther allegations against Kamala Harris are “absurd.” Hey, GOP,  see how easy it is?


Can we stop talking about “Stanford’s” Dr Scott Atlas? Atlas has a medical background in neuroradiology/MRI, and hasn’t been at Stanford Med Center since 2012. He’s NEVER been an infectious disease specialist, or even an internist.  Atlas is a fellow at Hoover, a conservative think tank on Stanford campus, and Scott is a regular GOP ‘expert’ speaking against Obamacare.  But he tells Donald what he wants to hear.

If Trump says he has to give his RNC acceptance speech at White House to save taxpayer $$$ then WTF is he doing spending another weekend at his Bedminster club when Donald can golf perfectly well at his club near DC?

As Californian for decades I’m used to Pelosi being attacked as “San Francisco Liberal,” even though Nancy honed political skills growing up in Baltimore. Now Biden’s VP pick hails from Oakland, just across bridge from SF, & GOP attacks her as un-American? Stupid. But on brand.

Mike Pence today in an Iowa speech. “The Choice in This Election is Whether America Remains America.” When he’s right, he’s right. Vote for Joe Biden. 

Our  democracy depends on it.


Sad thing, if President Hillary Clinton were in charge, we’d probably be living a semi-normal life as they are in Europe. And GOP would probably be attacking her during re-election campaign by saying she caused too much pain during a serious shutdown over COVID-19 “hoax.”

Is it possible that President Biden could appoint TWO US Attorney Generals – just to clean up all Trump administration crimes? Because the job is looking like it could be bigger for any one mere mortal, even a woman.

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