Nebraska coach Scott Frost, not happy with Big Ten deciding to cancel football, says the school is “prepared to look at any and all options,” including playing outside Big Ten. As an anonymous friend used to say “That N on their caps stands for Knowledge.”


(and of course one option – going to class?)

Not that it matters in grand scheme of things but thinking right about now NBA would love to figure out a way for some Western Conference bubble team playing good basketball to take the place of the 0-5 Orlando Magic.


Tampa Bay Lightning won NHL playoff  game tonight against Columbus Blue Jackets in six hours and five overtimes.

In non-hockey terms, that’s almost as long as most Sunday night baseball Yankees-Red Sox games.

Guess no one told Trump that for many women “nasty” is the highest compliment he can pay.


If Trump is really worried about voting by mail, part of Klobuchar-Wyden NDEBA act is money for EARLY voting. Why not agree to that? More days for people to vote in person reduces time in lines & health risks? It’s not like Donald doesn’t want people to vote at all, right?


The US has the best testing in the world, if you are a professional athlete or work in the Trump White House. The rest of us are  screwed.

So what time this Friday night might Trump fire Mike Pence?

Will say, if Joe Biden did pick his VP over the weekend then he has already proved he can run a much more leak-proof team than Donald Trump ever could.

While Trump focused on insulting the Biden-Harris ticket: “Coronavirus-related deaths in the United States topped 1,300 on Tuesday, with Florida and Georgia recording their highest single-day death tolls since the start of the pandemic….”


Here’s suggestion for any Democrat and/or progressive not thrilled w Biden Harris 2020.

 Get involved in state & local elections. Heck, consider someday RUNNING in state & local elections. But right now in Nov. it’s not Democrats at stake, it’s our democracy at stake. #TeamJoe


Sarah Palin actually offered congratulations to Kamala Harris for being chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate. Give Donald Trump credit. Who’d a thunk anyone could make Palin look like a statesman, or rather, stateswoman, by comparison?

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