Kicked off?

Trump’s saying the college football season shouldn’t be canceled. Please. Donald cares as much about the well being of college athletes as Gym Jordan.


One reason they may cancel college football this year.   “Myocarditis, inflammation of heart muscle, found in at least 5 Big Ten Conference athletes & among several other athletes in other conferences…

Another reason Trump pushing for sports to go ahead: You don’t fear myocarditis if you don’t have a heart.


Well, at least Jim Harbaugh and Michigan won’t lose again to Ohio State this year.

Can we start calling them the San Francisco Giantes?  Because you really can’t refer to this team without an E?  (20 something errors in 18 games.)


Marc Ragovin  So 7-inning doubleheaders, eh? Well as Ernie Banks said, “It’s a great day for a ballgame, let’s play 1.5555.”

Ted Cruz whines about a “magic money tree” of giving people unemployment benefits.

I’ve clearly missed all his angry tweets about taxpayer money we’re spending during pandemic for vanity rallies & golf trips (& all the COVID testing) for Donald Trump when everyone else is doing virtual events & canceling vacations.

A friend tells me that August 11 is “National Presidential Joke Day.” Thinking every day since January 20, 2017 has been National Presidential Joke Day.

So if Trump gives his acceptance speech at Gettysburg assume he will do it in front of the Robert E. Lee statue there?

Trump did briefly leave his White House podium today, allegedly over a police involved shooting a couple blocks away.  Or was it something truly terrifying,  like someone warning Donald a woman was going to ask him a hard question?

So Trump says he’s issuing an Executive Order saying Pre-existing Conditions must be covered. When is Donald going to issue an Executive Order saying Thanksgiving must be the fourth Thursday in November?

Trump’s wastalking about his middle class tax cut again… that he’ll unveil “in a few weeks.” Along with his beautiful healthcare plan?

How long until Trump says anyone who votes Democratic is meddling in the election?

Rachel Maddow Monday tonight – Leaders with authoritarian desires tend to get re-elected because they improperly use power of their govt to hold onto power.

Vote not just because it’s most important election of our lifetimes. Vote because it might be the LAST election of our lifetimes #TeamJoe.

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One Comment on “Kicked off?”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    So the Big Ten and Pac-12 are shutting down, but I think the C-19 is gonna have a big fall season.

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