I love Hunter Pence. Period.


Teams in NBA bubble are guaranteed to play at least eight games before going home.

At this rate they may all play more games than the St. Louis Cardinals.

Cleveland Indians just sent home one of their best 2020 pitchers. Zach Plesac, 1.29 ERA in 21 innings pitched, reportedly violated team rules by leaving team hotel and going out Saturday night w/ friends in Chicago. Even Nuke Laloosh would think that was stupid.

If you’re looking for an NBA bubble team to root for: Gregg Popovich, without being asked, spent about three minutes before today’s game reflecting on Sunday being the sixth anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. 

Really cool Trevor Lawrence wants to play in 2020.

Personally, I became bigger Andrew Luck fan when he returned to Stanford for senior year as probable 1st round draft pick. But injuries aren’t COVID. And it’s not a myth that prefrontal cortex (rational part of brain) doesn’t develop until 25.

Chuck Todd is the Chuck Todd of Chuck Todds.


Trump thinks Post Office couldn’t handle everyone mailing in a ballot.

Shouldn’t he have done something in his first year so everyone could mail cards saying “Merry Christmas” again?


If some of these anti-mask COVIDiots were in London during the Blitz, they’d be insisting that staying at home in the dark was more dangerous to their physical and mental health than being bombed by the Luftwaffe.

So as Trump proves how much he loves God, Donald was in church Sunday  while Joe Biden golfed. Oh, wait, never mind. To quote Willy Wonka “Strike that, reverse it.”

As Trump says states must pay 25% of $400 a week federal unemployment benefits how long until Donald says he will waive that 25% for states like Florida and Ohio?

Going to keep saying this. As much as Trump loves to brag about numbers, if he REALLY thought most Americans approved of him, Donald would be demanding ballots be sent to every household in country so he could claim the bigliest win ever.

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