Over his head.

Have always liked Hunter Pence and today will give him extra credit – watching him  completely lose track of that fly ball when Cueto had a no-hitter reminded me of what it was like to scream at the television for something nonpolitical.

St. Louis Cardinals have now had ANOTHER game postponed against Pittsburgh Pirates, and have not played since July 29.

Give MLB credit for being careful on this one, as the Pirates, with a 3-12 record, and trailing only the SF Giants for errors  – with 15 in 15 games., have pretty much demonstrated they can’t catch anything.


So how long until Jerry Falwell, Jr. becomes a special assistant to the Trump administration?

Maureen Dowd today, taking how it had been 36 years since a man and woman ran together on a Presidential ticket – think Maureen  just failed her cognitive test.


Anyone else finding that social distancing not only means not seeing our friends but also losing touch with our better angels?

Draining money from FEMA at the beginning of hurricane season seems like a good way to win voters in Florida… WTF?

Karl Marx was trending on Twitter and I’d guess that Trump accused Biden of being like Marx. But pretty sure the only Marx Donald ever could think of was Groucho.

“I have certainly met much more discrimination in terms of being a woman than being black, in the field of politics.” This 1972 quote is from a woman who ought to have known – Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.


Have to wonder if all this Executive Order BS is just to distract from the fact USA will officially hit 5 million COVID-19 cases this weekend.


Watching our would be “Dictator-in-chief” at today’s Press Conference thinking maybe Democrats have the message a bit wrong. It’s not just “Vote because this is the most important election of our lives.” It’s “Vote because this might be the LAST election of our lives.”

When Trump gets called out by a woman reporter on “Veteran’s Choice” being a “false statement,” he immediately cuts off the Press Conference. So triggered. So sad.

Just once, could White House Press Corp send an all-women team to one of Trump’s vanity rallies disguised as a Press Conference. Donald would waddle out of the room in record time.

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