Passing it on

As Cardinals Cubs game  is postponed over another Cardinal player testing positive, St Louis manager said earlier this week they believe virus came to the team from someone asymptomatic. And Missouri STILL doesn’t have a mask mandate.

Okay, you KNOW you’re losing track of time with the pandemic when you go online to see how San Antonio Spurs  game Friday in NBA bubble was going and discovered they already won… you didn’t realize the schedule  game time was EASTERN. 

Wharton is trending and the school is like “Don’t blame us, Donald cheated his way in and he didn’t even go to our business school.”


August 8, 1974, Nixon resigned in a televised press conference that drew over 100 million viewers. Can we dare Donald Trump to beat those ratings.

Just occurred to me, every April 15, and every Christmas, the USPS deals with a drastic increase in business. Especially in December.  And they cope just fine. #VotebyMail works.

Everyone insisting VP will really be the President because Joe will be 78 this November…. I missed them saying since Mitch McConnell, who’s already 78, really has Majority Whip John Thune running the Senate.

White House says Trump and Putin have officially talked eight times already 2020. But how many bed time chats? “You hang up.” “No you hang up.”

Back in 2016, then VP Joe Biden spoke to California Democratic. volunteers & activists at San Jose Convention . All of us not only needed badges, but tight security checks, as in a 90 minute line, just to enter the hall.  (side note, Joe’sspeech wasn’t worth it.)

And tonight in midst of pandemic Bedminster golf club members w/ wine and children in hand just wandered into Trump Press Conference?

But since Donald Trump had no problem giving a long rambling speech in his Bedminster Country Club should be a no brainer to have his RNC convention speech there too, right?

Wait today, Trump says Joe Biden is a puppet. “Just a puppet.” But yesterday Donald said Biden is going to “hurt God.” This is SO confusing.


So what’s scarier as Trump says he’ll issue an executive order to make insurers cover pre-existing conditions — that he thinks his supporters have forgotten that’s part of Obamacare. Or that Donald himself has forgotten that’s part of Obamacare?

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One Comment on “Passing it on”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Biden might have his senior moments, but Trump is like a sixth-year red shirt

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