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Boys of summer?

July 31, 2020


Today, July 31 WOULD have been MLB trade deadline.

For all we fret about Joe Biden’s running mate choice, as Trump talked about changing the election date, pretty darn sure that if we could vote July 31, a majority of Americans would vote for Joe and a “VP to be named later.”

MLB investigating what happened with Marlins – “Something happened massively disruptive to process that is not going on anywhere else.” I’m sure spending few days in hotel in Atlanta, where Governor was SUING mayor against her mask mandate had nothing to do with it. #Sarcasm

NBA restart Thursday night after over four and a half months off.  Wonder how long it will take for the first player to take a “rest day?”


Although such a trivial point, but as a fellow Stanford grad, how incredibly cool would it be if Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as his running mate and we get to hear Free’s “All Right Now” on the campaign trail.” 
Guessing Alan Dershowitz isn’t going to be invited back to Martha’s Vineyard anytime soon.

FoxNews website notes Trump honored Herman Cain, “unfortunately, he passed away from a thing called the China virus.” With all media coverage of John Lewis’s last public appearance at #BLM plaza in DC, guess Fox just forgot to say Cain’s last public appearance was Donald’s Tulsa Rally.
So where are all the pundits who last week were telling us how Donald Trump had changed to a more somber tone?
Twitter permanently suspended the account of former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Which I assume makes Trump happy. Duke was probably about to tweet Donald more messages of support.
So if Amy Klobuchar and Ron Wyden rename their NDEBA bill the “Trump Absentee Voting Bill” think GOP and Mitch McConnell might get behind it?
If Democrats controlled Senate, they would not have adjourned for weekend leaving millions without coronavirus stimulus jobless benefit. If Hillary Clinton had won we probably wouldn’t NEED coronavirus stimulus jobless benefit. #VoteBlue as if our lives depend on it. They do.
Trump is trying to do with tweets what Umbrella Man did in Minneapolis.

Not a joke. A few minutes before President Obama started be speaking at John Lewis’s funeral,  Donald Trump “spontaneously” called the Press Pool together. What a pathetic, sad little man we have in the White House.

When Joe Biden is elected President can he get Barack Obama to give a speech to the country once a month? Asking for a country needing balm for our souls.

Watered down

July 30, 2020

Mike Yastrzemski with walk-off splash hit for SF Giants to bring team back to .500.  Yeah, this might be high water mark of Giants season. And season may not last much longer. But for a moment, it was nice to “stick to sports.

Entire Rutgers football team in quarantine after 15 players tested positive for COVID-19.  And apparently the outbreak has been linked to some of those players attending a party.  Well, this should do wonders for the “dumb jock” stereotype.

NOT a Dodgers fan but MLB suspending LA pitcher Joe Kelly 8 games for throwing behind batters and making a face, while not suspending anyone on the Astros for stealing signs, is enough, ALMOST, to make me miss Bud Selig.



Just my guess, two thoughts for all those trying to figure why controversy has gotten so insane as we approach Biden’s VP pick. 1. Joe is 78. 2. When Hillary ran in 2016 we all had other things to do during the summer.

All these COVIDiots saying they only went to one party or crowded event are like people who say they played safely because they only tried one round of Russian Roulette.

Even after his colleague Louie Gohmert tested positive, Jim Jordan STILL isn’t wearing a mask. Gym Jordan is ignoring COVID-19 so much you’d think the disease was a sexual abuser.

So will Trump insist Gohmert only be treated with hydroxychloroquine and bleach?

How many Republicans in Congress who have refused to wear a mask but WEREN’T scheduled to fly on Air Force One today might also be COVID-19 positive and are still potentially infecting their colleagues?

Meanwhile, Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi has MANDATED masks on the House Floor.
Moms know how to deal with whiny children acting out.
Thank you, Speaker Pelosi.

Fixed the headline for them -“Man living rent-free in public housing tells voters in suburbs they will ‘no longer be bothered’ by low-income housing.”

Can anyone imagine if Obama were President & story emerged ANY country had bounties on our troops & Barack’s excuse was “it didn’t reach my desk.” Not that it would have happened. 1. Obama would have read briefing. 2. Susan Rice would have kicked his a** had he missed it.

Minneapolis police now believe “Umbrella Man,” who smashed windows in the city on May 27, is a White Supremacist who was TRYING to incite race riots and violence. Why (seriously)  has that possibility never been raised about now former Officer Chauvin?


Reminded by DNC Chair Tom Perez about a speech given by the late GOP activist Paul Weyrich on “goo-goo syndrome”- (goo-goo meaning “good government”) back in 1980- “They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. As a matter of fact, our leverage in elections quite candidly goes up as voting populace goes down.”

Not a good count.

July 29, 2020

17 players and staff with Marlins now tested positive.


Who knew letting MLB team play in one of the worst hotspots, Miami, in a state, Florida,  with one of the worst COVID outbreaks, AND a science-denying governor might cause problems?
As Marlins game are postponed until Sunday, wonder how long it is before other players across MLB decide it’s not “Win or Go Home” but “Win AND Go Home.”

Before their games were postponed the Washington Nationals had voted against playing the Marlins in Miami. These are healthy young men w/ top testing & medical care available to them. But sure, let’s open Florida schools.

Marc Ragovin “Most feared hitter in baseball today: Willie McCovid.”


How much stock do Trump and his friends and family have in Kodak? Asking for a country of taxpayers.

So wonder how many younger Americans know Kodak made film. How many could tell you what “Kodachrome” is other than a Paul Simon song?


The President who doesn’t like anybody is complaining that nobody likes him. Irony, your regular table is ready.

When some wonder how Trump voters can possibly still support him, take look at Fox News site…. Phrases you won’t see “Wall of Moms”, “Wall of Vets”, “kidnapping”, “unmarked cars.” Phrases you will see ‘Mob violence”, dangerous rioting”, “destructive demonstrations…”

$2 BILLION for F-35s. But GOP says can’t afford to mail absentee ballots to Americans, and the cost for postage for voters to mail them back?

Does ANYONE believe Barr doesn’t read Trump’s tweets?

And reminder,  during his confirmation hearing  that Amy Klobuchar asked Bill Barr “There have been times…when personal interests of the president do not align with interests of the country. In those critical moments, is the attorney general the people’s lawyer or the president’s lawyer?”

Mary Trump’s book sold 1.35 million copies in first week. And unlike Don Jr’s book with the RNC, the DNC didn’t need to buy any of them.  Heck, many DNC members are probably still on a waitlist for their personal copies.

Kaitlin Collins presses Trump on him retweeting and praising a crazy doctor who talks about alien DNA and Donald melts down and ends the press conference.

So to sum up.

PERSON who’s a WOMAN asks  MAN baby a question on CAMERA and he leaves TV.


Yes,  if Biden picks Rice we’ll hear about Benghazi. But as someone who still feels Amy Klobuchar was unfairly treated over her prosecutor past, if it’s Demings or Harris we’re going to hear about every potential problematic case either of them EVER might have been connected with.

Testing, 1, 2, 3, testing…

July 28, 2020

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, on 14 Marlins player/staff testing positive for COVID-19 – “I don’t put this in the nightmare category.”

Would Manfred like to tell us what he considers the “nightmare category?”

14 Marlins testing positive for COVID-19. Likely originally infected during “Summer Camp” in Miami, or during exhibition game in Atlanta. So Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Brian Kemp may have done to baseball what they’ve done to their states.

Minnesota Vikings say their trainer and “Infection Control Officer” has tested positive for COVID-19.

If you were doing a disaster movie about sports during pandemic, having a team’s “Infection Control Officer” test positive for the disease would be a time to cue the really ominous music.

Notre Dame has withdrawn from hosting first Presidential debate. When they don’t even think prayer will keep them safe….

Melania Trump will renovate the Rose Garden. Apparently it doesn’t look enough like Versailles.
Remember when Dana Carvey mocked George H. W. Bush regularly on SNL & Bush invited him to White House? Remember when Tina Fey mocked Sarah Palin regularly & Palin even joined her on SNL?
But Donald Trump is crying  it’s “really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!”  because because he can’t even take negative things trending for a day on Twitter?
Glenn Beck says his kids had COVID-19, and he expects to get it but “the doctor was like, ‘You have a, you know, bad immune system, blah blah blah, you have, you know, immune problems. And I was like eh, ehhh.” My better angels are sheltering in place on this one.
Trump’s casket  will never lie in state in the Capitol rotunda.
But of course Donald himself will lie everywhere. 
New studies indicate that even for those not hospitalized with COVID-19’s, some survivors could have lasting damage to their hearts. Which won’t worry Trump & many of his GOP supporters. You can’t damage what you don’t have.

Breaking even.

July 27, 2020
Okay, who had SF Giants at .500 after four games against LA Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.
Now who had the two winning Giants pitchers be Wandy Peralta and Caleb Baragar?
All you liars can put your hands down now.

Why do I have a sense Trump tried to throw a baseball 60 feet 6 inches in last 24 hours and it did not go well?

LA Clippers guard Lou Williams was excused from NBA bubble in Orlando. to attend a funeral, but is now in quarantine after being seen during his absence at an Atlanta strip club.

Not sure if  Williams will test positive for COVID-19, but he sure failed HIS cognitive test.

So will we ever get back with sports to hearing that someone tested positive and assume PEDs?

Steven Mnuchin: “We’re not going to use taxpayer money to pay people more to stay home.” Meanwhile, 145,000 Americans will never pay taxes again.

I hope whoever Joe Biden is choosing for his Attorney General is getting plenty of sleep in the second half of this year. Because she or he is going to be very very busy.

Jaime Harrison is black. But a new Lindsey Graham campaign ad in South Carolina shows Harrison’s skin color to be MUCH darker than it is.  Remember when George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove attacked John McCain in South Carolina by alleging John had fathered a black daughter (The McCains adopted Bridget from Bangladesh?)

I hope John McCain haunts Lindsey Graham’s dreams.

Hurricane Hanna blew over a part of Trump’s recently constructed border wall.  Mother Nature and Karma sometimes have a fine working relationship.

Joe Biden: “we will give Trump a nickname of his own: Former President Donald Trump.”

What about Federal inmate number 1?

Georgia set a new single-day record Friday, at least 4,813 new COVID-19 cases (that’s what Gov. Kemp REPORTED.) Going to keep repeating what Amy Klobuchar said in debates – “My friend Stacey Abrams would be governor of Georgia right now if it wasn’t for voting violations.”

The Giants win a game. The Giants win a game!

July 26, 2020

It’s late July, and SF Giants are only 1 game out of first.


It’s not just that Trump went golfing with Brett Favre while US death toll again topped 1,000 in a single day, and while hurricanes are bearing down on both Hawaii and Texas. It’s that Donald thought he should be PROUD of their golf outing and had the White House post a picture of it.

As a Saints fan have taken a fair amount of grief for New Orleans defense allegedly trying to knock Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC Championship game. After today’s golf picture – you’re welcome.


A d*ck pick would have been less offensive. #BrettFavre
Seriously can anyone imagine what GOP would say if Obama went golfing during a pandemic with a hurricane baring down on one of the hardest hit parts of Texas? Not that Obama WOULD go golfing during a pandemic with a hurricane bearing down on one of the hardest hit parts of Texas.


Florida has now surpassed New York in total coronavirus cases. I missed the Governor Ron DeSantis tweet taking credit.

Oops. Per Washington Post.  “Trump asked DeSantis in May if he would require masks for convention & if virus would be problem, according to person w/ knowledge of conversation. DeSantis said he would not require masks & virus would not be major problem in August in Florida.”


So with Reagan Foundation demanding Trump stop sullying Ronald Reagan’s name by associating himself with the former President, how long until the Nixon Foundation follows suit?


The editor of the last major independent news site in Hungary was fired today. Still don’t think you can get excited to vote for Joe Biden? Vote like our democracy depends on it. Because it does.

Back in early April we thought it was awful when US reached 30,000 COVID-19 cases in a single day. Now we blow past that number before we wake up on the West Coast.

The long and short of it.

July 25, 2020

Sportscenter’s Scott Van Pelt on A’s walk-off extra inning win celebration – “as socially distanced as an Ozarks pool party.” Would be funnier if the 1st extra inning game of the season didn’t stand a fair chance of being the last extra inning game of the season.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo gave Brewers’ Orlando Arcia hand sanitzer after Arcia got a hit and ended up at first base. Talk about a clean single.

Mookie Betts will get the last payment of his $365 million contract when he’s 52 years old. Insert Bobby Bonilla Mets joke here:

So RNC convention has pulled out of Jacksonville but hasn’t officially told Charlotte what they plan to do. And there’s no guarantee NC will allow that plan….Then what? GOP could be the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays of politics.

Nikki Haley today tweeted she is “Proud of the selfless leadership (Trump) has shown in cancelling the convention.” Maybe it’s time to give Ambassador Haley a cognitive test?

WashPost headline “Calculations show U.S. is likely to reach 5 million cases in August, mathematician says.” “Mathematician?” Uh, considering we went from 3 million on July 8 to 4 million on July 23, that estimate would be possible with a good grasp of elementary school math.


So DC is going to institute a mandatory two week self-quarantine starting July 27 for anyone who’s visited a high-risk coronavirus area. Your reminder, Donald Trump has an IN PERSON fundraiser scheduled July 28 in Texas.

Conservatives upset with John Roberts as SCOTUS swing vote to reject Nevada church to ease limits on size of services. Church claimed casinos were given more favorable treatment. Well, yeah, anyone who walks into a casino EXPECTS to be gambling.

So whose job is it in the White House to keep feeding Trump that “96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party” fake stat? And how much of our taxpayer money are they getting paid?


Trump’s surgeon general Jerome Adams says that less than 10% COVID positivity means it’s safe for children to go back to school. Here’s the percentage I want. The percentage of Trump administration officials sending THEIR children and grandchildren back to school.

The President of the United States is seriously more concerned about bases being named after dead traitors than actual soldiers stationed at those bases being targeted by Russian bounties.

Hey, Friday night is over and Trump didn’t fire anyone. Could he have been too busy studying for his next cognitive test? Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

Opening daze

July 23, 2020


Dr. Fauci is still better at pitching than Donald Trump is at leading during COVID-19 pandemic.

So we waited 3 1/2 months for Opening Day & now Yankees-Nationals was shortened to 5 innings after rain delay due to a massive thunderstorm. Is it churlish to wish rain came earlier during Trump’s photo op, (without masks or social distancing) on South Lawn with Mariano Rivera & Little Leaguers?

Having jettisoned the embarrassing “Redskins” name, D.C.’s NFL franchise for remainder of 2020 will go by “Washington Football Team.” – So for remainder of 2020 can we jettison Trump’s name and refer to it as the”Washington Presidency?”



I feel the way about universal DH in 2020 the way I feel like John Kasich speaking at Democratic convention. Desperate times legitimately call for desperate measures. You can agree with a decision without actually being happy about it.


From Marc Ragovin: After missing virtually all of last season, Jed Lowrie of the NY Mets has been placed on the IL with no anticipated return date. This guy is such a lost cause Trump is probably gonna name a military base after him.


“Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.”

“Sir, this is a McDonald’s, can I have your order please?”

So Trump is taking credit for canceling RNC convention that even the state of Florida wouldn’t let him have….

A NY Federal Court has ordered Michael Cohen be released from prison by tomorrow. I hope Cohen is smart enough to stay away from windows.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler met with protesters, listened to them and stayed even after being tear-gassed. Your reminder that Donald Trump wouldn’t attend a WWI memorial for troops in France because of a little drizzle.

Do we need to start a #GoFundMe campaign to get a reporter to ask Trump about Russian bounties on US soldiers.

Last month 62% of women registered voters said they were unlikely to vote for Trump. And Donald just referred to “Suburban Housewives of America.” Does this count as another failed cognitive test?

“The country is in very good shape other than if you look south and west…. ”

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play.


Asked by Stephen Colbert if she thinks her uncle is a high-functioning sociopath. Mary Trump responds… “He is not high-functioning at all.” Good thing Donald never watches TV, because he’d be really upset to hear that.

Open, open, open?

July 22, 2020

July 24 is MLB Opening Day.   Often you think, wow…. 162 games, it’s going to be a LONG time until the World Series.

Now we just hope the teams can make it 60 games to the World Series.

Heck, anyone but me wonder if they’ll make it 30 games?


Poor Blue Jays. Can’t play in Toronto. Now can’t play in Pittsburgh. Will the whole team’s walk-up music be “King of the Road?”


On Wednesday, apparently Dr. Birx warned in private phone call today 11 cities with spikes in COVID-19 should take “aggressive” steps to stop outbreaks. Those cities are Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Las  Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh. & St. Louis.

With opening day tomorrow, it’s a good thing none of those cities have MLB teams… Oh wait, never mind.

The Blue Jays still haven’t found a place to play home games in 2020. Well, if they end up at Camden Yards sharing with the Orioles, Baltimore might actually see 30 wins this season.

Non-political “How dumb are we getting rant?” On a package of Thomas’s English Muffins the notice “Must split and toast.”

If Trump cares so much about those Confederate statues in the Capitol why doesn’t he have them all moved over to his DC hotel?

Have seen Karen Bass’s name mentioned a little more frequently in the VP hunt. Still a longshot, but if Joe does pick her can I respectfully request we rename entitled white women as “Ivankas?”

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas about “Operation Legend” – “this isn’t a dog whistle, this is a dog barking.”

Apparently Operation Legend is named after a little boy who was shot to death while he slept. So can I suggest one of President Biden’s plans for police reform be named Operation Breonna? 

Trump wasn’t tweeting for hours earlier today. But to be fair, maybe he was studying hard for his Fox interview – “person, woman, man, camera, TV.”


On a bright note, if remembering five words in a row was hard, the good news is that Trump probably can’t remember the nuclear codes.


I suppose it would be really petty for Joe Biden to tweet “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

Your reminder that Ronny Jackson, the man who allegedly said Trump passed that mental health exam, is running for US Congress in Texas….

Is Trump trying to get out of future criminal charges by reason of insanity?

Dan Rather tweeted “I think the ultimate sign you’ve passed a cognitive test is that you’re able to move on to something else.


1. Dan Rather is 88 years old. 2. Donald Trump is 74 years old.

Religious restrictions.

July 22, 2020

Texas to delay high school football for big schools for at least one month amid coronavirus pandemic.  In Texas this is like temporarily closing churches.


Been lukewarm on new SF Giants mgr Gabe Kapler, but impressed he got to Trump before season even started: “Looking forward to live sports, but any time I witness a player kneeling during National Anthem, sign of great disrespect for our Country & our Flag, game is over for me!”

So since Trump is going to boycott sports when any athletes kneel this should at least take care of any potential POTUS security worries for MLB, the NBA and NFL in 2020.

Rogers Centre isn’t a bad stadium for a Dome, but with Toronto considering home games at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and Camden Yards in Baltimore,  two of the nicest parks in baseball,  have to wonder how many Blue Jays players will never want to go back to their home park.


So how long until Trump tries to blame the attempts to move the British Open to his Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland on Hunter Biden?


Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler to ESPN, upset about WNBA’s support of “Black Lives Matter, says fans “may feel excluded from this sport & other sports that make them feel like American values aren’t at core of what we’re doing here.” American values? Like insider trading?


ACTING DHS secretary Chad Wolf is talking about “Proactive arrests?” When Trump ends up on the trash heap of history, add “Minority Report” to the list of movies like “Wag the Dog” and “Manchurian Candidate” that most Americans will never want to watch again.

Tammy Duckworth: Trump “cares more about dead traitors than he does about our troops.” Wonder what would happen if Russia put bounties on our statues?

It’s not at the top of their page, but Fox News does have the story “Ohio House speaker, 4 others charged in ‘largest bribery, money-laundering scheme’ in state history.” But gosh, for some reason Fox left off the fact they’re all Republicans.

So Press Secretary Barbie says Trump is tested multiple times a day. Donald says he’s tested every two or three days. Which one of them is lying? Or is it time for another cognitive test?


Reporter asked Trump about Ghislaine Maxwell, but not Russian bounties on US troops? WTAF?

Can anyone IMAGINE what would happen if Bill Clinton said he knew Ghislaine Maxwell well and wished her well?

Trump is so often accused of being lacking in kindness and empathy. I’m surprised State TV AKA Fox News didn’t report in Donald’s defense that he twice said of Ghislaine Maxwell that today he “wished her well.”

So if a mob boss wanted both to promise and threaten someone who had damaging evidence against him, would he “wish her well” on national TV? Asking hypothetically.


We are going to hit four MILLION confirmed COVID-19 cases before this weekend. Probably Friday. So who will Trump fire Friday night as a distraction?

GOP outrage over reporter Kimberly Halkett allegedly calling Kayleigh McEnany a “lying b*tch,” when even WH transcript says Halkett just said “OK, you don’t want to engage.” Missed same GOP outrage over Rep Ted Yoho ACTUALLY calling AOC a “f*cking b*tch.”

The sound of no hands clapping.

July 20, 2020

These MLB preseason games with no one in the stands are so odd. It’s as if we were watching all games at Dodger Stadium in the first three innings.

New SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler knelt with a few of his players for national anthem before tonight’s preseason.  Back when Gabe was on Red Sox, in clubhouse poll story was that of 25 players, 24 were GOP & Kapler was only Democrat. Maybe I can root for this guy.

Dr. Fauci will throw out ceremonial 1st pitch when Yankees open against Nats in D.C. Thursday. Fortunately for Trump, who was booed during World Series, here will be no fans in attendance, so Donald won’t have to see Fauci get nothing but cheers along with a standing ovation.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams on a potential mask mandate says he opposes “simply saying we are going to force you to do it particularly by sending in federal troops or using federal mechanisms.” Uh, because of all the times we’ve needed to send federal troops in over seat belts?

We’ll know that Trump is REALLY serious about masks when he starts hawking them for big $$$ on his campaign website.

As a baseball sports fan, think Democrats should consider John Kasich like a trade-deadline pickup.   So maybe this isn’t a player you want for a long-term contract.   But nice to have an extra big name on the bench  for August through October when winning it all is in sight. 


Being pleased John Kasich will endorse Joe Biden doesn’t mean I’d personally vote for Kasich for anything. But as a Democrat who knows we need a big tent, I also accept that means there will be people in that tent I disagree with on many things.



If Jeb Bush wants to follow John Kasich in endorsing Joe Biden, I’d be fine with that.


After announcement that John Kasich will speak at Democratic convention, now it’s George Will who has announced he is voting for Joe Biden. Donald’s going to run out of characters to bash all these Republicans in a single tweet.

Trump’s second round of Coronavirus press briefings will be a lot like NASCAR races…. a lot of people will just turn in to watch the wrecks

In case anyone forgot, the same POTUS who’s told Democratic cities they were on their own for PPE and COVID-19 testing now wants to send “federal law enforcement” to those same cities to clamp down on protests.

Again, can someone tell Trump he would have the biggest ratings EVER on television for his resignation speech?

Kings of the road?

July 20, 2020

Prohibited from playing in Canada, the Blue Jays are looking for a “major league ballpark” this season. Well, closest MLB city to Toronto’s spring training home in Dunedin is St. Petersburg.   But “major league ballpark?”    Don’t think Tropicana Field qualifies.

Still think it’s a longshot that MLB makes it through this shortened season. But I admit I look forward even briefly to being incensed for a change about balls and strikes… and the abomination that is the Designated Hitter.

Small sign of normalcy.
ESPN is covering golf again. More to the point, their headline is “Tiger closes inconsistent Memorial with 4-over 76.”


The Bahamas just closed borders to U.S. tourists, while the rest of the world is still welcome.
With all due respect, as someone who’s been on a number of cruises out of Florida that stop in Nassau, I’ve never quite seen the appeal of the Bahamas. But it’s a shame now that Cuba also probably won’t let Americans in either.
There are now NO ICU beds available at 49 Florida hospitals. So much winning.
Imagine, USA could have been like Europe and other parts of the world who seem to have least temporarily gotten COVID-19 under control… But GOP then might have been trying to impeach Hillary Clinton for wearing a tan mask.
The 2020 Presidential election will be our nation’s collective cognitive test.
In all seriousness,  I’ve actually now in my life known of two people who’ve taken MoCA test: my mother, when she had what turned to be dementia, and Donald Trump. (It’s not part of a routine physical.)
So who got Trump to agree to the interview with Chris Wallace and when will she or he be fired?
“That’s not true, sir”. Chris Wallace to Donald Trump.  Open note to other journalists – see how easy it is?
Maybe most despicable part of Trump’s interview w/ Chris Wallace. “Let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say, ‘Mommy, mommy, please take me home.” Can’t tell me that wasn’t twisted reference to George Floyd murder. No joke.
I remember when Twitter was obsessed with Amy Klobuchar’s bangs, and now it’s Kamala Harris’s alleged botox? But sure, there’s no misogyny in politics.

Oh Canada.

July 18, 2020

The Blue Jays have been denied permission to play MLB games at home in Toronto this year, because the Canadian government feels travel back and forth across US border is too risky. Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially a sh*thole country.

For those saying we can’t call them the Toronto Blue Jays if they play in Buffalo, not like either the Jets or Giants play in New York.


Lindsey Graham was out golfing with Donald Trump this morning. “What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” – But for golf?

Let’s be honest, some of the Republicans praising John Lewis today would be on the wrong side at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.



Maybe we shouldn’t be that hard on Marco Rubio posting a picture mistaking Elijah Cummings for John Lewis. Many of us Democrats have at times mistaken Marco Rubio for a Republican with a soul.

How much must Trump be seething? Mary Trump beat him on book sales AND ratings. And now John Lewis’s death has knocked Donald’s regular rants out of the headlines.

If you’re in the media still talking about Kanye’s campaign stunt while largely ignoring Joe Biden you might be part of the problem.


Going to keep reminding people of this: “A poll conducted on July 21 and 22 of 1988 found that Dukakis had expanded the size of his lead over Bush to 17 points.” Hope for a landslide. Work like it will come down to a single vote:

Can you name Secretary of State in your state? Because she/he fundamentally controls elections. In 2000 Katherine Harris, George W’s election co-chair, was Florida SOS. In 2018 Brian Kemp was Georgia SOS. State & local races matter.

Trump last night held Wisc. “telephonic” rally. “We’re doing really well w/ therapeutics & vaccines, but until that gets solved going to be tough to have big massive rallies…we’ll do it by telephone.” Meanwhile, children need to go back to school? Once again, Pro-life my a**.

Wonder how Trump would feel if a leader in Europe bragged to his/her constituents that they saved lives by instituting a “USA travel ban?”


July 18, 2020

Rough times for ESPN these days. But on a brighter note, at the Memorial Tournament, Tiger Woods made the cut by one stroke.

I’m so old I remember when headline “Yasiel Puig testing positive” would have caused SF Giants fans to chortle about him being a cheater.


John Lewis’s legacy will be love. Donald Trump’s legacy will be hate. “Which side are you on? Which side are you on?”

John Lewis wouldn’t want flowers.
John Lewis would want us to vote.

Not sure this “Sleepy Joe” nickname is a smart move for Trump.   Right about now most Americans would take “We can sleep at night Joe.”

Mary Trump tonight with Chris Cuomo on Donald’s calling her “a mess.” “I believe he’s said the same thing about Nancy Pelosi, and I’m fine with that.”


Reports are that “The Art of the Deal” has sold about 1.1. million copies total. Mary Trump has sold more copies of “Too Much and Never Enough” in two days.

And beyond that,  Thursday’s  The Rachel Maddow Show” at 9 p.m. ET, with Mary Trump interview, was the #1 program in total viewers across all of broadcast and cable television. It was also the show’s highest-rated hour in history and the highest rated regularly scheduled show ever on MSNBC.

Do not share this information, it will really upset Donald Trump.

Mike Pence “This election isn’t about liberal vs. conservative, left vs. right: “It’s about whether America remains America,” whether it continues to respect the country’s “highest ideals.”

When VP Pence is right, he’s right.  Vote Joe Biden to save America.


COVID-19 case totals, and death totals keep rising in US. What’s next – GOP will demand cause of death on death certificates be marked “Hoax?”


Open note to America: If RBG can continue to work saving democracy on the Supreme Court while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, then you can bleeping survive going outside of your house while wearing a mask. Thank you.

Meanwhile, as the mask wars rage on, can all these red state governors saying it’s your life and your choice please remember that the next time there’s legislation regarding women’s health?

Beyond science

July 16, 2020


Washington Nationals home opener may be postponed as DC has required quarantine of 14 days for ANYONE exposed to COVID-19, including players. Nats might be able to use spring training facility in West Palm Beach, maybe in lieu of hotel Trump will offer them use of Mar-A-Lago?


Kayleigh McEnany’s line about reopening schools, “The science should not stand in the way of this.” might be the most perfectly defining Trump administration quote ever.

Press Secretary Barbie says Trump’s COVID-19 response is “historic.” So was the voyage of the Titanic.


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now suing to block Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandate. It’s not enough that Kemp suppressed black votes in in 2018. Now he’s trying to kill black voters in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi, talking about COVID-19 response, says Trump is “like the man who refuses to ask for directions.” Uh, not only does Donald refuse to ask for directions, he’s the man who screams at the Google maps voice that she is wrong.

Can anyone imagine what GOP would have done if Barack Obama posted a picture of himself on Twitter with a jar of Grey Poupon mustard?

How much is it killing Trump that his niece Mary on Rachel Maddow is going to have some of the highest ratings of the year?

Mary Trump tells Maddow she’s heard Donald use anti-semitic slurs and the N word. “This shouldn’t surprise anyone given how virulently racist he is today.” Trump’s going to be even more upset when someone tells him what “virulently” means.

Seriously, wouldn’t it have been a bigger shock if Mary Trump said her uncle Donald never used racial slurs?

For those wondering why Trump supporters haven’t abandoned him – well, if they only watch Fox News – “Gov. Kemp sues Atlanta to block mandatory mask rule, saying local leaders want to ‘undermine economic growth.” For some reason not a word about Georgia’s RECORD hospitalizations.

Georgia recall law requires just “Valid signatures of 15% of voters in last preceding election for the office of incumbent being recalled.” Now with 2018 voter suppression, by my math that’s only about 600,000 signatures. How about it Georgia?

Sadly, serious sociopaths are incapable of feeling guilt or admitting they are wrong. That explains Trump. What about the 198 GOP House members and 53 GOP Senators? Not to mention Donald’s Cabinet.


July 15, 2020

Wednesday, tonight, which would have been the day after MLB All-Star break, after NBA and NHL playoffs, before NFL and college football games started, has long been a black hole on the calendar for sports fans.
I’m never going to complain about ONE day without real sports again.

Current reports that city Philadelphia will decry that Eagles games will not be able to have fans in attendance. But to give the team a sense of normalcy will they be allowed to pipe in boos?

Mexico announced Tuesday that “after checking the rise of the COVID-19 spread” they were closing the border with US for non-essential traffic until Aug 21. Does this count as “building that wall?”

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt was at Trump rally June 20, says it was too long ago probably for him to have gotten COVID-19 there.

BUT, someone who works with Stitt could have gotten it at rally, then passed it to him, or to a friend or colleague who passed it to him.   See how this exponential stuff works?


Who had Alabama and Walmart respecting science more than President of the United States in the 2020 bat-shit crazy pool? Now all you liars put your hands down.


July polling: 55% want Biden, 38% want Trump No, wait, that’s July 1988 (!) polling. 55% Dukakis over 38% Bush. Hope for a landslide Work like it will come down to a single vote. 


Trump must have been really upset with Brad Parscale to fire him almost 48 hours before Friday night.

New Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien’s Wikipedia page: he “managed both Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaigns & was Deputy Chief of State before being fired in 2014 after Christie said he “lost confidence in his judgment.”

So Bill got hired w/o him or WH scrubbing Wikipedia? Good start.

Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottom on CNN saying  Trump broke city law by not wearing a mask. #LockHimUp

Washington Post reports Trump’s new U.S. postmaster general ordered the agency to leave mail behind at distribution centers if it delayed letter carriers. Can they start by delaying packages from the Trump Store and Trump Campaign Store?

It couldn’t be more perfect on the day Trump spoke on infrastructure that he hires as his campaign manager former Chris Christie manager Bill Stepien, the man whose claim to infamy is shutting down a bridge. #BridgeGate

In Georgia, where COVID-19 cases are rising, local mask mandates have been ‘suspended’ tonight by Gov. Brian Kemp’s executive order. Don’t forget Amy Klobuchar back in debates – “My friend Stacey Abrams would be governor of Georgia right now if it wasn’t for voting violations.”

Donald Trump isn’t worth a hill of Goya beans. Pass it on.


July 15, 2020


Ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville won Alabama GOP primary. In 1999 Auburn WRer Clifton Robinson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor after being charged with raping 15-yr-old girl, Tuberville suspended him 1 game: Once again – “Vote Doug Jones so you don’t have to hide your daughters?

WNBA Atlanta Dream owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler, “Sports have the power to unite us, but WNBA has embraced BLM — a radical movement that seeks to destroy American principles.”

The Atlanta Dream roster is 12.

Two players are white.

This will end well.

But hey, GOP Senators who’ve hitched their wagon to Donald Trump’s “star.” Jeff Sessions was 1st to do so in 2016. Never turned on Trump, he simply and rightly recused himself from Russia investigation. Look how well his loyalty has been repaid.

WTAF? I honor the idea that you keep minor children out of politics. And then this  Donald Jr tonight tweeted “In all fairness, Joe Biden is not capable of debating Barron Trump let alone Donald Trump.”


Jeff Sessions had basically what amounted to a  lifetime Senate job, endorsed Trump, ended up AG for less than 2 yrs. Thomas More said of Richard Rich, who perjured himself & got More executed, to become AG of Wales. “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?

Phrase that used to be rhetorical “Would it kill you to go to the party?”

Florida governor Ron DeSantis says COVID-19 cases are “starting to stabilize.” Well, the Titanic did stabilize when it hit the ocean floor.


Just maybe, if you can’t decide whether or not you are worried about electing a 77 year old man like Joe Biden, maybe you can focus on having a 87 year old SCOTUS judge like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If Trump thought doctors and scientists were lying about COVID-19 he wouldn’t get tested every day. He just needs his cult members to believe they’re all lying so he can get reelected. Period.


Trump opens Rose Garden press conference by saying “Americans are feeling good.” 136,000 Americans were unavailable for comment.

Back, back, back….

July 13, 2020
Monday night was supposed to be the Home Run Derby. Remember those halcyon days when we only worried about athletes testing positive for PEDs?
Trump in a conference call Tuesday for Tommy Tuberville  “Really successful coach… beat Alabama, like six in a row, but we won’t even mention that. As he said … because of that, maybe we got ‘em Lou Saban. … And he’s great, Lou Saban, what a great job he’s done.” 
More reason for Alabama to vote for Doug  Jones.  He knows his football coaches.
Just saying, I am in favor of taking down Confederate monuments and changing the name of Washington’s NFL team, but even though I’m not Catholic nobody better touch the Saints name.  #WhoDatNation
Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes under 10-day quarantine because of “accidentally crossing” the “NBA campus line to pick-up a food delivery.” “Accidentally” crossing? Can’t imagine how that dumb jock stereotype got started.
Florida Governor Ron  DeSantis is only 41, but he does appear to have a BMI over 30, which would put him in a higher-risk group. So perhaps he might volunteer to spend a day in some of those classrooms he wants to reopen?
Why is anyone surprised Trump has been sharing opposition research on Dr. Fauci. Don’t think Donald’s got binders full of opposition research on Jared? (If Ivanka gave her dad a hint she might leave him.)
If you can’t get excited about Joe Biden, get excited over the potential choices he has to replace Attorney General Bill Barr..
Trump even ordered that Roger Stone’s $20,000 fine be set aside. So how long will Donald give Roger to donate that $20,000 to his re-election campaign?
Beginning to think if these COVIDiots had lived in London during the Blitz they’d have all rushed outside to take pictures of the Luftwaffe plane.
When you can get your choice of made-to-order handmade mask delivered from anywhere across the US faster than you can get COVID-19 test results, pretty fair to say America is in trouble.
New Trump email asks recipients to rate “The President’s recent job performance.” “Great” “Good”, “OK” or “Other”? Does “a complete & total f*cking sh*tshow” qualify as Other?
Lawrence O’Donnell is right. Media is ignoring Russia bounties on US troops. Media is also ignoring Russia interference in 2020 election. – Symbol of Trump GOP should not be an elephant, should be…. SQUIRREL!!!
Trump Rapid Response director Steve Guest tried to attack Joe Biden by posting a picture of Joe in the 1970s as a young widower cuddling a  very young Beau in a Redskins cap at an NFL game.  It did not go well.
Your reminder, Steve Guest didn’t delete the picture because he felt ashamed. He deleted it because the tweet backfired & made Trump team look not only heartless but stupid. 

A bad team by any other name…

July 13, 2020

Redskins are apparently going to retire name from the team  Monday.  (Maybe by the time people read this.)   It’s a start.

Now in 112 days can we  retire Trump name from the White House.


I’m so old I remember when the person who engendered the most bipartisan hatred in Washington D.C. was Dan Snyder.


Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves  said in a letter to season ticket holders “”As it relates to the fan experience, including “the chop”, it is one of the many issues that we are working through with the advisory group. ”

(In all seriousness, is there ANYONE, outside Atlanta, and Tallahassee, home of Florida State, where the Seminoles originated the idea, who would miss “the chop?”


Saw that a Trump supporter has started a campaign to buy Goya products to donate to food pantries. I’m all in favor of donations to food pantries… but is the idea that this is Hispanic food that Trump supporters won’t eat themselves?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who won’t call for an Executive Order or federal rules on masks “If we are going to have a mask mandate we need to understand that works best at the local & state level.” So is Adams saying we should get rid of federal seat belt & DUI rules too?

Betsy Devos says “schools should have plans.” Uh, the maiden voyage of the Titanic had a plan.

If Betsy Devos is so sure it’s safe for kids to go back to school, including in Florida, why doesn’t she herself at least commit to attending the RNC convention in Jacksonville?

Chris Christie, asked about Trump commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. “Well, I wouldn’t have done it.” Is that New Jersey speak for being “very troubled?”

If someone had told Trump soldiers were living monuments would he have at least pretended to care Putin put bounties on them?

The United Kingdom has had 290,000 COVID-19 cases, and PM Boris Johnson indicates that masks will become mandatory in public indoor spaces. The USA has had more than 300,000 cases in a WEEK, and Donald Trump wants a medal for wearing a mask, once.

The White House is trying to muzzle Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci has committed two crimes in White House eyes: First, Fauci disagrees with Trump. Second, and worse, Fauci is more popular than Trump.

Not a break.

July 12, 2020

Hard to believe, but not only have we missed much of the scheduled MLB season, July 12 was supposed to be the last game before the All-Star break.

NHL is going to try to resume play with 24 teams in early August. And for safety the league is going to do it with all games in CANADA. (Toronto and Edmonton.) Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially a “sh*thole country.”

Per Washington Post, “At University of Washington, in Seattle, at least 155 of school’s 1,100 fraternity members have tested positive for the coronavirus… And there was a time when we thought “Animal House” gave frats a bad reputation.


Your reminder, as Kayleigh McEnany just claimed Trump has “absolute immunity” like a monarch, that we ARE coming up on Bastille Day…. “Allons enfants de la patrie…”

If you’re too young to know who Eliot Richardson was, google him. America needs another Eliot Richardson. Instead we have Bill Barr.

In January 2017, Susan Collins had a 67% approval rating in her state, one of the highest of any politicians. Now she’s about 36%. She threw away 31% of Maine residents. And for what?

Trump ranting today so much in favor of Michael Flynn and Roger Stone you’d think they were Confederate statues.

So while Trump visited veterans for a photo op at Walter Reed this afternoon wonder if he found time to “ace” another cognitive test?


Anyone but me thinking all these headlines “Trump wearing mask” are the media equivalent of some parents thinking their toddler should get a trophy for pooping in his potty chair?

Yep and more headlines over Trump’s finally wearing a mask at a hospital for soldiers than there were about his ignoring Russian bounties on those same soldiers.

Wish one of these wounded troops at Walter Reed would ask Donald Trump how many pieces of silver he sold them out for?

Also lost in the excitement about Trump wearing a mask, was the fact he AGAIN repeatedly personally attacked the forewoman of the jury in Roger Stone’s trial. Threatening jurors IS a crime. Add it to the list.


Finally you all do know that if Trump hadn’t worn a mask there’s no way Walter Reed Military Hospital would have let him in, right?