The sound of no hands clapping.

These MLB preseason games with no one in the stands are so odd. It’s as if we were watching all games at Dodger Stadium in the first three innings.

New SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler knelt with a few of his players for national anthem before tonight’s preseason.  Back when Gabe was on Red Sox, in clubhouse poll story was that of 25 players, 24 were GOP & Kapler was only Democrat. Maybe I can root for this guy.

Dr. Fauci will throw out ceremonial 1st pitch when Yankees open against Nats in D.C. Thursday. Fortunately for Trump, who was booed during World Series, here will be no fans in attendance, so Donald won’t have to see Fauci get nothing but cheers along with a standing ovation.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams on a potential mask mandate says he opposes “simply saying we are going to force you to do it particularly by sending in federal troops or using federal mechanisms.” Uh, because of all the times we’ve needed to send federal troops in over seat belts?

We’ll know that Trump is REALLY serious about masks when he starts hawking them for big $$$ on his campaign website.

As a baseball sports fan, think Democrats should consider John Kasich like a trade-deadline pickup.   So maybe this isn’t a player you want for a long-term contract.   But nice to have an extra big name on the bench  for August through October when winning it all is in sight. 


Being pleased John Kasich will endorse Joe Biden doesn’t mean I’d personally vote for Kasich for anything. But as a Democrat who knows we need a big tent, I also accept that means there will be people in that tent I disagree with on many things.



If Jeb Bush wants to follow John Kasich in endorsing Joe Biden, I’d be fine with that.


After announcement that John Kasich will speak at Democratic convention, now it’s George Will who has announced he is voting for Joe Biden. Donald’s going to run out of characters to bash all these Republicans in a single tweet.

Trump’s second round of Coronavirus press briefings will be a lot like NASCAR races…. a lot of people will just turn in to watch the wrecks

In case anyone forgot, the same POTUS who’s told Democratic cities they were on their own for PPE and COVID-19 testing now wants to send “federal law enforcement” to those same cities to clamp down on protests.

Again, can someone tell Trump he would have the biggest ratings EVER on television for his resignation speech?

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2 Comments on “The sound of no hands clapping.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    After missing virtually all of last season, Jed Lowrie of the NY Mets has been placed on the IL with no anticipated return date. This guy is such a lost cause Trump is probably gonna name a military base after him

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