Ex-football coach Tommy Tuberville won Alabama GOP primary. In 1999 Auburn WRer Clifton Robinson pleaded guilty to misdemeanor after being charged with raping 15-yr-old girl, Tuberville suspended him 1 game: Once again – “Vote Doug Jones so you don’t have to hide your daughters?

WNBA Atlanta Dream owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler, “Sports have the power to unite us, but WNBA has embraced BLM — a radical movement that seeks to destroy American principles.”

The Atlanta Dream roster is 12.

Two players are white.

This will end well.

But hey, GOP Senators who’ve hitched their wagon to Donald Trump’s “star.” Jeff Sessions was 1st to do so in 2016. Never turned on Trump, he simply and rightly recused himself from Russia investigation. Look how well his loyalty has been repaid.

WTAF? I honor the idea that you keep minor children out of politics. And then this  Donald Jr tonight tweeted “In all fairness, Joe Biden is not capable of debating Barron Trump let alone Donald Trump.”


Jeff Sessions had basically what amounted to a  lifetime Senate job, endorsed Trump, ended up AG for less than 2 yrs. Thomas More said of Richard Rich, who perjured himself & got More executed, to become AG of Wales. “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?

Phrase that used to be rhetorical “Would it kill you to go to the party?”

Florida governor Ron DeSantis says COVID-19 cases are “starting to stabilize.” Well, the Titanic did stabilize when it hit the ocean floor.


Just maybe, if you can’t decide whether or not you are worried about electing a 77 year old man like Joe Biden, maybe you can focus on having a 87 year old SCOTUS judge like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If Trump thought doctors and scientists were lying about COVID-19 he wouldn’t get tested every day. He just needs his cult members to believe they’re all lying so he can get reelected. Period.


Trump opens Rose Garden press conference by saying “Americans are feeling good.” 136,000 Americans were unavailable for comment.

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