Open, open, open?

July 24 is MLB Opening Day.   Often you think, wow…. 162 games, it’s going to be a LONG time until the World Series.

Now we just hope the teams can make it 60 games to the World Series.

Heck, anyone but me wonder if they’ll make it 30 games?


Poor Blue Jays. Can’t play in Toronto. Now can’t play in Pittsburgh. Will the whole team’s walk-up music be “King of the Road?”


On Wednesday, apparently Dr. Birx warned in private phone call today 11 cities with spikes in COVID-19 should take “aggressive” steps to stop outbreaks. Those cities are Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Las  Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh. & St. Louis.

With opening day tomorrow, it’s a good thing none of those cities have MLB teams… Oh wait, never mind.

The Blue Jays still haven’t found a place to play home games in 2020. Well, if they end up at Camden Yards sharing with the Orioles, Baltimore might actually see 30 wins this season.

Non-political “How dumb are we getting rant?” On a package of Thomas’s English Muffins the notice “Must split and toast.”

If Trump cares so much about those Confederate statues in the Capitol why doesn’t he have them all moved over to his DC hotel?

Have seen Karen Bass’s name mentioned a little more frequently in the VP hunt. Still a longshot, but if Joe does pick her can I respectfully request we rename entitled white women as “Ivankas?”

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas about “Operation Legend” – “this isn’t a dog whistle, this is a dog barking.”

Apparently Operation Legend is named after a little boy who was shot to death while he slept. So can I suggest one of President Biden’s plans for police reform be named Operation Breonna? 

Trump wasn’t tweeting for hours earlier today. But to be fair, maybe he was studying hard for his Fox interview – “person, woman, man, camera, TV.”


On a bright note, if remembering five words in a row was hard, the good news is that Trump probably can’t remember the nuclear codes.


I suppose it would be really petty for Joe Biden to tweet “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

Your reminder that Ronny Jackson, the man who allegedly said Trump passed that mental health exam, is running for US Congress in Texas….

Is Trump trying to get out of future criminal charges by reason of insanity?

Dan Rather tweeted “I think the ultimate sign you’ve passed a cognitive test is that you’re able to move on to something else.


1. Dan Rather is 88 years old. 2. Donald Trump is 74 years old.
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