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Bad calls…

July 10, 2020

It was only about four months ago when I and other SF Giants fans were depressed at the thought of watching Madison Bumgarner trying to get Buster Posey out…

Umpire Joe West is not afraid of COVID-19 “‘Look, most of these people that they’re reporting are dying are not healthy to begin with….I don’t believe in my heart that all these deaths have been from the coronavirus”
Sounds like West is as much an expert on medicine as he is on calling balls and strikes.

On a lighter note, with college football moving towards only conference games in 2020, if a season happens at all, rumors are Notre Dame might have to join the ACC.
Who cares? Well, the Fighting Irish have a huge contract with NBC through 2025 to televise all their home games, for millions of dollars per game. and as an independent they don’t have to share ANY of the money. Conference teams have to share TV $$$ in conference….

If we’re going to bet on sports should we bet on what major professional sports league decides to give up on their 2020 season first?



Am a really strong believer in mean bitch Karma. But she’s building up a helluva long to-do list.

CEO of Goya Foods, facing calls for a boycott after he praised Trump, says “It’s suppression of speech, I’m not apologizing!’

Uh, no, it’s not suppression of speech, it’s the free market and free choice. And millions of Americans are just choosing now not to buy Goya’s products.

(and yeah, last year I had just discovered their really good hot taquera salsa. no more. #Priorities)

Kayleigh McEnany said Trump won yesterday’s Supreme Court 7-2 decision. So who took Press Secretary’s Math SAT’s to get her into Harvard?

Remember those days being a kid when you would dig and wonder if you could hypothetically dig far enough to come out on the other side of the Earth? That’s kind of how I feel when I hear people ask “How low can Trump go?”

Today, after flying from DC to Miami, Donald Trump FLEW Air Force One to Ft. Lauderdale for a fundraiser.  Miami to Ft. Lauderdale.  On a 747.  About 30 miles it’s like flying from JFK to Newark. Or from National Airport in DC to Dulles. Why did Donald need private time on the plane? And why isn’t this a bigger story?


Biden wasn’t my preferred candidate either in 2020 Presidential Primary. But for all those who’ve said they’d rather die than vote for Joe…. we’re getting close to that being the choice.

Joe Biden could make a gaffe every day in the middle of 5th Avenue and should not lose any supporters.


40 hospitals in Florida already have run out of room in their ICUs. Maybe as Disney World reopens they can figure out a way to help the state issue “Fast-Passes” for hospitalization?

Scary. Florida finally relented & released hospitalization data: 6,991 COVID-19 patients in Florida’s hospitals, Miami-Dade County, where Trump’s Doral is located, tops chart w/ 1,578 COVID patients. Scarier: There are 10 counties for which there is NO data reported at all


Sadly, think we could save lives if someone convinced Donald Trump that wearing a mask was equivalent of building a wall around your face.
Trump wants to take away the tax-exempt status of universities because he doesn’t like their “Radical Left Indoctrination.” Meanwhile he’s fine having his own “radical right indoctrination” rallies in tax-exempt churches….

Name game.

July 10, 2020


Uh, open note to Washington football team considering a name change. You all do know that @warriors   on Twitter is already taken, right?

At least when  Biden takes over in 2021 perhaps it won’t be so pejorative to refer to a team as “Washington.”

Meanwhile,  as the Big Ten and possibly other conferences move away from non conference games, look for Alabama to ask for an emergency proclamation to have “Tennessee-Martin” declared an honorary SEC member.

(No joke the Tennesse-Martin Skyhawks are on the Crimson Tide’s schedule for November 14, 2020.


Been a heck of a week. So who is Donald Trump going to fire this Friday night?

Doug Ducey says Trump phones him so often the Arizona Governor changed his ringtone to “Hail to The Chief” for when Donald calls. Uh, paging campaign staff for Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly,  I think I have an ad idea for you.


Trump on Hannity said he “actually took” a cognitive test at Walter Reed and “I aced the test.” Wonder if Donald though of having Joe Shapiro take the test for him?

Just thinking, one sign of failing a cognitive test at Walter Reed might be forgetting that you didn’t want to admit to having taken a cognitive test. 

Arizona COVID-19 cases already at record levels, But remember this about Trump’s Phoenix rally on June 23. It was 3,000 mostly college students! Which means some might get really sick, more will end up asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic spreaders. And they don’t believe in masks.

“Both of Trump’s SCOTUS appointees, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, ruled against him.” No punchline, I just like writing that.

So who’s going to tell Donald he can’t fire the Supreme Court?

Have been lucky enough to see both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speak live. Joe Biden isn’t the orator either of those Presidents were. But he doesn’t need to be. President Biden will be just fine. Better than fine.

GOP officials are looking into moving next month’s RNC convention to an outdoor stadium in Jacksonville. I used to live in Florida. Jacksonville. Outdoors. In August.
That’s the punchline.


Avoiding embarrassment.

July 8, 2020


As Redskins considers a name change, perhaps they could temporarily become the Washington Republicans? Because if 2020 season happens we’ll know it’s a losing year for them by November.

Due to the pandemic,  Stanford is cutting 11 of 36 varsity sports.  Sad. Though even as an alum not sure I could have come close to naming all 36 varsity sports.


Okay, I know putting blue fingernail polish on my hands won’t really help #FlipTheSenateBlue. But reminders can’t hurt.

As the Supreme Court upheld the right of employers not to cover birth control in employee health plans for reason of religious freedom, I must have missed the part of the Bible where it talked about the God-given right to Viagra. 

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves is now warning anyone who’s had contact with anyone in the Mississippi legislature to get a COVID-19 test. They had an in-person session, no masks. 26 members now positive. 

 So how are those plans for RNC convention in Jacksonville going?

New Jersey will require masks be worn in public. It being New Jersey, thinking someone’s going to make a lot of money coming up with masks with really smart ass statements on them.


Can Betsy Devos and Dr. Birx both put a scarf in it?

Trump fundraising email “The Radical Left (the cancel everything party) will try and keep our schools closed FOREVER.”   Uh, Donald, 130,000 Americans would like to tell you about the real meaning of “FOREVER.”

All you need to know about Betsy Devos: She was more concerned about the danger to school children from grizzly bears than from COVID-19.

Trump threatening to withhold federal funds from schools that don’t reopen. So assume every member of Donald’s White House and every GOP member of Congress is sending his/her children and grandchildren to school.

Karen Pence, 63, is an art teacher at a private Christian school. So is she going back to teach this fall?

So as people line up for hours to get tested in Arizona, wonder just how many of the best and most expensive COVID-19 tests were used, repeatedly, on Trump, the Secret Service and his acolytes to make sure Dear Leader was safe during his Phoenix vanity rally .

(at taxpayer expense.)


Wow, just saw USA hit 62,000 cases today, (a new record) and close to 1,000 deaths again, highest 2 day total in a month. Missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


Love baseball but…

July 7, 2020

If people need to bet one baseball wouldn’t it be more logical to bet on the day the 2020 season gets shut down. As opposed to who a possible World Series winner might be?

Really rich people have been able to buy their mediocre kids’ way into good universities for decades. And colleges admissions were easier in the 1960s. So just how stupid is Trump that he needed to pay someone to take his SAT for him to get into Wharton?


Trump tonight on Fox News attacks Anthony Fauci “I think we are in a good place. I disagree with him.” Great, can Donald fire Dr. Fauci so Biden can add him to the campaign team? 

Mary Kay LeTourneau has died of cancer. Which isn’t particularly shocking. But admit to being shocked to see she was actually a little younger than me.

You know life is surreal when you wait 90 minutes at the DMW for a Real ID and you think how much more competent the whole operation is than the White House.

Tucker Carlson tonight of Tammy Duckworth – “Keep in mind (she) not a child, at least not technically – she is a sitting US senator, who is often described as a hero Yet Duckworth is too afraid to defend her own statements on cable TV show. What a coward.”
Pass. The. Popcorn.

John McCain would be defending Tammy Duckworth tonight. And shame on GOP Senators who aren’t.

But what’s got Donald Trump most upset tonight? Mary’s book? Or the realization he may never be able to come up with a nasty nickname for Tammy Duckworth?

Forget age as a major factor, if older rich white men with younger wives were dying at a high rate from COVID-19, Trump would have been wearing a mask months ago.

As Trump administration withdraws from WHO, could someone ask Donald who at WHO really upset him so much – Roger Daltry or Pete Townshend.

There’s a reason Betsy Devos has lasted so long in the Trump administration. She’s as loathsome as Donald is.

Two questions I wish a reporter would ask Trump. 1. Would you send your grandchildren to school this fall? 2. Could you name your grandchildren?


PSA: If you feel you really need to be seen without a mask, please rewrite your will to request an open casket.

56 Florida ICUs have hit capacity under Governor Ron DeSantis’s lack of leadership.  I miss the days when Florida Man was only a danger to himself.

On deck.

July 6, 2020

If MLB season gets started Dodgers & Giants will play 10 times in first 33 games. Translation, the league wanted as many rivalry games as possible before it all probably gets shut down.

Trump now ranting about the Redskins and Indians potential name changes. How long until out of embarrassment Syracuse changes their name from “Orange?”

Of all the things I expected after Trump was elected in 2016, did not have “Make NASCAR look like the voice of liberal reason.”

Uh oh, Lindsey Graham  may not get another golf invite: “I don’t think Bubba Wallace has anything to apologize for. You saw the best in NASCAR…they all rallied to Bubba’s side, I’d be looking to celebrate that kind of attitude more than being worried about it being a hoax.”

Two things. 1. Hated Charlie Daniels’ politics. 2. Loved “Devil Went Down to Georgia.” R.I.P.

Going to say this again, if you claim to be a strong supporter of a candidate but still trash someone he/she has endorsed, then you really don’t think that much of their judgment.


Kayleigh McEnany “The President said he’s not making a judgment one way or the other.” I’m sorry, if you’re not denouncing the Confederate flag you ARE making a judgment. And the wrong one. Period.


History will be kinder to John Kasich than to Donald Trump and his enablers.

Trump tweet “Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons, not for health reasons! ” So are Donald and GOP members of Congress all sending THEIR kids to school?

Waiting for Nepotism Barbie to defend her father’s tweet by saying she and Jared are sending their kids to school this fall….

One of the worst things about Trump and Confederate flag/statues, you know Donald isn’t a Southerner and doesn’t give a damn about either of them. But he’s using Confederacy symbols as an evil dog whistle to his racist base.

Katie Miller is married to Stephen Miller and is now pregnant. Presume it would be inappropriate to make references to “Rosemary’s Baby.” 


What’s in a name.

July 5, 2020

This week in Washington DC may finally bring Redskins name being taken off the NFL team A hopeful precursor to Trump name being taken off the White House.


Whatever gets decided on the potential Redskins name change, figure it’s a slam dunk at this point. Not just the mood of the county, but in a year where NFL teams might not be able to sell tickets, a new name will probably make merchandise for Washington DC’s team the hottest selling in the league.

AP reports Rochester NY police say Frederick Douglass statue was taken from its base & damaged Sunday in Maplewood Park, a site along Underground Railroad where Douglas & Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape. Thinking we might wait long time for Trump to condemn THIS statue attack.

RIP Nick Cordero. Saw him in “The Bronx Tale” just a few years ago. He was 41 years old. Trump is wrong. Wear. A. Mask.

Also for those thinking they can’t  get COVID-19 from 1 random encounter?

Old birthday math problem: It’s 2 in 365 chance of having same birthday as someone you meet. But with only 23 ppl,   it’s 50-50 chance of at least 2 people having same birthday. In room of 75 it’s 99.9% chance of at least 2 people matching. Wear. A. Mask.

Seeing a lot of people talking about Joe Biden’s  VP choice needing to be “an experienced campaigner.” Does anyone think we’re going to have anything like a regular campaign experience this fall?

Hey folks, it’s not that Kanye will get actual votes. Too late for him to be on ballots. But the media will give his BS rants and attacks more attention than they give Biden’s speeches.


1. A vote for anyone but Joe Biden is a vote for Trump. 2. Not voting in November 3 election is a vote for Trump. Any questions?


If we originally called COVID-19 the China Virus because it originated in China, seems fair that we rename it #TrumpVirus because it’s now spreading like wildfire through the US because of Trump.

Nothing to worry about

July 5, 2020

If you’re young.

Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman has COVID-19. Wife says it “hit him like a ton of bricks.  He has “body aches, headaches, chills & high fever.” “He’s someone who never gets sick; hit him like ton of bricks. We haven’t gone to grocery store, we haven’t gone out to dinner, we haven’t seen friends, ..still got it.”

Freeman is 30.

David Price is sitting out the 2020 season, saying the decision “is in the best interest of my health and my family’s health.” Whatever you think about Price, he’s a graduate of Vanderbilt, one of the top universities in the country, and he is not a stupid man.

Also, Buster Posey now says he’s considering opting out of MLB’s 2020 season depending how pandemic goes in next couple weeks. Posey was valedictorian of his high school & academic All-American at Florida State. 

I’m sure our Founding Fathers would be so proud they fought for Independence from a mad King so we could have a mad President spend the day rage tweeting from the White House.

Oh please oh please can someone ask Trump on camera what he thinks about mobs tearing down the statue of George Hanover in New York City?

July 9, 1776 – George Hanover was also known as King George III.


Your reminder, as Trump continues his COVID-19 lies, including his China travel ban, the EU has lifted their travel ban for residents of 15 countries. China is on the list. USA still banned. So much winning.

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Don Jr say they will drive back from South Dakota to DC. (Presumably they were going to fly on Air Force One.) Secret service agents overseeing the trip will need to isolate for two weeks. Your tax dollars at work.


Speaking of American heroes, thinking the first statue President Biden might commission will be a tribute to essential workers who are risking their lives to help us through this pandemic.

Kanye running for President?! Go home, 2020, you’re drunk.



If you wonder how we got into this nightmare, a simple sentence – Kanye West announcing he is running for President has gotten more attention today than anything Joe Biden has said..


Let me be very very very clear: Any vote for ANYONE not named  Joe Biden is a vote for Trump. Pass it on.

Off the field…

July 4, 2020

I’m so old I remember when the off-season sports headlines we hated to see were about arrests instead of positive COVID-19 tests.

Washington Redskins have announced they will conduct “a thorough review of the team name.” Since Nike, FedEx and Pepsi have all indicated they could end relationships with Washington over the current name, presume the review is being done by the team’s accountants.

Jeffrey Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested in New Hampshire, is now awaiting transfer to New York, where she could be held in same Manhattan jail where Epstein died last year. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


SF Chronicle headline “How to stop a July 4 party from becoming a ‘super spreader’ event.” Real simple. Don’t have a party.

USA just blew past 57,000 reported COVID-19 cases for the day.   To put this in perspective this is about 1/3 of England’s total cases. FOR THE YEAR.

As much as I dislike Trump, calling him “Benedict Donald” isn’t accurate. Benedict Arnold at least was actually a competent and successful leader before he defected.

I know Secret Service agents understood when they took the job they might have to give their lives for Vice President and President. But don’t think “being infected with a potential deadly virus for a vanity rally” was on anyone’s list.

Wonder how Stephen Miller’s Trump speech tonight sounded in the original German?


Saw “Abbott Out” trending.  So as far as I can tell, half of Texans want Greg Abbott out because he’s telling people to wear masks, and the other half want him out because he was too late to tell people to wear masks. Who says bipartisan agreement doesn’t exist in this country? 


Trump wants a statue of himself. Can we make it one of those State Fair butter statues? Yellow, fatty and they melt away in the sun.

Anyone know what drugs was Trump on tonight?

All these people packed in shoulder to shoulder in 90 degree heat without masks are definitely doing their best to shatter the myth of white supremacy


Must say, not that it cures everything but watching an old episode of the West Wing is not a bad antidote for watching a Trump speech.

On a day when Don Jr. attacks Biden for gaffes that “show a lapse of basic reasoning,” his girlfriend, who along with him hasn’t been social distancing or wear a mask, tests positive for COVID-19. Somewhere mean bitch Karma is popping a socially distanced cold one.

Kimberly Guilfoyle reportedly didn’t travel on Air Force One. So how did she get to South Dakota, and how many people did Kimberly expose?

Kimberly Guilfoyle apparently attended Trump rallies in both Tulsa & AZ. Can we start calling these events what they really are “Taxpayer Funded Vanity Super Spreading?”


Well, I agree with Donald Trump on one thing. “The best is yet to come.” Starting on January 20, 2021. #PresidentBiden


Game theory

July 3, 2020

Just wondering, why do we need ANY national anthem before NFL games?

NFL reportedly going to fine players for conduct detrimental if they are found to have engaged in “reckless” behavior away from the team facility, “such as eating out in restaurants and using ride-sharing services. ”  Well, it’s a good thing we know pro-football players have never engaged in “reckless” behavior in the past.

As USA blows past 55,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases in a day and likely hits 60,000 this weekend, Rachel Maddow points out that most Americans STILL can’t get tested. So what are our REAL numbers?

So where have all these COVIDiots anti-mask people been for years as far as protesting places that say “No shirts, no shoes, no service?”

Epstein’s friend  Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in New Hampshire. I’m so old I remember when worrying about harm coming to important suspects in custody in USA was only a thing on “24” episodes.

Maybe it’s just me but having Trump & Pence fly around US, leaving little COVID-19 clusters in their wake, along with infected Secret Service agents, might not be the best way for Donald’s reelection campaign to show Americans the pandemic is over?

Looking through the rules for 7,500 ticket holders to Trump’s vanity fireworks rally at Mount Rushmore. One of the prohibited items is “firearms.” So what about Donald’s beloved 2nd Amendment?


Trump had “a group of over 50 surrogates to campaign on behalf of President Trump” at Tulsa rally. Group included: Sen. James Lankford, Sen. Tom Cotton, Rep. Jim Jordan. Herman Cain, Diamond & Silk, & Terrence K. Williams.

And Herman Cain now has COVID-19 When he decided to go to the rally why didn’t someone tell him Nein, Nein, Nein?


My better angels are telling me I better not say any more on this one.


Trump tweeted “There is a rise in Coronavirus cases because our testing is so massive and so good, far bigger and better than any other country. This is great news.” “Great news?” The President of the United States is insane. Pass it on.

Supported Barack Obama from when he was thinking about running in 2006 through both of his terms. But how lovely was it to go days without being concerned what POTUS might have said on Twitter?


While Tammy Duckworth  may not be an exciting speaker, she’s impressive, would pass “Day 1” ready test and it’s really hard to imagine what if any attacks could be used against her as Biden’s running mate. Just saying.

And meanwhile, Sen. Duckworth to block more than 1,000 military promotions unless Pentagon vows not to retaliate against Lt. Col. Vindman.    Three words – You. Go. Girl.

All relative.

July 2, 2020

ESPN reports that operating the three-month completion of the NBA season in a bubble Walt Disney World Resort will cost the NBA more than $150 million.   And what fraction is $150 million of the TV revenue the league will get for those three months?


Does Trump still think he can treat COVID-19 like a porn star – pay it to go away?

Starting on Sept 7, 1940 London was bombed by Luftwaffe for 56 of following 57 days & nights.
And some Americans couldn’t go 57 days without going to a bar?

So now Donald basically is saying he could let Russia shoot troops in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose supporters?


WTF alert – I understand that ads are designed in advance but today’s Safeway ad features large “Grab N’ Go” party appetizer trays? (Including shareable spinach dip in a giant bread bowl. Yeah, right.)

Molly Ivins would be only 76 if she were still alive. I think I’d be waking up every morning now both in fear of her contracting COVID-19 in Texas, and in awe of what she’d be writing.

When Trump travels to Mar-A-Lago, Air Force One lands at PBI- Palm Beach International Airport, which is closest to West Palm Beach. Mayor of West Palm Beach is Keith James, a Democrat. Who’s with me on getting “Black Lives Matter”  painted on PBI tarmac?

“I don’t agree with being told we can’t do anything. Especially on a holiday where we’re supposed to be celebrating Independence.” Southern California man, not wearing mask near beach complaining on CNN. Sigh. Independence and Ignorance start and end with the same letters….


Chuck Grassley: “The more empathy the president can show, the more he’s going to go up in the polls.” Trump showing empathy is as likely as SF Giants fans showing love to the Dodgers.

Forget the fact that the Lone Ranger’s mask was around his eyes, not his nose and mouth. If Trump thought he looked good in a mask you’d never see him without one. Period.

Today Trump finally said “I’m all for masks. I think masks are good.” How long until Donald says he was one of the first to support the need for masks and anyone who says otherwise is “Fake News.”

Washington Post opinion piece attacked Joe Biden for being in favor of penalties for burning US flag back in 1989. Uh, back in 2009, Trump was a Democrat.


Polls show Montana Governor Steve Bullock leading in the state’s Senate race. One of many reasons I like him – Steve didn’t want to run for Senate. Democrats asked him to run, because Bullock was our best chance. And he finally agreed.
Being a team player matters. #TeamJoe