Name game.


Uh, open note to Washington football team considering a name change. You all do know that @warriors   on Twitter is already taken, right?

At least when  Biden takes over in 2021 perhaps it won’t be so pejorative to refer to a team as “Washington.”

Meanwhile,  as the Big Ten and possibly other conferences move away from non conference games, look for Alabama to ask for an emergency proclamation to have “Tennessee-Martin” declared an honorary SEC member.

(No joke the Tennesse-Martin Skyhawks are on the Crimson Tide’s schedule for November 14, 2020.


Been a heck of a week. So who is Donald Trump going to fire this Friday night?

Doug Ducey says Trump phones him so often the Arizona Governor changed his ringtone to “Hail to The Chief” for when Donald calls. Uh, paging campaign staff for Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly,  I think I have an ad idea for you.


Trump on Hannity said he “actually took” a cognitive test at Walter Reed and “I aced the test.” Wonder if Donald though of having Joe Shapiro take the test for him?

Just thinking, one sign of failing a cognitive test at Walter Reed might be forgetting that you didn’t want to admit to having taken a cognitive test. 

Arizona COVID-19 cases already at record levels, But remember this about Trump’s Phoenix rally on June 23. It was 3,000 mostly college students! Which means some might get really sick, more will end up asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic spreaders. And they don’t believe in masks.

“Both of Trump’s SCOTUS appointees, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, ruled against him.” No punchline, I just like writing that.

So who’s going to tell Donald he can’t fire the Supreme Court?

Have been lucky enough to see both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speak live. Joe Biden isn’t the orator either of those Presidents were. But he doesn’t need to be. President Biden will be just fine. Better than fine.

GOP officials are looking into moving next month’s RNC convention to an outdoor stadium in Jacksonville. I used to live in Florida. Jacksonville. Outdoors. In August.
That’s the punchline.


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