All relative.

ESPN reports that operating the three-month completion of the NBA season in a bubble Walt Disney World Resort will cost the NBA more than $150 million.   And what fraction is $150 million of the TV revenue the league will get for those three months?


Does Trump still think he can treat COVID-19 like a porn star – pay it to go away?

Starting on Sept 7, 1940 London was bombed by Luftwaffe for 56 of following 57 days & nights.
And some Americans couldn’t go 57 days without going to a bar?

So now Donald basically is saying he could let Russia shoot troops in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose supporters?


WTF alert – I understand that ads are designed in advance but today’s Safeway ad features large “Grab N’ Go” party appetizer trays? (Including shareable spinach dip in a giant bread bowl. Yeah, right.)

Molly Ivins would be only 76 if she were still alive. I think I’d be waking up every morning now both in fear of her contracting COVID-19 in Texas, and in awe of what she’d be writing.

When Trump travels to Mar-A-Lago, Air Force One lands at PBI- Palm Beach International Airport, which is closest to West Palm Beach. Mayor of West Palm Beach is Keith James, a Democrat. Who’s with me on getting “Black Lives Matter”  painted on PBI tarmac?

“I don’t agree with being told we can’t do anything. Especially on a holiday where we’re supposed to be celebrating Independence.” Southern California man, not wearing mask near beach complaining on CNN. Sigh. Independence and Ignorance start and end with the same letters….


Chuck Grassley: “The more empathy the president can show, the more he’s going to go up in the polls.” Trump showing empathy is as likely as SF Giants fans showing love to the Dodgers.

Forget the fact that the Lone Ranger’s mask was around his eyes, not his nose and mouth. If Trump thought he looked good in a mask you’d never see him without one. Period.

Today Trump finally said “I’m all for masks. I think masks are good.” How long until Donald says he was one of the first to support the need for masks and anyone who says otherwise is “Fake News.”

Washington Post opinion piece attacked Joe Biden for being in favor of penalties for burning US flag back in 1989. Uh, back in 2009, Trump was a Democrat.


Polls show Montana Governor Steve Bullock leading in the state’s Senate race. One of many reasons I like him – Steve didn’t want to run for Senate. Democrats asked him to run, because Bullock was our best chance. And he finally agreed.
Being a team player matters. #TeamJoe

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