What’s in a name.

This week in Washington DC may finally bring Redskins name being taken off the NFL team A hopeful precursor to Trump name being taken off the White House.


Whatever gets decided on the potential Redskins name change, figure it’s a slam dunk at this point. Not just the mood of the county, but in a year where NFL teams might not be able to sell tickets, a new name will probably make merchandise for Washington DC’s team the hottest selling in the league.

AP reports Rochester NY police say Frederick Douglass statue was taken from its base & damaged Sunday in Maplewood Park, a site along Underground Railroad where Douglas & Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape. Thinking we might wait long time for Trump to condemn THIS statue attack.

RIP Nick Cordero. Saw him in “The Bronx Tale” just a few years ago. He was 41 years old. Trump is wrong. Wear. A. Mask.

Also for those thinking they can’t  get COVID-19 from 1 random encounter?

Old birthday math problem: It’s 2 in 365 chance of having same birthday as someone you meet. But with only 23 ppl,   it’s 50-50 chance of at least 2 people having same birthday. In room of 75 it’s 99.9% chance of at least 2 people matching. Wear. A. Mask.

Seeing a lot of people talking about Joe Biden’s  VP choice needing to be “an experienced campaigner.” Does anyone think we’re going to have anything like a regular campaign experience this fall?

Hey folks, it’s not that Kanye will get actual votes. Too late for him to be on ballots. But the media will give his BS rants and attacks more attention than they give Biden’s speeches.


1. A vote for anyone but Joe Biden is a vote for Trump. 2. Not voting in November 3 election is a vote for Trump. Any questions?


If we originally called COVID-19 the China Virus because it originated in China, seems fair that we rename it #TrumpVirus because it’s now spreading like wildfire through the US because of Trump.

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