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Back, back, back….

July 13, 2020
Monday night was supposed to be the Home Run Derby. Remember those halcyon days when we only worried about athletes testing positive for PEDs?
Trump in a conference call Tuesday for Tommy Tuberville  “Really successful coach… beat Alabama, like six in a row, but we won’t even mention that. As he said … because of that, maybe we got ‘em Lou Saban. … And he’s great, Lou Saban, what a great job he’s done.” 
More reason for Alabama to vote for Doug  Jones.  He knows his football coaches.
Just saying, I am in favor of taking down Confederate monuments and changing the name of Washington’s NFL team, but even though I’m not Catholic nobody better touch the Saints name.  #WhoDatNation
Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes under 10-day quarantine because of “accidentally crossing” the “NBA campus line to pick-up a food delivery.” “Accidentally” crossing? Can’t imagine how that dumb jock stereotype got started.
Florida Governor Ron  DeSantis is only 41, but he does appear to have a BMI over 30, which would put him in a higher-risk group. So perhaps he might volunteer to spend a day in some of those classrooms he wants to reopen?
Why is anyone surprised Trump has been sharing opposition research on Dr. Fauci. Don’t think Donald’s got binders full of opposition research on Jared? (If Ivanka gave her dad a hint she might leave him.)
If you can’t get excited about Joe Biden, get excited over the potential choices he has to replace Attorney General Bill Barr..
Trump even ordered that Roger Stone’s $20,000 fine be set aside. So how long will Donald give Roger to donate that $20,000 to his re-election campaign?
Beginning to think if these COVIDiots had lived in London during the Blitz they’d have all rushed outside to take pictures of the Luftwaffe plane.
When you can get your choice of made-to-order handmade mask delivered from anywhere across the US faster than you can get COVID-19 test results, pretty fair to say America is in trouble.
New Trump email asks recipients to rate “The President’s recent job performance.” “Great” “Good”, “OK” or “Other”? Does “a complete & total f*cking sh*tshow” qualify as Other?
Lawrence O’Donnell is right. Media is ignoring Russia bounties on US troops. Media is also ignoring Russia interference in 2020 election. – Symbol of Trump GOP should not be an elephant, should be…. SQUIRREL!!!
Trump Rapid Response director Steve Guest tried to attack Joe Biden by posting a picture of Joe in the 1970s as a young widower cuddling a  very young Beau in a Redskins cap at an NFL game.  It did not go well.
Your reminder, Steve Guest didn’t delete the picture because he felt ashamed. He deleted it because the tweet backfired & made Trump team look not only heartless but stupid. 

A bad team by any other name…

July 13, 2020

Redskins are apparently going to retire name from the team  Monday.  (Maybe by the time people read this.)   It’s a start.

Now in 112 days can we  retire Trump name from the White House.


I’m so old I remember when the person who engendered the most bipartisan hatred in Washington D.C. was Dan Snyder.


Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves  said in a letter to season ticket holders “”As it relates to the fan experience, including “the chop”, it is one of the many issues that we are working through with the advisory group. ”

(In all seriousness, is there ANYONE, outside Atlanta, and Tallahassee, home of Florida State, where the Seminoles originated the idea, who would miss “the chop?”


Saw that a Trump supporter has started a campaign to buy Goya products to donate to food pantries. I’m all in favor of donations to food pantries… but is the idea that this is Hispanic food that Trump supporters won’t eat themselves?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who won’t call for an Executive Order or federal rules on masks “If we are going to have a mask mandate we need to understand that works best at the local & state level.” So is Adams saying we should get rid of federal seat belt & DUI rules too?

Betsy Devos says “schools should have plans.” Uh, the maiden voyage of the Titanic had a plan.

If Betsy Devos is so sure it’s safe for kids to go back to school, including in Florida, why doesn’t she herself at least commit to attending the RNC convention in Jacksonville?

Chris Christie, asked about Trump commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. “Well, I wouldn’t have done it.” Is that New Jersey speak for being “very troubled?”

If someone had told Trump soldiers were living monuments would he have at least pretended to care Putin put bounties on them?

The United Kingdom has had 290,000 COVID-19 cases, and PM Boris Johnson indicates that masks will become mandatory in public indoor spaces. The USA has had more than 300,000 cases in a WEEK, and Donald Trump wants a medal for wearing a mask, once.

The White House is trying to muzzle Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci has committed two crimes in White House eyes: First, Fauci disagrees with Trump. Second, and worse, Fauci is more popular than Trump.