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Oh Canada.

July 18, 2020

The Blue Jays have been denied permission to play MLB games at home in Toronto this year, because the Canadian government feels travel back and forth across US border is too risky. Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially a sh*thole country.

For those saying we can’t call them the Toronto Blue Jays if they play in Buffalo, not like either the Jets or Giants play in New York.


Lindsey Graham was out golfing with Donald Trump this morning. “What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” – But for golf?

Let’s be honest, some of the Republicans praising John Lewis today would be on the wrong side at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.



Maybe we shouldn’t be that hard on Marco Rubio posting a picture mistaking Elijah Cummings for John Lewis. Many of us Democrats have at times mistaken Marco Rubio for a Republican with a soul.

How much must Trump be seething? Mary Trump beat him on book sales AND ratings. And now John Lewis’s death has knocked Donald’s regular rants out of the headlines.

If you’re in the media still talking about Kanye’s campaign stunt while largely ignoring Joe Biden you might be part of the problem.


Going to keep reminding people of this: “A poll conducted on July 21 and 22 of 1988 found that Dukakis had expanded the size of his lead over Bush to 17 points.” Hope for a landslide. Work like it will come down to a single vote:

Can you name Secretary of State in your state? Because she/he fundamentally controls elections. In 2000 Katherine Harris, George W’s election co-chair, was Florida SOS. In 2018 Brian Kemp was Georgia SOS. State & local races matter.

Trump last night held Wisc. “telephonic” rally. “We’re doing really well w/ therapeutics & vaccines, but until that gets solved going to be tough to have big massive rallies…we’ll do it by telephone.” Meanwhile, children need to go back to school? Once again, Pro-life my a**.

Wonder how Trump would feel if a leader in Europe bragged to his/her constituents that they saved lives by instituting a “USA travel ban?”


July 18, 2020

Rough times for ESPN these days. But on a brighter note, at the Memorial Tournament, Tiger Woods made the cut by one stroke.

I’m so old I remember when headline “Yasiel Puig testing positive” would have caused SF Giants fans to chortle about him being a cheater.


John Lewis’s legacy will be love. Donald Trump’s legacy will be hate. “Which side are you on? Which side are you on?”

John Lewis wouldn’t want flowers.
John Lewis would want us to vote.

Not sure this “Sleepy Joe” nickname is a smart move for Trump.   Right about now most Americans would take “We can sleep at night Joe.”

Mary Trump tonight with Chris Cuomo on Donald’s calling her “a mess.” “I believe he’s said the same thing about Nancy Pelosi, and I’m fine with that.”


Reports are that “The Art of the Deal” has sold about 1.1. million copies total. Mary Trump has sold more copies of “Too Much and Never Enough” in two days.

And beyond that,  Thursday’s  The Rachel Maddow Show” at 9 p.m. ET, with Mary Trump interview, was the #1 program in total viewers across all of broadcast and cable television. It was also the show’s highest-rated hour in history and the highest rated regularly scheduled show ever on MSNBC.

Do not share this information, it will really upset Donald Trump.

Mike Pence “This election isn’t about liberal vs. conservative, left vs. right: “It’s about whether America remains America,” whether it continues to respect the country’s “highest ideals.”

When VP Pence is right, he’s right.  Vote Joe Biden to save America.


COVID-19 case totals, and death totals keep rising in US. What’s next – GOP will demand cause of death on death certificates be marked “Hoax?”


Open note to America: If RBG can continue to work saving democracy on the Supreme Court while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, then you can bleeping survive going outside of your house while wearing a mask. Thank you.

Meanwhile, as the mask wars rage on, can all these red state governors saying it’s your life and your choice please remember that the next time there’s legislation regarding women’s health?