Love baseball but…

If people need to bet one baseball wouldn’t it be more logical to bet on the day the 2020 season gets shut down. As opposed to who a possible World Series winner might be?

Really rich people have been able to buy their mediocre kids’ way into good universities for decades. And colleges admissions were easier in the 1960s. So just how stupid is Trump that he needed to pay someone to take his SAT for him to get into Wharton?


Trump tonight on Fox News attacks Anthony Fauci “I think we are in a good place. I disagree with him.” Great, can Donald fire Dr. Fauci so Biden can add him to the campaign team? 

Mary Kay LeTourneau has died of cancer. Which isn’t particularly shocking. But admit to being shocked to see she was actually a little younger than me.

You know life is surreal when you wait 90 minutes at the DMW for a Real ID and you think how much more competent the whole operation is than the White House.

Tucker Carlson tonight of Tammy Duckworth – “Keep in mind (she) not a child, at least not technically – she is a sitting US senator, who is often described as a hero Yet Duckworth is too afraid to defend her own statements on cable TV show. What a coward.”
Pass. The. Popcorn.

John McCain would be defending Tammy Duckworth tonight. And shame on GOP Senators who aren’t.

But what’s got Donald Trump most upset tonight? Mary’s book? Or the realization he may never be able to come up with a nasty nickname for Tammy Duckworth?

Forget age as a major factor, if older rich white men with younger wives were dying at a high rate from COVID-19, Trump would have been wearing a mask months ago.

As Trump administration withdraws from WHO, could someone ask Donald who at WHO really upset him so much – Roger Daltry or Pete Townshend.

There’s a reason Betsy Devos has lasted so long in the Trump administration. She’s as loathsome as Donald is.

Two questions I wish a reporter would ask Trump. 1. Would you send your grandchildren to school this fall? 2. Could you name your grandchildren?


PSA: If you feel you really need to be seen without a mask, please rewrite your will to request an open casket.

56 Florida ICUs have hit capacity under Governor Ron DeSantis’s lack of leadership.  I miss the days when Florida Man was only a danger to himself.

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