Watered down

Mike Yastrzemski with walk-off splash hit for SF Giants to bring team back to .500.  Yeah, this might be high water mark of Giants season. And season may not last much longer. But for a moment, it was nice to “stick to sports.

Entire Rutgers football team in quarantine after 15 players tested positive for COVID-19.  And apparently the outbreak has been linked to some of those players attending a party.  Well, this should do wonders for the “dumb jock” stereotype.

NOT a Dodgers fan but MLB suspending LA pitcher Joe Kelly 8 games for throwing behind batters and making a face, while not suspending anyone on the Astros for stealing signs, is enough, ALMOST, to make me miss Bud Selig.



Just my guess, two thoughts for all those trying to figure why controversy has gotten so insane as we approach Biden’s VP pick. 1. Joe is 78. 2. When Hillary ran in 2016 we all had other things to do during the summer.

All these COVIDiots saying they only went to one party or crowded event are like people who say they played safely because they only tried one round of Russian Roulette.

Even after his colleague Louie Gohmert tested positive, Jim Jordan STILL isn’t wearing a mask. Gym Jordan is ignoring COVID-19 so much you’d think the disease was a sexual abuser.

So will Trump insist Gohmert only be treated with hydroxychloroquine and bleach?

How many Republicans in Congress who have refused to wear a mask but WEREN’T scheduled to fly on Air Force One today might also be COVID-19 positive and are still potentially infecting their colleagues?

Meanwhile, Wednesday night, Nancy Pelosi has MANDATED masks on the House Floor.
Moms know how to deal with whiny children acting out.
Thank you, Speaker Pelosi.

Fixed the headline for them -“Man living rent-free in public housing tells voters in suburbs they will ‘no longer be bothered’ by low-income housing.”

Can anyone imagine if Obama were President & story emerged ANY country had bounties on our troops & Barack’s excuse was “it didn’t reach my desk.” Not that it would have happened. 1. Obama would have read briefing. 2. Susan Rice would have kicked his a** had he missed it.

Minneapolis police now believe “Umbrella Man,” who smashed windows in the city on May 27, is a White Supremacist who was TRYING to incite race riots and violence. Why (seriously)  has that possibility never been raised about now former Officer Chauvin?


Reminded by DNC Chair Tom Perez about a speech given by the late GOP activist Paul Weyrich on “goo-goo syndrome”- (goo-goo meaning “good government”) back in 1980- “They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. As a matter of fact, our leverage in elections quite candidly goes up as voting populace goes down.”

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