Not a good count.

17 players and staff with Marlins now tested positive.


Who knew letting MLB team play in one of the worst hotspots, Miami, in a state, Florida,  with one of the worst COVID outbreaks, AND a science-denying governor might cause problems?
As Marlins game are postponed until Sunday, wonder how long it is before other players across MLB decide it’s not “Win or Go Home” but “Win AND Go Home.”

Before their games were postponed the Washington Nationals had voted against playing the Marlins in Miami. These are healthy young men w/ top testing & medical care available to them. But sure, let’s open Florida schools.

Marc Ragovin “Most feared hitter in baseball today: Willie McCovid.”


How much stock do Trump and his friends and family have in Kodak? Asking for a country of taxpayers.

So wonder how many younger Americans know Kodak made film. How many could tell you what “Kodachrome” is other than a Paul Simon song?


The President who doesn’t like anybody is complaining that nobody likes him. Irony, your regular table is ready.

When some wonder how Trump voters can possibly still support him, take look at Fox News site…. Phrases you won’t see “Wall of Moms”, “Wall of Vets”, “kidnapping”, “unmarked cars.” Phrases you will see ‘Mob violence”, dangerous rioting”, “destructive demonstrations…”

$2 BILLION for F-35s. But GOP says can’t afford to mail absentee ballots to Americans, and the cost for postage for voters to mail them back?

Does ANYONE believe Barr doesn’t read Trump’s tweets?

And reminder,  during his confirmation hearing  that Amy Klobuchar asked Bill Barr “There have been times…when personal interests of the president do not align with interests of the country. In those critical moments, is the attorney general the people’s lawyer or the president’s lawyer?”

Mary Trump’s book sold 1.35 million copies in first week. And unlike Don Jr’s book with the RNC, the DNC didn’t need to buy any of them.  Heck, many DNC members are probably still on a waitlist for their personal copies.

Kaitlin Collins presses Trump on him retweeting and praising a crazy doctor who talks about alien DNA and Donald melts down and ends the press conference.

So to sum up.

PERSON who’s a WOMAN asks  MAN baby a question on CAMERA and he leaves TV.


Yes,  if Biden picks Rice we’ll hear about Benghazi. But as someone who still feels Amy Klobuchar was unfairly treated over her prosecutor past, if it’s Demings or Harris we’re going to hear about every potential problematic case either of them EVER might have been connected with.

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