Boys of summer?


Today, July 31 WOULD have been MLB trade deadline.

For all we fret about Joe Biden’s running mate choice, as Trump talked about changing the election date, pretty darn sure that if we could vote July 31, a majority of Americans would vote for Joe and a “VP to be named later.”

MLB investigating what happened with Marlins – “Something happened massively disruptive to process that is not going on anywhere else.” I’m sure spending few days in hotel in Atlanta, where Governor was SUING mayor against her mask mandate had nothing to do with it. #Sarcasm

NBA restart Thursday night after over four and a half months off.  Wonder how long it will take for the first player to take a “rest day?”


Although such a trivial point, but as a fellow Stanford grad, how incredibly cool would it be if Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as his running mate and we get to hear Free’s “All Right Now” on the campaign trail.” 
Guessing Alan Dershowitz isn’t going to be invited back to Martha’s Vineyard anytime soon.

FoxNews website notes Trump honored Herman Cain, “unfortunately, he passed away from a thing called the China virus.” With all media coverage of John Lewis’s last public appearance at #BLM plaza in DC, guess Fox just forgot to say Cain’s last public appearance was Donald’s Tulsa Rally.
So where are all the pundits who last week were telling us how Donald Trump had changed to a more somber tone?
Twitter permanently suspended the account of former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Which I assume makes Trump happy. Duke was probably about to tweet Donald more messages of support.
So if Amy Klobuchar and Ron Wyden rename their NDEBA bill the “Trump Absentee Voting Bill” think GOP and Mitch McConnell might get behind it?
If Democrats controlled Senate, they would not have adjourned for weekend leaving millions without coronavirus stimulus jobless benefit. If Hillary Clinton had won we probably wouldn’t NEED coronavirus stimulus jobless benefit. #VoteBlue as if our lives depend on it. They do.
Trump is trying to do with tweets what Umbrella Man did in Minneapolis.

Not a joke. A few minutes before President Obama started be speaking at John Lewis’s funeral,  Donald Trump “spontaneously” called the Press Pool together. What a pathetic, sad little man we have in the White House.

When Joe Biden is elected President can he get Barack Obama to give a speech to the country once a month? Asking for a country needing balm for our souls.
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