Win and go home?

As major league baseball season hangs by a thread, don’t look now, but SF Giants are back at .500.  Of course, they would have been at .500 had the season been canceled.

San Antonio Spurs, under Gregg Popovich, (who might be the most “woke” coach in sports) have been in playoffs 22 years straight, longest active streak in any major US sports league.  And the streak will probably come to an end this year.  This doesn’t matter during pandemic when our democracy is at stake. But OK, irrationally glad they won.

Rockets 153,  Mavericks 149.   In Overtime.  But actually the score was tied 139-139 after Regulation.  So did both teams leave their defense outside the NBA bubble?


Dana Milbank in Washington Post says Susan Rice should not be Joe Biden’s running mate and then VP because last year Rice concurred on a podcast about Lindsey Graham “He’s been a piece of s—t. I said it. I said it, finally, dammit. He’s a piece of s—.” She smiled at the camera.”

Actually makes me like Rice more

Florida has closed ALL their COVID-19 testing sites until Tuesday because of the approach of Hurricane Isaias. But Trump still did fundraising trip Friday in Tampa. Wonder who convinced Donald he had to cancel Doral fundraiser in Miami Saturday.

Maybe Jim Jordan thinks COVID-19 is like sexual assault of college athletes. If he just ignores it, the problem will go away? 

If Tik Tok kids hadn’t duped Trump’s campaign with all those fake ticket orders, how many more people might have died as a result from Tulsa rally?

Can the Pulitzer Prize committee come up with a special category for Sarah Cooper?

All the insults from all the comics on social media, and the first one who triggers Trump enough to try to ban an entire social network service is Sarah Cooper. Women get sh*t done!

Trump says he’s going to ban TikTok by executive order. So congratulations Sarah Cooper, as far as making Donald take action you are officially more powerful in the US than Vladimir Putin.

Darn, Sarah Cooper was born in Jamaica. Otherwise since she triggers Trump enough to ban an entire social networking service over her, I’d encourage Joe Biden to add Sarah to his VP short list.

Can’t wait to see Donald Trump’s reaction when he realizes that even a temporary ban on Tik Tok doesn’t mean canceling Sarah Cooper.

Trump says “We beat Obama 4 years ago.”

Uh, a PERSON who can’t remember he ran against a WOMAN not a MAN with debates on CAMERA shown on TV has failed a cognitive test.

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