It’s not my buck.

Commissioner Rob Manfred on MLB season: “The players need to be better, but I am not a quitter in general and there is no reason to quit now.” With this sort of acceptance of responsibility when is Manfred announcing he is a Republican running for office?

I’m so old I remember the days that positive tests meant PEDs.

Clippers were up over 40 points on Pelicans late in third quarter. Since we’re in weird pandemic bubble trying to reduce risk anyway, why not institute a temporary NBA mercy rule?

The Maryland county where Barron Trump attends school has ordered private schools to stay closed until October. So when is Donald going to issue an executive order for his son’s school to reopen?

Does Donald Trump realize that if teenagers don’t have Tik Tok they will have more time to volunteer for election related activities and GOTV?

PSA: In many states, you only need to be 16 to be a poll worker. In many other states you can be 17. Just in case anyone knows any teenagers who want to make it easier to elect a President who isn’t triggered by social media.

GOP is barring media barred from their convention and Trump will apparently thank delegates in a private closed-to-press event. Considering how low Donald goes in public, just how nasty will be when he thinks no one is watching?

From the late, great, Shirley Chisholm in remark to Congress¬† “Truth is that in the political world I have been far oftener discriminated against because I am a woman than because I am black. Prejudice against blacks is becoming unacceptable… Prejudice against women is still acceptable.”


Not my first rodeo. Or primary. But to me, you don’t need to have given your heart to Democratic candidate to call yourself a Democrat. It’s when your heart feels broken & you still give yourself to chosen candidates you can REALLY call yourself a Democrat.

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