The long and short of it.

Sportscenter’s Scott Van Pelt on A’s walk-off extra inning win celebration – “as socially distanced as an Ozarks pool party.” Would be funnier if the 1st extra inning game of the season didn’t stand a fair chance of being the last extra inning game of the season.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo gave Brewers’ Orlando Arcia hand sanitzer after Arcia got a hit and ended up at first base. Talk about a clean single.

Mookie Betts will get the last payment of his $365 million contract when he’s 52 years old. Insert Bobby Bonilla Mets joke here:

So RNC convention has pulled out of Jacksonville but hasn’t officially told Charlotte what they plan to do. And there’s no guarantee NC will allow that plan….Then what? GOP could be the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays of politics.

Nikki Haley today tweeted she is “Proud of the selfless leadership (Trump) has shown in cancelling the convention.” Maybe it’s time to give Ambassador Haley a cognitive test?

WashPost headline “Calculations show U.S. is likely to reach 5 million cases in August, mathematician says.” “Mathematician?” Uh, considering we went from 3 million on July 8 to 4 million on July 23, that estimate would be possible with a good grasp of elementary school math.


So DC is going to institute a mandatory two week self-quarantine starting July 27 for anyone who’s visited a high-risk coronavirus area. Your reminder, Donald Trump has an IN PERSON fundraiser scheduled July 28 in Texas.

Conservatives upset with John Roberts as SCOTUS swing vote to reject Nevada church to ease limits on size of services. Church claimed casinos were given more favorable treatment. Well, yeah, anyone who walks into a casino EXPECTS to be gambling.

So whose job is it in the White House to keep feeding Trump that “96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party” fake stat? And how much of our taxpayer money are they getting paid?


Trump’s surgeon general Jerome Adams says that less than 10% COVID positivity means it’s safe for children to go back to school. Here’s the percentage I want. The percentage of Trump administration officials sending THEIR children and grandchildren back to school.

The President of the United States is seriously more concerned about bases being named after dead traitors than actual soldiers stationed at those bases being targeted by Russian bounties.

Hey, Friday night is over and Trump didn’t fire anyone. Could he have been too busy studying for his next cognitive test? Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

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One Comment on “The long and short of it.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    It took LA Dodgers personnel five innings the other day to realize that the Larry King fan cutout in the stands was the real thing.

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