Not a break.

Hard to believe, but not only have we missed much of the scheduled MLB season, July 12 was supposed to be the last game before the All-Star break.

NHL is going to try to resume play with 24 teams in early August. And for safety the league is going to do it with all games in CANADA. (Toronto and Edmonton.) Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially a “sh*thole country.”

Per Washington Post, “At University of Washington, in Seattle, at least 155 of school’s 1,100 fraternity members have tested positive for the coronavirus… And there was a time when we thought “Animal House” gave frats a bad reputation.


Your reminder, as Kayleigh McEnany just claimed Trump has “absolute immunity” like a monarch, that we ARE coming up on Bastille Day…. “Allons enfants de la patrie…”

If you’re too young to know who Eliot Richardson was, google him. America needs another Eliot Richardson. Instead we have Bill Barr.

In January 2017, Susan Collins had a 67% approval rating in her state, one of the highest of any politicians. Now she’s about 36%. She threw away 31% of Maine residents. And for what?

Trump ranting today so much in favor of Michael Flynn and Roger Stone you’d think they were Confederate statues.

So while Trump visited veterans for a photo op at Walter Reed this afternoon wonder if he found time to “ace” another cognitive test?


Anyone but me thinking all these headlines “Trump wearing mask” are the media equivalent of some parents thinking their toddler should get a trophy for pooping in his potty chair?

Yep and more headlines over Trump’s finally wearing a mask at a hospital for soldiers than there were about his ignoring Russian bounties on those same soldiers.

Wish one of these wounded troops at Walter Reed would ask Donald Trump how many pieces of silver he sold them out for?

Also lost in the excitement about Trump wearing a mask, was the fact he AGAIN repeatedly personally attacked the forewoman of the jury in Roger Stone’s trial. Threatening jurors IS a crime. Add it to the list.


Finally you all do know that if Trump hadn’t worn a mask there’s no way Walter Reed Military Hospital would have let him in, right?

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