Beyond science


Washington Nationals home opener may be postponed as DC has required quarantine of 14 days for ANYONE exposed to COVID-19, including players. Nats might be able to use spring training facility in West Palm Beach, maybe in lieu of hotel Trump will offer them use of Mar-A-Lago?


Kayleigh McEnany’s line about reopening schools, “The science should not stand in the way of this.” might be the most perfectly defining Trump administration quote ever.

Press Secretary Barbie says Trump’s COVID-19 response is “historic.” So was the voyage of the Titanic.


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is now suing to block Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandate. It’s not enough that Kemp suppressed black votes in in 2018. Now he’s trying to kill black voters in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi, talking about COVID-19 response, says Trump is “like the man who refuses to ask for directions.” Uh, not only does Donald refuse to ask for directions, he’s the man who screams at the Google maps voice that she is wrong.

Can anyone imagine what GOP would have done if Barack Obama posted a picture of himself on Twitter with a jar of Grey Poupon mustard?

How much is it killing Trump that his niece Mary on Rachel Maddow is going to have some of the highest ratings of the year?

Mary Trump tells Maddow she’s heard Donald use anti-semitic slurs and the N word. “This shouldn’t surprise anyone given how virulently racist he is today.” Trump’s going to be even more upset when someone tells him what “virulently” means.

Seriously, wouldn’t it have been a bigger shock if Mary Trump said her uncle Donald never used racial slurs?

For those wondering why Trump supporters haven’t abandoned him – well, if they only watch Fox News – “Gov. Kemp sues Atlanta to block mandatory mask rule, saying local leaders want to ‘undermine economic growth.” For some reason not a word about Georgia’s RECORD hospitalizations.

Georgia recall law requires just “Valid signatures of 15% of voters in last preceding election for the office of incumbent being recalled.” Now with 2018 voter suppression, by my math that’s only about 600,000 signatures. How about it Georgia?

Sadly, serious sociopaths are incapable of feeling guilt or admitting they are wrong. That explains Trump. What about the 198 GOP House members and 53 GOP Senators? Not to mention Donald’s Cabinet.

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