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Let us play?

August 13, 2020

NCAA president Mark Emmert says schools will cancel championship games in 22 fall sports, because not enough teams are participating. The only fall sport saved? FBS football. Because hey, the plan always was a championship ACC team vs an SEC team, or two SEC teams, anyway.


Indians’ pitcher Zach Plesak says he’s tired of being portrayed as a bad person for leaving his team hotel, to go out with friends.   Plesak said he & teammate Clevinger were within CDC guidelines when they broke curfew and were never with “more than eight people the entire night.” So Zach’s defense is he wasn’t a villain, he was just stupid?


On a can of soup. Servings by container – “About 2.” Calories per serving, 110. Calories per container, 250. Last I remember, even in elementary school “about” is not a math concept.  (Also 2 x 110 is NOT 250.)

AMC is going to open 100 theaters on Aug. 20, and to attract customers, all tickets that day will be 15 cents. A small popcorn and soda, however, will be $25.


24th Amendment prohibits both Congress & states from conditioning right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. Where are some good lawyers who can use this to argue that forcing Americans to pay for ballot postage in pandemic IS a tax?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just adjourned the Senate until September without a deal in large part because he claims he didn’t want the Democrats giving Americans $600 not to work.

Can some reporters head to Kentucky or wherever to get daily pictures of Mitch McConnell, who is worth over $22 million, for the next month enjoying his taxpayer funded vacation?

Wonder how many of these Democrats on Twitter who are just furious that one or another of their favorites isn’t scheduled to speak next week plan on actually watching the virtual convention?


Trump says now he’s going to give his RNC nomination acceptance speech from the White House lawn, because it’s going to be “hot” at Gettysburg in late August. Uh, Donald wanted to give his speech outdoors on the same day, in Florida?!!!


The President of the United States at 1am just retweeted insults about Biden and Harris  that most 12 yr olds would consider childish, from supporter with no profile picture & less than 1000 followers after being on Twitter 8 years. But tell me again how we should be worried about Joe Biden’s cognitive skills?

So if Trump eliminates the Post Office how are people going to be able to send cards to say “Merry Christmas” again?

What’s next, Trump’s going to stop all federal funding for roads because people might drive to polling places?

Murica’s team.

August 13, 2020

Owner Jerry Jones says Dallas Cowboys intend to play all their home games with fans in attendance. New slogan “People are dying to watch the Cowboys.”


Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says Big Ten & Pac 12 not playing football won’t “damage” meaning that comes w/ CFB national championship. Well, not like the two conferences are ever likely to get more than 1 team in the playoffs anyway.

Jerry Jones also says the Cowboys won’t reveal their anthem policy but “We’re going to show grace.”

This might be the first time the words “Jones” and “grace” get used in the same sentence.

A baby boy born on an Alaska Airlines flight was named “Sky.” I shudder to think what the poor kid would have been named if he was born on a Spirit Airlines flight.

NY friend pointed out to me- while those on West Coast might watch Rachel Maddow and even Lawrence O’Donnell with a glass of wine before dinner, they’re closer to late-night on the East Coast. Especially for those who have to get up early for work.  Bringing up the question, how are you all calm enough to sleep after those shows?

So a GOP talking point about Kamala Harris is that she apparently has one distant ancestor that was a slaveowner. Guessing Republicans haven’t read much history. May I suggest starting with the story of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings?

Can one of Joe Biden’s first Executive Orders be to make the Postmaster General an office requiring Senate confirmation?

Amy Klobuchar coined a nickname for Trump henchman and current postmaster general Louis DeJoy   – #NoJoy.    I think it should stick.

So in same hour Trump says he will not back $25 billion request from Democrats for Post Office. Then says ‘The Democrats are sabotaging Post Office because they’re not approving the $25 billion that was requested.’

Forget #25thAmendmentNow

More like 25th Amendment yesterday.

So the latest GOP attack is comparing Kamala Harris to Marge Simpson? Uh, right about now Marge Simpson could beat Trump in landslide. Heck, Bart Simpson could beat Trump in a landslide.


Sigh. Been tweeting enough about Trump now I’m getting Twitter ads for the “Walk to End Alzheimers.”

I suppose it would have been childish if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had entered their first joint event by walking up a ramp together and then both drinking a glass of water with one hand.

Watching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris speak and then watching some of Trump’s speech is like going from high-speed internet back to the days of 1990s dial-up.