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Speed and demons

August 25, 2020

Usain Bolt celebrated his 34th birthday with a mask-free party in Jamaica last week. Today he announced he has tested positive for coronavirus

Puts a whole new meaning on “You can run but you cannot hide”

Eric Trump tweeted “Herschel Walker hit it out of the park tonight!! #RNC2020” Eric doesn’t even know what SPORT Walker played. Can’t imagine why they call him the dumb one.



Since Nikki Haley brought up Charleston Church Shooting, might be a good time to remind people that when the young white killer of nine people was arrested the next day, not only did police not shoot him, but they bought him food from Burger King.


Washington Post reports Republican convention videos on “America” used stock footage from Thailand. Maybe Trump thought it was okay because they weren’t from “Thigh-land?”

On the first day of  RNC convention, Trump flew Air Force One at taxpayer expense for a hate speech in Charlotte, then returned to White House to have two groups of Americans praise him lavishly on TV. This is NOT normal.

In Kimberly Guilfoyle scream speech, she described herself as a first-generation American, because her mother is from Puerto Rico. Who wants to tell her?

Tim Scott said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will turn America into a socialist Utopia. Just guessing, along with everything else, that Tim Scott has NEVER read or probably even heard of, Sir Thomas More.

When DNC did their roll call, Minnesota was represented by Amy Klobuchar and St. Paul mayor Melvin Baker. When RNC did their roll call, Minnesota was represented by the My Pillow guy. Enough said.

Katie Porter being the  final schedule questioner for Louis DeJoy today was  like having a box of chocolates and saving your favorite to eat last.


Remember when George H.W. Bush didn’t know the price of milk? Katie Porter has just ascertained that USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy doesn’t know the price of mailing a postcard. Or a Priority Mail envelope.


Rep Katie Porter to Louis DeJoy “Do you own ANY financial interest in Amazon?” “I do not.” This will age well.

So you know it’s 2020 when the story of Jerry Falwell watching his wife and the pool boy have sex was only a blip on the morning’s batshit craziness.