It’s his world….

In midst of a pandemic, NFL actually got through week 1 and is approaching week 2. And the lead story on ESPN is Bucs coach Bruce Arians after he criticized Brady. “Tom and I are fine. I don’t really care what other people think.”

Speaking on behalf of millions of Americans who weren’t Patriots fans, and wished Brady would just retire. “I really don’t care, do U?

Now that Big Ten has decided to reverse their decision to postpone the season, how many positive COVID tests will it take to cancel it again?

So one reason travel hasn’t rebounded is that it’s nearly impossible for most Americans to get testing with quick results before a proposed trip. But we’ve got plenty of rapid tests for kids to play football? #Priorities

As Trump keeps saying “nobody could have done more” about the COVID-19 pandemic, travel agents are getting emails from an increasing number of wonderful hotels in Europe that are now open or soon reopening. If only we Americans could go there.

Joe Biden using the word “feckless” to refer to Donald Trump. It’s a good word.

So somehow I’m not seeing all the waiters today speaking out and applauding Trump for saying they don’t want to wear masks?

“The Hill” quoted unnamed GOP senator that Republican majority could help Biden cope w/ progressives “So he’s not constantly fighting ‘Why can’t we go one step further?’ on stuff they’ll want to do. Best thing that could happen to Joe would be GOP Senate.” 2 words – Yeah, right.

Trump said Wednesday that Florida is in good shape with Hurricane Sally “The people in Florida know how to handle it.” I’m sure that’s comforting to people who have lost power and have their streets underwater.

With one briefing, Trump has now given more attention to the West Coast in telling the Pac 12 to start playing football than he ever did in expressing sympathy to victims of wildfires.

But Donald just referred to the “Pac 10.” Speaking of not knowing what day or year it is.

(The Conference became the Pac-12 and officially began competition on July 1, 2011.”)

Biden has NEVER described the police as “the enemy.” Once again, does Trump have dementia or is he evil?

Got to love it. Trump attacks Biden for reading from a teleprompter as he stumbles to read his own speech…

“If you were to put a timeline on when every person in America will be able to get a vaccine when would it be.” “Very soon.” Which is Trump for “I have no clue, I’m making this up as I do along.”

Trump when asked again on vaccine… “Under no circumstance will it be as late as Doctor Redfield….we hope October, certainly November or December…” Translation, “I just need to get enough fools to believe me on November 3.

When we do have a COVID-19 President Biden won’t distribute it based on whether or not a state voted for him. Can even Donald’s supporters say the same thing about Trump?

Twice in Trump’s press conference today he said his own CDC head, Dr. Robert Redfield was “confused” or “misunderstood” a question when Dr. Redfield said that vaccines for most Americans wouldn’t be ready until mid-late 2021 and that mask would probably save more lives than vaccines.

Time to move up Redfield in “Trump Friday Night Firing Bingo.”

Remember when George W. Bush made stupidity in a President a virtue? Now Donald Trump, in downplaying masks, social distancing and COVID-19 in general, is making stupidity in his cult members a virtue.

So can someone please ask Trump how he expects us to believe he’ll have a good vaccine distribution plan when after several months he still doesn’t have a good TESTING plan?

Trump today said CDC director “made a mistake” Thinking right about now the biggest mistake Dr. Redfield thinks he made was accepting the job under Donald Trump.

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