Excuses, excuses…

After having games canceled for a false positive COVID-19 test, Giants have now had games with Mariners delayed and moved from Seattle to SF due to unhealthy air. What’s next, 2020? A game delayed due to a plague of locusts?

As if Canada weren’t feeling smug enough with having their COVID-19 deaths basically down to zero under Justin Trudeau, they’d be forgiven for doing just a little gloating over Kawhi’s Leonard’s decision to see another ring with the Clippers. “Not as easy as it looks, eh?”

MLB decided with a 50 game abbreviated schedule to allow 16 out of 30 teams into the post season. And 7 AL teams basically still managed to get themselves eliminated with 2 weeks to go.

Wait, Red Lobster is advertising a (Mountain) Dewgarita? As if 2020 hasn’t been trying to kill us all enough already.

So since HHS spokesman Michael Caputo says he is asking for medical leave what other news of his nefarious activities is about to drop?

Wolf Blitzer asks Jared Kushner why Donald’s administration keeps ignoring his own social distancing guidelines…. and why Trump doesn’t set a good example. And Jared basically says people are responsible for their own health. Well, unless they are women.

FoxNews website headline “Warning to America: Refugees from socialist countries have this warning about Biden, his allies.” Picture is of AOC, Kamala, Joe & Bernie Sanders. We can argue how liberal Harris is, but wonder why Fox didn’t show her & Biden flanked by Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar & Cory Booker?

I know there have been elections where it might be possible to believe there isn’t that much difference between the candidates: 2020 is NOT one of those elections. Period.

Trump in his Town Hall says in the midst of a brag on what he thinks he’s done about COVID-19. – “I believe, George, that none of this would have happened during another administration.” When he’s right, he’s right.

Trump also in Town Hall “I’ve restored “law and order” except in Democrat-run cities? And that’s Biden…”

Biden is in charge of all Democrat run cities? I thought he was a former VP and current candidate for President. This is SO confusing.

Donald said virus will go away due to “herd mentality.” Well, some number of Trump supporters will go away permanently due to “herd mentality.”

Trump – “We’re going to be doing a healthcare plan.” You mean that healthcare plan you promised in late July would be ready in two weeks?

Thinking good thoughts for those on the Gulf Coast, but as they’re about to be hit hard by Hurricane Sally, including potentially catastrophic flooding, wonder why Trump has never once suggested states in the path of hurricanes better manage their beaches, or not allow building near the water?

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