Numbers game?

At halftime of tonight’s Bengals-Browns game, Joe Buck was told his announcing has landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So can Joe celebrating by retiring from broadcasting baseball?


Not a poll, but ESPN’s current odds of SF Giants making the post season. After bullpen collapsed four games in a row in August and team was 8-16 exactly one month ago their odds were under 6%. Things change fast these days.

42 Wisconsin Badger football players, staff test positive for coronavirus. But sure, let’s start Big Ten football. WTAF?

It’s about 6 weeks out. But shouldn’t we already be seeing calls for Trump’s anti-mask cult members to be boycotting Halloween masks too?

A White House Conference on American History, basically a campaign event, featured Ben Carson. Uh, Ben Carson is as much of an American History expert as Scott Atlas is an expert on infectious diseases.

Some of the so-called liberal media would “both sides” a mobius strip.

Rachel Maddow reading a federal judge’s actual order against DeJoy’s Post Office changes. Basically “fix it and put it back the way it was.”

As Maddow talks about Trump administration “shredding the credibility of our public health agencies.” Are there any public agencies whose credibility Trump ISN’T shredding? Asking for a really tired country.

When asked tonight, Joe Biden says he can’t mandate mask-wearing everywhere, but he would enforce it on federal property. Now, while I’d love a national mask mandate, I even more love a President who realizes he isn’t King.

Biden, chastising the media – “Who the hell thinks you need an Ivy League degree to be President?”

It’s personal for him. In a good way.

(Waiting for Trump to defend himself… well, wait, I don’t REALLY have an Ivy League degree. I bought one.)

As a little kid living in a Midwest college town, I remember ‘Hey hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” Looking at these vanity rallies thinking “Hey hey, Donald Trump, how much did you make COVID death toll jump?”

Since Trump wants to downplay blue state COVID-19 death since they’re not part of his base, how long until Donald demands that only U.S. millionaire and billionaire deaths be counted?

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