Four seasons

So as every major North American pro spot, NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL plays simultaneously, the question is – which is most surreal?

Booed by KC fans – players from Chiefs and Texans locking arms in a show of unity before the game, not during the anthem. Not booed by KC fans – Chiefs players credibly accused of domestic violence and/or child abuse. #Priorities

Baylor canceled their Saturday college football game against Louisiana Tech. Wonder why Trump doesn’t demand THEY play?

Maybe it’s simple, maybe the reason Trump sat down with Bob Woodward for 18 interviews is that Woodward was the only person, including WH staff, who’d act interested in what Trump was saying for 18 whole interviews.

Pretty sure today’s GOP would blame Bob Woodward for Watergate.

So if you’re angry at Bob Woodward for not revealing what Trump told him he learned in an intelligence briefing about COVID-19, what about the other people in that briefing?

And seems like a lot of people are madder at Bob Woodward for not speaking up than they are at GOP Senators.

Before someone reminds Trump to tweet about 9-11, remember, 2,977 Americans died that day because of terrorists who hated our country. Between Friday & Sunday of this weekend, over 3,000 Americans will die because of a President who just doesn’t give a damn about our country.

As much as Trump downplays Coronavirus, notice, he has these big rallies at airports where he has almost no time on the ground and no chance to interact with his own supporters.

Trump supporter in Michigan asked on CNN why he isn’t wearing a mask – “The good Lord takes care of me, if I die, I die.” Fine, will he head home, and risk dying there without risking anyone else?

And at today’s airport rally, Trump , AFTER he’s been credibly accused of disrespecting our troops, played CCR’s “Fortunate Son” today in Michigan. How long until he has a Midwest rally playing Neil Young’s “Ohio?”

if you don’t know the song, google it – first verse.

“Some folks are born, made to wave the flag
Ooh, their red, white and blue
And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief”
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord

Authorities in Oregon saying more than 500,000 people statewide forced to evacuate because of wildfires… And suddenly, Donald Trump, who has been obsessed with Portland, seems to have forgotten that the state exists. #Coincidence?

If Trump told his cult members that the sky was red they would boo it for being blue.

Trump comparing himself to Churchill during WWII.

Seriously? If Donald were in London during the Blitz he’d be downplaying the need for a blackout and telling his cult members to keep lights on to illuminate their Trump flags.

RIP, Diana Rigg, 82. Younger generation may know her from Game of Thrones. But forget Princess or even President, as a little kid, I thought one of the coolest things a woman could possibly be was Emma Peel…

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