And the hits just kept on coming….

The Miami Marlins scored 9 runs against the Braves. They lost by TWENTY. 2020 has decided to move the b*thshit bingo game over to baseball.

The Braves did have a runner on first in the 8th inning, when they didn’t scare. Probably as well they didn’t try to steal 2nd in hopes of putting the 30th run into scoring position.

ESPN reports Houston Rockets sixth man Danue House Jr, 27, who makes over $3 million a year, may be out of the remainder of the Western Conference semifinals as league investigates a potential violation of bubble rules.

If a well-paid adult player with every motivation and so much provided by his team can’t resist temptations, how the heck does anyone expect all college football teams of 18-21 year olds to behave.

Fox News has a gleeful headline about Joe Biden mistakenly saying COVID has killed 6,000 US troops, when he meant to say it had killed 6,000 people in Michigan. I missed their headline on “15 people, & the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”

As a former big Susan Sarandon fan who was furious with her over 2016, with the future of our democracy on the ballot I happily welcome her, even if her vote appears to be a bit grudging, to the 2020 Biden big tent. I welcome everyone to the 2020 Biden big tent. We can argue over policy later in Joe’s administration.

Included in latest whistleblower complaint, allegations that former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen “repeatedly and deliberately lied to Congress to exaggerate the threat at the border.” Again, Biden’s AG is going to have her/his hands full just prosecuting Trump administration.

With all other craziness today Trump RTed Marjorie Taylor Greene. Same QAnon woman who’s likely to get elected to Congress from very RED district in Georgia, posted picture of herself w/ a gun & “the Squad,” & just this week said children shouldn’t wear masks. Yeah, that Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” has been canceled. Eight weeks before we can cancel “Treason with the Trumps.”

Is there ANY American out there who when they hear Trump say something truly awful and treasonous would divulge it at the time, instead of waiting to put it in a book? Asking for a really tired country.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says “These gotcha books don’t really interest me.” Meanwhile, after a Mardi Gras without warnings, a few weeks AFTER Trump’s interview with Woodward, Louisiana started experiencing the fastest growth in new COVID cases in the world.

Wait, so reports are Jared Kushner and Lindsey Graham supported Trump interviewing with Woodward, but Hannity only threw Graham under bus? I guess state TV doesn’t criticize the Royal Family.

So the same POTUS who claims he didn’t want to panic Americans over a deadly virus has no problem trying to panic Americans over the idea of Cory Booker moving into their neighborhood.

Donald Trump threw out a bunch of names for his potential Supreme Court pick and tried to dare Joe Biden into doing the same. How much would Donald melt down if Joe while confirming his promise to choose a Black woman first for SCOTUS, also said one name on his possible future list was Barack Obama?

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