Expect the unexpected.

Okay, who predicted on Sept 8 that SFGiants would have a better record than Yankees? Now all you liars put your hands down.

Lots of surprises this short and strange MLB season. But pretty sure absolutely positively NO ONE had the best 2020 team in the state of NY being the Blue Jays.

And if the Blue Jays DO somehow win the AL pennant or even the World Series, do they raise the flag in Toronto, or Buffalo?

In an Instagram post, Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings says she didn’t wear mask to the store in an “exercise of being brave.”

Proving again that neither incredible athletic ability nor gender protects you from arrogant stupidity.

Speaking of which, can we rename “Gender Reveal ” parties to be “IQ Reveal” parties. As if you have one involving anything explosive or flammable, pretty sure you’re in double digits.

For anyone still on fence over voting for Biden, whether because he isn’t conservative or liberal enough, how about this simple reason?. If your city, your county, your state is hit by a natural disaster, Joe will send federal aid, regardless of whether or not you voted for him.

Okay, regardless of your political affliliation, does ANYONE want to read Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ book?

Watching Cohen talk about Trump, realize that almost all of us have had a falling out with some coworker or business associate over the years… But who besides Donald has had a fallout with ALL of them.

As Donald Trump keeps attacking Michael Cohen, remind me again who hired Cohen as his personal lawyer?

But really, will Donald Trump ever admit he watched Michael Cohen on Maddow?

Jan, 2018, Trump said he’d allow new offshore oil & gas drilling in nearly all United States coastal waters, including off California & Florida. Today Donald signed 10-yr moratorium to stop drilling off Florida coast. Create a problem, claim to have fixed it – the Trump brand.

So as Trump has more and more of these unmasked rallies as we get closer to the election, is Donald going to tell his supporters to vote early by mail in case they end up in the hospital or worse on election day?

Trump is shutting down his international coronavirus task force. So if he thinks the pandemic is over, when’s Donald going to stop wasting taxpayer money on tests for everyone, including him, in his White House?

Does anyone REALLY believe Trump will use his own money on his campaign?

Didn’t see Trump’s vanity rally in Jupiter. But were there any “Drops of Jupiter” today? You know, like yesterday’s Adderall Snot Rockets?

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