Not quite the pennant but…

The Giants are .500. The Giants are .500. The Giants are .500!

Meanwhile, in a 60 game season that just started in late July with 16 of 30 teams making the postseason, it’s perversely impressive that the Red Sox, Royals, Rangers, Pirates and Diamondbacks have all basically managed to get themselves eliminated on Labor Day.

Not that it matters in grand scheme of things but never going to get used to the idea of a leadoff batter in the 10th inning sacrificing a runner from second to third.

So did the NBA get all their exciting playoff finishes over in the first round?

“Monday, September 7, 2020 United Travel Waiver for Denver Wintry Weather” Labor Day Weekend. Go home, 2020, you’re drunk.

Meanwhile some conservatives now are calling for a boycott of American Airlines because the airline will allow employees to wear #BLM pins? Got it, cancel culture only applies when something THEY support gets canceled.

You think those idiots in San Bernandino County will keep the fire pictures for their kid’s baby book? #GenderRevealParty

Trump just called Kamala Harris the “most liberal person in Congress.” Uh, Kamala isn’t even the most liberal person in Congress from California.

Heck, Kamala isn’t even the most liberal person in Congress from Oakland. (That would be Barbara Lee.)

Random thought, if Trump can’t even figure out that pronouncing Kamala is simple – “comma-la,” I can only imagine Donald’s struggles if Biden had run with Klobuchar.

Senate officially back in session Tuesday at 3pm. So which bills will @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell ignore first?

Jim Acosta pointed out Monday that Trump is using yet ANOTHER location at the White House for a campaign rally. Well, sadly as many pet owners know, when you have an aging and fading male cat sometimes they have to go pee in every corner to mark territory.

Has anyone told Trump that one reason the stock market is doing well is that the market expects Joe Biden to win?

Donald also seemed very angry Monday. And at one point yelled… “They spied on my campaign.” . Since Trump is a walking advertisement for Freud’s theory of projection how much spying on Biden’s campaign are he and his cronies doing now?

Trump is flying down to Florida tomorrow to campaign – per an official “to tout the administration’s “continued conservation and environmental protection efforts in the region.” This is like an arsonist touting his efforts on fire safety.

How much does it really upset Donald Trump that, politics aside, so many people really love Joe Biden?

Wonder why some Trump voters won’t change their minds?

Confirmation Bias is real. It “occurs from direct influence of desire on beliefs. Once we have formed view, we embrace information that confirms that view while ignoring, or rejecting, information that casts doubt on it.”

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