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Let’s not make a deal?

March 31, 2020

Saw ESPN story that Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin will give Tom Brady his #12 and switch to #14.
Godwin told the Bucs website that no compensation was involved. No compensation?. Uh.Chris Godwin is in the last year of a 4-year, $3.2 million contract, Brady just signed a 2-year $50 million guaranteed contract. Has someone checked Chris for concussions?


Toronto’s has cancelled all city-led and permitted events through June 30 but the mayor said it doesn’t apply to professional sports teams.   So the 67-95 2019 Blue Jays might squeak by.

It would be wrong to refer to “Diamond and Silk” as “Cubic Zirconia and Rayon.” So I won’t do it. But “Cubic Zirconia and Rayon” are what fakes are made of.

“It’s a really rough time for the United States but I’m so thrilled to hear Lindsay Lohan has a new single” said… no one?!

Have to wonder, if the late, great Molly Ivins were still alive, would she have shamed Texas Governor Greg Abbott into more stringent #StayAtHome measures?   Either way, tonight I REALLY miss Molly Ivins.

So now that it’s “30 days to slow the spread” there’s a new postcard almost certainly coming to most Americans. “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America.” Uh, Donald, this time can the postcard be printed on softer stock? We all could use more toilet paper.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s talking to White House’s coronavirus task force, but they haven’t yet recommended stay-at-home order for Florida: “If they do, obviously that would be something that would carry a lot of weight w/ me.”
So DeSantis is saying the equivalent of “Mom never told me not to play in traffic?”

Anyone who saw the first part of Trump’s press conference and thought he was adopting a new Presidential tone (again) must have watched the first half of Titanic and thought it was just a costume drama about shipboard romance.


More than once today Donald refers a question to Dr. Fauci or Deb
Since these sh*tshows are going to continue, wonder if some reporter can PLEASE ask a question of Vice President Pence or Donny?

Per Maddow tonight:   SIX states have no statewide stay-at-home orders. Nevada, North . Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska., Iowa, Arkansas.   Eleven other states Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wyoming have partial orders.

What do all those states but Nevada and Pennsylvania have in common?


“One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” Donald Trump, talking in February about coronavirus. Americans, talking in January 2021 about the Trump Presidency.

Different colors.

March 31, 2020

How much as an SF Giants fan did I dread the idea of seeing Madison Bumgarner in a Diamondbacks uniform this year?
How happy as a baseball fan will I be to see Madison Bumgarner play a real MLB game in any uniform this year?

And open note to KNBR, the Giants’ flagship station : I love the SF Giants and can’t wait for baseball to come back but if you ever air an ad for “My Pillow” again I may have to find another way to listen to games. Thank you.

On a lighter note – love this Twitter exchange. Drew Brees @drewbrees

· 15h The baby rattlesnakes were out today… Saw them on the late afternoon walk with the dogs. Sean Payton

· 13h Let’s find a different route. Ok?


Who knew that one day “what you could do for your country” would be being a couch potato?

Winston Churchill to President Roosevelt during the London Blitz “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”

Donald Trump to Governors during the Coronavirus pandemic “I haven’t heard about testing being a problem.”

Trump really really wants a holiday named after him. Can I suggest April 1?

Gavin Newsom on “the Daily Show with Trevor Noah” saying California only received 400 ventilators from Feds, all broken, down in Los Angeles, but that they shipped them to Silicon Valley, got them fixed & returned them to LA. Almost think Trump is disappointed the ventilators were fixable.

So how much would we all give to see some reporter at tomorrow’s  CoronavirusPress Conference ask Donald how he gets his spray tan person declared “essential?”

Serious question, is Trump looking at the way coronavirus is ravaging some urban areas now and figuring that he’s fine because it will kill more blue voters?

Glossary for those who need help translating Trump Press Conference “That’s a snarky, nasty question.” Translation – “You just pointed out one of my obvious lies.”

As Rachel Maddow points out, among the states in the US with the highest number of coronavirus, Florida alone has no statewide #StayAtHome order. Missouri, with a 600% increase in cases, doesn’t have one either. Wonder what these two states have in common?

I’ve been a passionate Democrat all my life. This means 2 things.

 1. I have cried, more than once, over a really good candidate who didn’t make it through the primary.

2. I have then put on my big girl pants & voted for the winner in the general. Period. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho


March 30, 2020

As a number of college basketball players say they will declare early for the NBA draft, wondering what kind of youthful optimism makes them think there WILL be an NBA draft.

We all have to do what we can to get through this crisis, but have a certain amount of respect for a Saints fan I know on Twitter who is spending all his stay at home time trolling the Atlanta Falcons and their fans.


For all these folks predicting a Coronavirus baby boom, have to think thought of HAVING to visit your doctor regularly soon then knowing a hospital visit is coming in 9 months would be enough to talk millions into safe sex.

And now Trump is rage tweeting that he won’t pay for security for Harry and Meghan? Uh, all those cities Donald has never paid back for covering his ego rallies say “Hi.”

Now Trump says he’ll be keeping the social distancing guidelines until April 30. So how long until Donald attacks media who repeat his quotes about opening by Easter?

Since Trump is so concerned about television ratings could we all promise him that he could get the highest ratings ever recorded for this resignation speech? I promise to watch, RT if you agree.

Pretty sure in retrospect that we saw Trump’s re-election strategy today in Rose Garden – announce that 2 million Americans could die. Then with death toll anything below that he will personally take credit for saving the others.

Yeah, it’s an indecent proposal, but since it’s all about ratings with Donald could we pay someone to have sex with Trump in a windmill if he’d stop these inane press conferences? #TheBachelor


How long until Trump says it was Hunter Biden’s idea to ship all US PPE to China?

Ket me ask a simple question, if Bernie Sanders had 1,217 delegates, compared to Joe Biden’s 914 delegates, and of the 171 remaining pledged delegates, most of them were pledged to Sanders endorsers, would Bernie and his supporters be urging Biden to stay in?

Another longer post:. This post is not about whether Joe Biden is the very best nominee the Democrats could have chosen. (And hey, I still think Bill Bradley was better than Al Gore, and Howard Dean would have been better than John Kerry. For starters.) But the fact remains, if it were not for this Coronavirus pandemic, Biden would either already be the official nominee by now, or over the top on April 28. And I have more than made my peace with that.
So it increasingly strikes me that soon, Biden should name his running mate, his first SCOTUS pick, and those he has chosen, assuming they agree, for his cabinet. This is not to insult Bernie Sanders, but to give those women, and men, higher stature, and more of a platform to speak out as part of a Democratic alternative to the current sh*tshow we see daily with Trump’s task force. And it will give the media less of an excuse not to cover that alternative.

Winning colors, or mascots.

March 28, 2020

Usually at this time of year the most obnoxious people, who don’t know NEARLY as much as they think they do, are those who somehow have guessed their way into near-perfect March Madness brackets.


Well, two days after MLB Opening Day a record number of teams are still undefeated.



Just finished my 2020 Census form. One of the questions is basically – “will you be living or staying at your residence on April 1, 2020? “Staying” has a whole new meaning than it did a couple weeks ago.

Getting an on-line ad for “People Magazine,” where the current cover story is all about Coronavirus, with the tagline “Pick up your copy today.” Uh “pick up?” Maybe rethink that.

A little gallows humor, I’m past this problem but how many women in this country wake up at night and worry “Coronavirus or hot flash?”

You know which Governors are doing the best jobs dealing with Coronavirus pandemic. They’re the ones Donald Trump is attacking.

With so few drivers on the road, California Highway Patrol says they have been issuing an increasing number of citations for driving over 100mph. On brighter note, such drivers may be increasing potential pool of organ donors.

This week ave watched heartbreaking videos of Amy Klobuchar, talking about her husband, and Joe Biden,  talking about those who have lost family members, this week. Serious question, does anyone believe Trump has ever cried. Or even choked up?

Asked about if Trump’s statement that appreciation is how it’s supposed to work – Joe Biden “I thought the Federal Government is supposed to do their job.”

Donald Trump reportedly saying he wants his signature on stimulus checks so Americans can see it. Can someone please tell him that coronavirus can last on Sharpies pens indefinitely?

A real shame for America Trump can’t treat the coronavirus like one of his casinos. It would be gone within a month.

Can any Trump defender with a straight face say that the time and money it cost to get him to Norfolk today for his USNS Comfort photo up was worth more than, say, using those resources to get medical supplies to hospitals that desperately need them?


As Trump attacks governors who aren’t “nice” to him: “Quid Pro Quo” – “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.” Gosh, if only America had had the chance to tell Donald Trump this was not OK?

Gentlemen, start your fans?

March 26, 2020

Indy 500 has been postponed until August 23. Anyone ever been in Indianapolis in August? Coronavirus may be under control but spectators may die of heatstroke.


Jay Inslee said Trump said during a call with Governors that Donald’s administration was willing to be a “backup” during coronavirus crisis, but the  Washington Governor. responded “We don’t need a backup, we need a Tom Brady.” Uh, a Tom Brady?

Not a Russell Wilson?

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that people who fly into Texas from NYC area OR New Orleans will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Well, good thing airplanes are the only way to travel in US…. And that Texas doesn’t share a border with Louisiana.


Watched White House briefing today.   Anyone else watching feel after Trump exits the room like they need a shower?


Let’s be very clear, many of the (mostly red) states without large outbreaks (so far) are those with lowest population density in USA, with correspondingly low contributions to our GNP. So those are the states Trump wants to reopen to fix our economy?

Apparently Trump has states bidding and competing against each other for medical equipment and supplies. Does Donald think this is some sick reality show called “Coronavirus Apprentice”?

Learned something new. Before I blocked a twitter bot saw the new narrative that Hillary is just propping up Joe Biden so that he will name her VP & she can finally become President. Wonder if they’ll claim she cooked up this plan in a pizza parlor.

Dr. Fauci with Trevor Noah is SO much of an improvement over Dr. Fauci with Donald Trump. Period.  (And wow, who knew the Dr. could actually smile.)

Dr. Fauci to Trevor Noah, “right now today as we speak there is no proven safe and effective method to cure coronavirus disease.” Fortunately Trump probably doesn’t know Comedy Central exists, so he won’t fire Fauci.”

Ivanka Trump posted a video of her children washing their hands, with $39 hand soap. What’s next, tomorrow she’ll tell us to eat $100 cakes?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has ordered Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA closed as “non-essential.” So looking good for those who have Northam in Trump Governor Insult Bingo.


Let me be VERY clear about Trump blaming Obama for everything going wrong w/ US coronavirus response: Lies aside, if you take over as an executive, you might be able to blame problems on old boss for short time. But when you’ve been on job for over 3 years – the problem is YOURS.

And for all those who have been asking “Where is Joe Biden and why hasn’t he been speaking out?  I provide a link. The date to this op-ed, January 27, 2020.


Opening daze

March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020. All baseball fans marked our calendars – Opening Day for MLB.  And for the first time ever, all teams after Opening day will be undefeated.


Saints coach, Sean Payton, who says he’s been “cleared,” ie still quarantineed but has almost recovered from coronavirus, is  now spreading the word about social distancing.  “We try asking nicely….and then you still see behavior that makes you upset. Just picture everyone’s got a hand grenade on ’em — how about that? So stay away from everybody.


A construction worker at the site of new Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas has tested positive for coronavirus.

Must. Not. Make. Joke. About, How. No. One. Connected. To Raiders. Could. Catch. Anything.

Some Republicans want to ban abortions during Coronavirus pandemic as non-essential surgeries. So surely they would agree that we should also ban filling non-essential prescriptions like Viagra.


So now that Trump has tweeted “Congratulations America,” over the stimulus bill, who in the White House is going to tell Donald this doesn’t mean he can golf this weekend?

Two cruise ships with 30 sick on board will dock in Miami tomorrow. Can they be quarantined at Mar-A-Lago?


So looking at the death toll in New York City Trump really is killing people in the middle of Fifth Avenue and getting away with it.

As Trump talks about withholding aid from states who aren’t “nice” to him, who knew that letting him get away with quid pro quo on the Ukraine would have consequences?

Trump claimed he wanted to see Romeo & Juliet tonight at Kennedy Center, how about he just reads opening paragraph. Especially these lines:

“From ancient grudge break to new mutiny Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean?”

I thought this was a joke. It’s not. German media reports G7 leaders can’t agree on coronavirus statement because Pompeo is pushing to call it the “Wuhan virus.” How about a compromise, let’s call it “Wuhan/Trump virus?”

Once again, if someone could convince Trump that ventilators were needed to blow air to keep the New York Stock Exchange open there would be 50,000 ventilators delivered to Wall Street tonight.

Rachel Maddow talking about why Trump won’t federalize the medical equipment supply chain. Sadly, I think we know why….it might prevent his donors, friends and maybe family from profiting off this pandemic. With Donald it’s ALWAYS follow the money.

Also per Maddow,  Mississippi’s governor issued executive order overriding local #StayAtHome orders, saying that all businesses can remain open. And not long ago we thought cities that kept Confederate statues were the biggest political embarrassment in today’s South.

It’s a lot easier on the soul to watch & comment on Joe Biden . He was talking about forgiving student debt for those in public service, about how “We talk about the kids who need opportunities as if they are somebody else’s children. They are ALL our children,” and “You’re seeing the soul of America right now. With ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

. Anyone who thinks Joe is losing it needs to find a tape of Wednesday’s entire hour. No joke. #BidenHappyHour

Biden also reminded us that 40% of hospitalizations for coronavirus are people between ages of 20 and 54. It’s not just protecting seniors, it’s self-preservation. #StayAtHome.

Letting the air out.

March 24, 2020

Tom Brady was introduced tonight as the new quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.   Not having that be anywhere near as big a headline as that would have been without coronavirus must be rather deflating.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence started a GoFundMe page to help coronavirus victims. The NCAA made him shut it down because it’s a “violation.:”

In times of crisis, you can ALWAYS count on the NCAA to do the wrong thing.

One problem with tele-work is that you can’t blame traffic for being late to the office.

Anyone who supports Jerry Falwell Jr. reopening Liberty University next week is hereby forever forbidden from referring to themselves as “Pro-life.”

Nordstrom has closed stores but is selling online. Today they sent out an email headed “stylish in sweats.” Uh, if we’re all at home alone or with just our families does anyone really care how stylish they look right now?

Is it wrong if you see someone’s name trending and almost hope it’s because they have Coronavirus? Asking for a friend whose better angels are staying at home.

Just think, it was only 7 weeks ago that the biggest f*ckup many of us knew in 2020 American politics involved the Iowa caucuses. #TrumpPandemic

Now Rachel Maddow talking about how inexplicably America does not have a national policy on dealing with Coronavirus. Well maybe it’s because we don’t have a President.

So  with non-essential DC workers being told to stay home, how does the person who does Donald Trump’s daily spray tan get a pass?

Why did Apple have 9 million masks in their storehouses? Asking for a country.

Trump talking about sections of our country that are doing “very very well.” Yeah, if someone falls off the Empire State building they’re doing very very well for about the first 90 floors too.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to ban most abortions in the state during coronavirus outbreak, declaring they don’t qualify as essential surgeries. So can women with unwanted pregnancy get a claim form to have their fetus, once born, be subsidized by the state until they are 18?

Watching Joe Biden and Nicole Wallace today talking from their basements felt like a nice warm hug. And again, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and even Fox News, why aren’t you giving Democrats DAILY equal time to address the country on coronavirus?  We have real unmuzzled scientists too.

Glad that Mitt Romney doesn’t have coronavirus… but how did he get results in 2 days, when it took even law professor John Bessler, Amy Klobuchar’s husband, 5 1/2 days when he had serious symptoms & needed to be hospitalized? Can only imagine how bad it is for average people.

And doing the math, Amy Klobuchar was back in the Midwest and campaigning  several times a day for Joe Biden in Michigan when her husband caught the coronavirus in Baltimore/DC area. Then out of an abundance of caution,  since he had  fever and cold symptoms Amy didn’t go back to their DC apartment when she returned.

So her hard work may have saved Senate lives. Seriously.